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Earlier this month, Shecky’s asked you to submit work style questions to It’s a great opportunity to learn what you are struggling with, and we love finding the solutions to your office styling snafus. Special thanks to user Jenny-o for asking about a key fall piece. “I have knee high boots. What other ways besides skirts and tights can I wear... CONTINUE READING 27


With the unofficial end of summer upon us and a long weekend to celebrate it, we have a few ways to soak up the last of the sun…er, summer this LD. -Hang out outside. Whether you’re on a roof, a backyard (a fauxyard), the beach, or out and about at a public venue, soak up the al-fresco while you can. Don’t let... CONTINUE READING 18


Sigh. We do realize that it's the first day of September, and time to (reluctantly!) start saying good-bye to summer. Adios white shoes, ciao strappy sandals, sayonara flip-flops. And after spending a few months in comfy kicks, it might be hard to make your feet go back to boots and heels. Here are a few tips to make sure your feet will... CONTINUE READING 25


When I first moved to New York City, I shuddered at the thought of wearing sneakers with my corporate attire. I would silently laugh at the women briskly walking ahead of me in their glaring white tennis shoes as I hobbled in my stilettos trying to not to wince in pain. At least I looked cute, right? Wrong! I tried the flip flops in... CONTINUE READING 28


With the NFL preseason underway (have you watched yet?), we’re already yearning for tailgates, Monday wing nights and the sexy men who make leggings look studly. Yep, we’re actually looking forward to Monday’s 9-to-5 (have you voted for Best 9-to-5 Girlfriend yet?) since we get rewarded with a good game once the workday is done. Imagine how excited we were when... CONTINUE READING 26


Shoes, much like the ocean’s tides, are dictated by the gentle rolling in of fall/winter boots and the gentle rolling out (or at least rolling to the back of your closet) of spring/summer sandals. In preparation for this time-honored tradition, we thought we’d highlight some of the latest and greatest in a season filled with sexy thigh-highs, ornate cutouts, booties,... CONTINUE READING 30


In the world of fashion, trends come and go, and we face a daunting decision each time a new fad comes around: Do we hop on the bandwagon or sit this one out? We at Shecky’s are considerably open-minded, but here are some trends we certainly will NOT fall victim to. What do you think? Are these trends okay or noooo... CONTINUE READING 40


Kitten heels have always been a source of great fashion debate: fashionistas hated them and “real women” loved them. But fashionsitas are starting to see their stylish side (...or maybe they got 20 too many blisters). No matter which camp you’re in, there’s no denying that the foot-friendly kitten heel is clawing its way back into fashion this season. A low-heeled... CONTINUE READING 22


From the desk of an … I’m notorious for staring. Not that I mean to (well, sometimes it’s hard not to), but some people draw attention to themselves and I just can’t help it. A perfect example (and today’s rant) is women who don’t dress their age. Nobody wants to be old (unless you're 15 and trying to get into a club),... CONTINUE READING 2


Fashionista: Cate What are you wearing? Paige jeans, leather jacket from Fox’s, purse from Bloomingdale’s and DSW patent leather pumps. What is the best fashion deal you have ever found? J Brand jeans for $30 at 89% off. What is your favorite fashion trend? Mini dresses and skirts. Where do you like to shop? Bloomingdale’s, Forever 21, Nordstrom and Club Monaco. Fashionista:... CONTINUE READING 2