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Eyes are the windows to your soul, so it’s important to have perfect peepers when staring into the eyes of your potential soulmate…or the fling you’re just having fun with. We recently  and mascara was frequently mentioned. We took everyone's recommendations into consideration (including YOURS) and came up with the four most eye-popping mascaras perfect for a date night. -Cait Rohan Your... CONTINUE READING 30


Yeah, your calendar is full, but date night should still be a necessity! Whether it's a romantic dinner with your man or coffee with a guy you just met, you should never let your love life suffer. Dates are also a great excuse to get all dolled up, so pamper your pucker with these luxe lip colors, all date night-approved... CONTINUE READING 22


Everyone has them: that can’t-live-without-it eyeshadow, the mascara you would take as one of three items on a deserted island, an anti-aging serum you would grab if aliens were kidnapping you—we're talking about beauty must-haves. In honor of our upcoming Beauty Night Outs in NYC and L.A. and our Beauty at Its Best Awards 2010 (look out for the winners... CONTINUE READING 27


So this section is all about sexy finds, and while I’ve obviously admitted that , there’s something to be said for how unsexy and awful a bad hair day makes anyone feel. I’ve got a few fixes that get me looking and feeling hot again, as well as a few things that would just make my situation worse. PLUS, see how... CONTINUE READING 26


I’m the editor of a site with the latest in fashion, beauty and all sorts of style, but like you, I’m also a frugalista, recessionista, independent woman…whatever you want to call it, I’m all about saving time and money. Which is why I do my own mani/pedis (obsessed with Essie!) and my own hair color (Clairol nice 'n easy Perfect... CONTINUE READING 36


Claudia and Cait here! With four jam-packed nights of Girls Night Out to choose from, it was pretty hard to pick our final faves.'s a tough job but somebody's gotta do it. Here's what we loved this time around. -Claudia Chan & Cait Rohan 1. Meeting Jacqui Rosshandler, co-founder of eatwhatever, a company that has revolutionized eliminating bad breath after eating... CONTINUE READING 12


My favorite thing about a Shecky's Goodie Bag is that you discover and sample totally random items you would likely have never purchased. Our Goodie Bag products will quickly become lifesavers, stepping in when you really need a beauty or food fix...not to mention all the money you save with the free stuff you get! As we kick off the fall Girls... CONTINUE READING 64


Marcella Holley asked: I have dark circles under my eyes. How can I fix them? Good news, Marcella! You CAN get rid of dark circles. Since this is such a common question, I phoned up Dr. Dima Ali. Owner of both the WellMedica Anti-Aging and Wellness Medical Spa and beauty line Cosminology, Dr. Dima is an expert on dark circles. Sculptra was originally used for H.I.V.... CONTINUE READING 35


As the leaves slowly turn to all shades of red and yellow, we must kiss our light and barely-there summer beauty and makeup routine goodbye and switch to heavier lotions, serums and foundations. This change can take a toll on your skin. But using the right masks (and we’re not talking the spooky Halloween types here) can make all the... CONTINUE READING 28


We could  and  we want, but something we sport every day always effects how sexy we feel—our hair. And what products we use to achieve that feel-so-foxy ‘do are just as important. For me, I love wearing my hair kinda messy with a bit of volume. There’s something about a slightly-controlled, devilishly disheveled bed-head look that makes me feel H-O-T. My... CONTINUE READING 47