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We’ve all been there. It's the morning after and you wish you had known better—not to mention his name. We can't help you there, but we can ensure that you cut and run with as much dignity as possible. Enter the one-night stand survival kit, which starts with the perfect bag. It's not too big, but trust us: The Esperanza Clutch... CONTINUE READING 5


Our mothers swear by them. Hell, our grandmothers swear by them...and moms knows best, right? Through every beauty innovation there's one that has stood the test of time. All hail the beauty basics we'll love forever! Lipsticks are flaky and lip balms can be waxy (ew), but SoftLips is neither. Their Tinted Lip Conditioner ($2.99) strikes the perfect balance between color and softness...and gotta love... CONTINUE READING 7


Not to get base with you, but when it comes to makeup, foundation is our BFF. It’s all we need to feel put-together and pretty, and we’re guessing you agree. And so, here’s our ode to the foundations that help us fake flawless. (1) The Liquid: Clinique’s Even Better Makeup SPF 15 ($24.50) is a fabulous formula worth its price sticker. It’s designed... CONTINUE READING 2


You want to be babely, but keeping up with the changing faces of beauty can be a full-time job. Luckily, it's our full-time job, so you don’t have to make it yours! In Part One of our “Hot vs. Not” guide (look for the fashion edition early next year), we’ve found beauty looks to love for ’10—as well as those you should... CONTINUE READING 3


Dancing and drinking 'til dawn was totally amazing (you think), although that truckload of alcohol you consumed isn't sitting so well this morning. But just because you had a killer good time doesn't mean you have to have a killer hangover! With the help of these tried and true remedies, you might actually mean it when you say "good morning!" (1) Clear... CONTINUE READING 8