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by Megan Greene Summer has finally arrived and after a long and dreadful winter, we know you're itching to dive into the pools and surf the beaches. Of course, you've been shopping for the cutest bikinis and one pieces, but don't play it safe and pair the same exact two boring pieces together. This summer is all about new trends, colors... CONTINUE READING 27

Best Vacations

by Megan Greene Are you and your friends in need of Girlfriend's Getaway? We understand if you are, but if you plan on taking a vacation, make it an adventure out of the country. Explore your options, you'd be surprised that some of the beautiful beaches and best places to visit are on the other side of the map... and often... CONTINUE READING 20

Perfect Fall Winter Getaways

- Romy Roloff Fall is here and winter is coming right on up! If you’re not the type who owns a vacation home in Palm Beach where you flee to before the first snowflake hits the ground, don’t worry! We’re with you. We’ve rounded up a few easy and affordable getaways in the US where you can go and make the... CONTINUE READING 20

Be Nice to New Jersey: Jersey Stereotypes Busted

When you think of New Jersey what comes to mind? Let me guess:  Snooki spraying her poof with hairspray and Danielle Staub reeking havoc on Jacqueline and Teresa’s friendship? Do you think of smog clouds and garbage everywhere? Why else would they call it Dirty Jerz? Well as a born and bred Jersey girl, I'm here... CONTINUE READING 3

Take a Trip Abroad, Houston Hotties!

Hold on to those cowboy hats, Houston, because Shecky’s will be ridin’ into town in less than two days! And we’ll be sure to bring our passports ‘cause we hear going to Texas can be like traveling to a different country, y’all (one of the state slogans is: "Texas: It's like a Whole Other Country"). So, in case you didn’t... CONTINUE READING 18

10 Ways to Have an Endless Summer

September’s here, and while I’m excited to break out my fall wardrobe, I’m still bummed to see summer go. As we all bid a fond farewell to warm weather and sunny days, take a peek at these 10 products that will keep a dash of summer all year long. -Megan Willett To keep your beachy bed head (without the help of surf... CONTINUE READING 35

The Ultimate Fitness Party

Keeping fit can be tough in the summer, especially if you're going on vacation, indulging in gourmet food and drinks, and relaxing all the time (guilty!). Since summer is the season of partying, why not incorporate exercise into your soiree agenda with a fitness party? Lucky for you, has a slew of great party ideas to keep you and your leading ladies... CONTINUE READING 17

10 Budget-Friendly Summer Bucket List To-Dos

Happy 10th birthday to Shecky’s (have you checked out our amazing deals and more?)! In honor of the awesome party attitude that goes along with a b-day and our love for Fridays, we’re bringing you a TOP 10 AT 10AM every Friday. This Friday, I’ve got 10 cheap must-dos before summer slips away. Why so wallet-conscious? I don’t know about you, but with... CONTINUE READING 22

Make Sex Sizzle This Summer

According to iVillage, temperatures shouldn't be the only thing getting hotter this summer. Up the ante on your sex game and your steamy nights are sure to rise with the mercury! Fear not if fun in the bedroom has you imagining naughty nurse outfits and the like, because their sizzling suggestions are all modern and summer-specific, including ideas like turning off... CONTINUE READING 70

Neutrals in the Hot, Hot Hamptons

Shecky’s is taking over the Hamptons this weekend, offering Wine Getaways and Girls Day Out tomorrow! While summer undoubtedly has us lusting after bright hues and pops of color, the Hamptons also remind us of subtle-toned, sandy beaches. Check out five neutral, sand-inspired picks that will be available at Saturday’s event. -Lynden Halpern Before you can enjoy the sand between your toes, you... CONTINUE READING 18