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From our favorite salons to miracle eye creams and everything in between, we’re giving you the scoop on our favorite beauty booty this year. Careful to be an equal opportunity judge, we’re finding you splurges and steals, eco-friendly products, the best innovative stuff…and MORE. Once we’ve tested, scrubbed and applied countless beauty loot, we’re presenting the best... CONTINUE READING 9


Gone are the days of traveling in pencil skirts and blouses, smoking cigarettes and making casual conversation with the handsome gentlemen in the window seat. Welcome to the days of sweats and slipper-clad passengers, iPod earbuds jammed into ears, and people immersed in anything but the other beings on their journey. Needless to say, travel has certainly... CONTINUE READING 20


Once upon a time, there was a little boy in his aunt’s wig shop, styling the faux hair for a dollar. Hop, skip and jump to present day, and that little boy is now the mastermind behind his own self-titled salon and hair care product line. Say hello to Paul Labrecque, a celebrity hair guru that knows everything about a... CONTINUE READING 6


Here’s the situation: you’re at your boyfriend’s , and wake up in desperate need of some beauty TLC. Of course his cabinets are filled with seemingly useless stuff like Pepto Bismol and old hair conditioner. Check out the hidden beauty uses of these products, makeup MacGyver. Fabric sheets aren't just for clingy clothes! Swipe these Downy Fabric Sheets ($6.29) over your... CONTINUE READING 6


In a season filled with splashes, how can you still look decent when drenched? We asked ourselves this brilliant question and came up with the glorious conclusion of: waterproofing yourself! No, we don’t mean wearing rain gear all season long, we're talking about beauty products that'll stay put when the goin' gets slick. Never worry about another beauty meltdown again. ... CONTINUE READING 4


10. A Nude Dress mark’s The Nude Look Dress ($29) is a perfect style for the summer. Wear it flirty with embellished flats or turn up the heat in nude pumps. 9. Sexy Bronzer Ditch outdoor tanning for good (!). Scott Barnes’ Body Bling in Original ($38) will have your skin naturally glowing like a celebrity... CONTINUE READING 4


We know, we know... everyone is getting on your case about how bad tanning beds and tanning in general are bad for you (blah, blah, blah). BUT, since it is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and we care about your health (hence all of our stories), we’ve compiled the top 10 things you didn’t know about skin cancer until right now,... CONTINUE READING 2


Listen up, L.A. ladies! Shecky’s is taking over the West Coast for two fabulous nights with our revved-up Girls Night Out. Gather your gal pals, put together your prettiest outfit, and get psyched for deeply discounted fashion-forward clothes, chic jewelry and beauty products galore, plus free complimentary drinks while you do it all. We already think you’re beautiful (duh!) but we’ve... CONTINUE READING 1


The weekend is almost here, but so is an out-to-dinner garlic dish, waking up with killer morning breath and that Saturday morning coffee. Whether you’re out on a date or having a Girls Night Out, we’ve got the best products and how-tos to keep you from stinking when you speak...or when you smooch someone this Saturday! It’s the toothbrush makeover... CONTINUE READING 1


We love poolside parties, spending our days in the sunshine and having elaborate hair for a night on the town, but all that chlorine, UV-damage and product can really do a number on our ‘dos. We’ve got four shampoos that’ll save your hair this summer, no matter what your tress type. Moisturizing Almond and shea butters aren’t only awesome for your... CONTINUE READING 1