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DIY Gold leaf

In the weeks leading up to New Year's, everything gets glitzed out with gold, from our wardrobe to our manicures. One of the easiest ways to add a little golden glitz and glamour to your home is with gold leaf, whisper thin sheets of gold (both real and faux) that are applied with a brush and can be used to... CONTINUE READING 7

Give a Treat, Not a Trick: 5 Halloween Gift Ideas

Halloween is the one day that everyone can dress up in costume, eat mountains of candy, scare the bejeesus people and chalk it all up to tradition. Nowadays, Halloween is as much for the kids as the adults, so I'm celebrating my sharing gifts that are slanted more towards adult-friendly gatherings (spiked witches brew, anyone?) but could be given to... CONTINUE READING 11

Add a Little "Irish" to Your Home Accents

This St. Patrick’s season, give up gaudy green décor for classier takes on Irish-inspired home styles. See six of my favorite Irish fixin's—most of which can be used long after March 17, too! -Cait Rohan Invoke the earthy smell of Ireland with a trendy take on Irish moss via Diptyque’s Mousse Candle – Moss ($60 on The smell is more a... CONTINUE READING 6

Heat Up Your Home with Hawaiian-Style Decor

Would kill for a trip somewhere tropical this wintry time of year, but can’t go because of the post-holiday hit your bank account took? Yes, you could throw a luau party and purchase some run-of-the-mill leis and tiki lights from your local Party City, but what about adding some permanent Hawaiian-style fixtures to your home? See below for six island-inspired... CONTINUE READING 11

DIY Gifts Made with Stuff You Already Have

When I hear "homemade gifts," I'm usually a little less than thrilled. No, I don’t want any more knitted scarves, or knick-knacks that collect dust. But DIY doesn’t have to be lame or mean a trip to the local Michael's—these gorg gifts are actually made from stuff you have lying around the house. And you have bragging rights as Miss... CONTINUE READING 11

10 Updated Party Decorations

Happy 10th birthday to Shecky’s (have you checked out our amazing deals and more?)! In honor of the awesome party attitude that goes along with a b-day and our love for Fridays, we’re bringing you a TOP 10 AT 10AM every Friday. Birthday parties—or parties in general—can conjure up images of dorky cone-shaped party hats, ugly disposable utensils and less-than-cool party cups, until now.... CONTINUE READING 25

Summer BBQ Essentials

Sipping cocktails, relaxing by the pool, firing up the grill…few things mean summer more than a barbecue. We’ve got an eclectic roundup, from cool tools to great plates, that will create a fantastic outdoor soirée. Be prepared to entertain with all the essentials for an unforgettable time! Rattan Globe String Lights A summer barbecue can begin mid-day and continue all through the... CONTINUE READING 26

Welcome to the Jungle

Animal print is a pretty big trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Take your status as a fashionista one step further when you decorate your home with animal accents. Finally a way to feel like you're on safari, even if you're just sitting on your couch! -Cait Rohan Actual taxidermy is really gross, so I love that Anthropologie’s Savannah Story Bust,... CONTINUE READING 23

Sunny Home Accessories

It’s more than a week into May, and skies are getting a little sunnier. But how about incorporating some of those radical rays inside your home? See five sunny décor picks, no SPF needed. -Cait Rohan Nothing says “let there be light” to a drab room like a mirror…except maybe when that looking glass is framed by golden metal rays like Williams-Sonoma’s... CONTINUE READING 9

Kitschy Vintage Kitchen

Who doesn’t like to dabble in a bit of nostalgia? Go retro in the most important room in your home—the kitchen. Vintage décor, known for its bold colors and flirty shapes, brings warmth and style reminiscent of days gone by. You can mix and match to your heart's content while you seek out your individual color palette and style. These... CONTINUE READING 13