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The Ultimate Ugly Holiday Sweater Round-Up

Oh yes, it's that time of year—if you're anything like us, you've already gotten about eight invites to festive ugly sweater holiday parties this season. In the past, ugly sweaters were just that—ugly sweaters—but recently, they've become a back-of-the-closet staple what with the proliferation of ironic ugly sweater bashes and bar crawls that's been cropping up year after year. Oxymorons... CONTINUE READING 12

Plaid Pieces That Cher Horowitz Would Totally Approve Of

Every girl who grew up in the '90s wished that she had the ah-maz-ing virtual closet Cher Horowitz plucked her fashions from everyday. Hell, it's been 17 years since Clueless came out and we're still jealous! But even though we can't have her computerized closet, we can infuse our own with a few choice pieces that the Beverly Hills shopaholic... CONTINUE READING 19

Extensions, Faux Pieces & Clip-Ons, Oh My!

Yes, we’ve all craved that unrealistic flawless fairytale hair at some point or another, so when reality fails to live up to your dream ‘do, why not fake it? Sure, hair extensions might sound a bit cliché thanks to “The Real Housewives” series and of course the “Jersey Shore,” but this fall, turn around your perception of faux hair with... CONTINUE READING 6

Wardrobe Pieces You Could Wear to Work or After-Hours (Under $50!)

Let’s face it—unless you’re one of those lucky ducks who has President’s Day off, or you’re a teacher, there’s nary a three-day weekend in your company calendar for a while. And with all those career-oriented 2012 resolutions—get a raise, a new job, a promotion—you’ve got to dress the part. That means no more sliding into your desk in that same... CONTINUE READING 30


Usually blacklights, glow-in-the-dark accoutrements and neon clothing are reserved for ‘80s parties, Halloween or seriously heinous taste. But there’s another reason these loud things might be appropriate…and it’s coming right up. I'm talking New Year’s Eve here, folks. And while it’s easy to go down to Party City or your local street vendor and grab some 2012 year glasses, why... CONTINUE READING 6


It's officially winter, and I don’t know about you, but the first thing that gets cold is my head (ahem, that includes my ears!). Problem here? You'll want to stay warm AND be cute at the same time! That said, this round-up includes none of those huge ski hats you'd see on the slopes. I'm talking cute, head-warming accessories here! Don't... CONTINUE READING 6

Presenting: Bow-tiful Holiday Wardrobe Pieces

Okay, so maybe you’re not a sparkle person, but you need something that says “holidays” without buying a whole fancy-smashing dress. Welp, I've got good news for you! Presents aren’t the only things being wrapped up and tied with pretty bows this season. There are plenty of beribboned accessories and one-piece wonders that will add a dash of holiday cheer... CONTINUE READING 8

Cool Off with Icy-Blue Accessories Under $30

In honor of National Blueberry Month (happening now!) and as an ode to the color that keeps us cool during these hot summer days, I’ve found some icy-blue accessories that are both adorable and affordable. All items ring in at under $30 each and are sure to look cool no matter what else you sport. -Lynden Halpern We love a scarf that... CONTINUE READING 34

We're Gonna Dress You Like It's Your Birthday

You say it’s your birthday? Or…you say you just want to totally splash out with statement pieces chock-full of whimsy (birthday cake rings!) and sparkle (blingin’ shoes)? Take a look at the best items for a birthday-ready ensemble—from accessories on the cheap to so-worth-the-splurge frocks, we have the top 10 pieces worthy of your big day. Plus, celebrate our 10th... CONTINUE READING 21

Gaga-fied Get-Ups
March 15, 2011

Recreating Lady Gaga’s show-stopping looks may not be easy, but throwing a little Gaga into your wardrobe is guaranteed to add some spice to spring outfits. Check out our picks, little monsters, and don't forget to enter to see Lady Gaga live in concert! -Lynden Halpern Add a little lace and a lot of sexiness to your outfit with these Black Floral... CONTINUE READING 8

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