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Certain signs of springtime are still a long way off -- flowers won’t start blooming until April, and we won’t be shopping for peep-toe shoes for quite a while. But in the makeup world, spring has sprung. Spring 2013 colors are alive in new palettes from some of our favorite brands, and we picked out some of the prettiest new... CONTINUE READING 13

5 Beauty Trends We Loved in 12

Another year almost gone and another array of fab and drab beauty trends to look back on. This year saw a plethora of bold beauty looks, from wine-stained pouts to dip dyed dos, claw-like talon nails to super short cuts. Some 2012 beauty trends definitely have lasting power, from the uber popular topknot to retro revamps like the bold brow... CONTINUE READING 6

Makeup Matchmaker: Match Your Lips To Your Tips

Think that matching lipstick and nail color is so passé? It might be time to rethink that beauty rule, according to the fall trend that started on the runways with models sporting the same color on their nails as their lips. Top beauty brands are releasing matching lipsticks and nail polishes as “duos” in the best colors for fall. With... CONTINUE READING 10

The Best of Fall 2012's Runway Beauty Looks

What's the easiest way to change up your look for fall? That's right—makeup. Using what you already own but doing it in cool, en vogue ways, you can easily take your style from summer's beach-bound bombshell to this fall's city-strutting stylista. But where to go to get the hottest beauty looks for fall? The runways, of course! The runways dictate... CONTINUE READING 9

Trend Alert: Totally Cool Textured Nails

This fall, your nails are getting a serious makeover! The neons, tie dyes and rainbows have been fun this summer, but this fall is all about texture. No more boring shiny surfaces and glossy coats—this fall, your nails can match your outfits with suede, velvet and even rubber finishes. Bejeweled surfaces and feathers will add a layer of depth to... CONTINUE READING 11

Easy 'Dos to Pretty Up Dirty Hair

We’ve all been there—you get home from a long day at work, it’s getting late and the last thing you want to do is leave the comfort of your bed to go shower, wash and style your hair. So you skip a day, maybe two. But what to do with that less-than-clean coif? Luckily for you, days-old dirty hair is... CONTINUE READING 27

Would You Dare Rock Pastel Hair?

Dip-dyes, chalking and pastels, oh my! Pastel tresses are one of the hottest hair trends of the season—I've been seeing cotton candy-colored coifs on everyone from Katy Perry to Kelly Osbourne to Kate Bosworth, and now it's got me wanting some hot pinks and prominent purples to liven up these boring ol' locks! From dip-dying to colorful chalking, I've got... CONTINUE READING 62

Master the Art of Ombré Nails

Considering my blog has the word “mascara” in it, you'd think that I’m totally obsessed with mascara, right? And I am. But do you know what I love even more than mascara? Nail polish, girl! I'm always trying to recreate the trends that I spot from runways, and one of the most recent polish trends I've been seeing on the catwalk... CONTINUE READING 6

The Bold & The Beautiful: Spring Beauty Trends

Makeup this season is all about the bold, the bright and the beautiful. From electric purple pouts to neon yellow eyelids, dip-dyed ‘dos to sexy ‘60s-style cat eyes, these looks are anything but shy. Embrace your extrovert and go bold this spring with a smattering of bright hues from your tresses to your toes—the makeup envy you inspire will be... CONTINUE READING 11


When it comes to playful eyeshadows and liners, purple is universally flattering on all skin tones. Keep it matte or make it glittery, we're passionate about this perfect way to update your "going out" look. Here are our top three purple picks. (1) If color scares you, this Gel Eyeliner in Plum ($10) from Maybelline is perfect for beginners. It's... CONTINUE READING 2