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Bathroom Etiquette for Couples

There comes a point in every couple’s relationship when things stop being a honeymoon and start getting real. Adding to the usual argument-starters of who gets the remote control and "why aren't you answering my texts?!" is sharing the loo with your boo. That's right, the bathroom. It's not easy coexisting in one bathroom, from dealing with weird grooming habits... CONTINUE READING 9


Spring may not have officially sprung, but for my own nirvana I’m already craving in-bloom accessories for every room. See my five flowery picks, and share how you’re setting up for the warmer season! -Cait Rohan The groovy mix of bright flower patterns found in Urban Outfitters’ Patchwork Chair ($249) is a perfect way to brighten any living room or home office desk.... CONTINUE READING 8


We know you've heard our embarrassing moments a million times, . Our winner this time around is Pamela. Read her hilarious story and submit YOURS in the comments below (each comment you post earns you 2 OMG Points!). "After a company holiday party, I drank too much, to say the least. I had been dating my then boyfriend, now husband, for... CONTINUE READING 11