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Beauty Night Out Preview: Get Pretty, Primped & Pampered!

Get even more beautiful than you already are at Beauty Night Out! For this fabulous event, we’re bringing together only the best beauty products in the industry for you to browse while hangin’ with your girls and sipping delicious cocktails. Pamper yourself pretty with all these steals and beauty finds, and don’t forget your Goodie Bag on the way out!... CONTINUE READING 5

Raise Your Glass to Beer-Infused Beauty

We all like our beer in an ice cold bottle or chilled glass ready for the guzzling, but what about on your face? How about your hair? No, we're not talking about spilling a Bud Light all over yourself (we did enough of that in college!)--we're talking about beer-infused beauty! Flowing from the saloon to the salon, beer has become... CONTINUE READING 14

7 Grooming Products You Should Steal From Your Man

Oh, we've all done it—our go-to bottle of fruit-scented shave gel runs out mid-shave, so we have to stealthily sneak some of our man's shaving cream, or you're at your boyfriend's place for the night without your usual bottle of Herbal Essences for your morning shower, so you've got to squeeze out some of his shampoo-and-conditioner combo instead. The funny... CONTINUE READING 16

Girls Night Out Preview: It's Always Sparkly in Philadelphia

What better way to get set for spring than by attending Girls Night Out Philadelphia (limited General Admission tickets still available)? With the new things spring brings, you'll want to glow, both inside and out! Here's how.... -Nicole DeBari The cherry-on-top finish for makeup? Your lips! This shimmering pink lip gloss, Nefertiti ($12) by Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics, will give your kisser the... CONTINUE READING 9

Valentine's Day Beauty We Love

Now now now, darlings, let’s spread nothing but love in this Valentine’s Day post, okay? While lots of us float on cloud nine after receiving candy, cards and flowers, there is a whole gang of gals that just don’t get down with Valentine’s Day. And that’s totally okay. But, even if you aren’t going on any V-Day dates, you should still treat... CONTINUE READING 8

Event Faves: Washington, D.C.

Sure, many of us may be dreaming of a white holiday season, but in Washington, D.C. there’s always plenty of pristine white to be had—it IS home to the White House, after all. In honor of this amazing symbol in our nation’s capital and the snow we hope to see, we’re showing off our favorite winter-white items that will be... CONTINUE READING 10

Event Faves: New York City

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, making it an opportune time to get yourself checked, stay informed and spread the word to all the women in your life to do the same. And with October just a day away, show your support by sporting our pretty-in-pink-themed picks that you’ll find at Shecky’s Girls Night Out New York City. Stay... CONTINUE READING 17

Best Mini Travel Essentials

It's vacation season! While that's definitely a cause for celebration, I have to confess that a tiny shiver of dread runs down my spine at the thought of packing. It's not the clothes that get me (well, not after our vacation style essentials article)'s the little stuff, like toiletries. I cringe at the thought of those itty-bitty Ziplock bags and... CONTINUE READING 21

Beauty at Its Best Preview: Summer Staycation

As we continue to celebrate Shecky’s 10th Birthday with special deals and more, we’re continuing to gear up for a bash of a different kind: our 2011 Beauty at Its Best Awards. In honor of the awards, we’re treating you to 10 beauty discoveries twice a week! (NOTE: the products below are not winners; winners for the 2011 awards will... CONTINUE READING 22

Summer's Best Scrubs

Summer is indeed a happy time, but all that heat and sun exposure can wreak havoc on one’s skin. What's worse? Before you slather on a ton of moisturizer, you gotta get rid of all the icky dead cells (ew!). And since you wouldn’t brush your teeth with a paste meant for your feet (or scrub your face with something... CONTINUE READING 11

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