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Best & Worst TV Boyfriends Ever

We're big TV watchers over here at Shecky's, and with the Emmys creeping up tonight (already? Where did summer go?!), we thought what better way to celebrate than by giving out some awards of our own—namely, TV's best and worst boyfriends ever! From sweetie pies like "The Office's" Jim Halpert to Mr. Not Rights like that mad man Don Draper,... CONTINUE READING 10

Bad Boys We Can't Help But Love

We know we shouldn’t love bad boys—after all, they’ve had temper tantrums, drug addictions and prison stays—but they’re just so damn hot. Bad boys have been a staple of the silver screen for decades, from James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause to The Breakfast Club’s John Bender, but the hot-headed heartthrobs who get our blood boiling (in the best... CONTINUE READING 15

Crazy Stuff We've Done After a Break-Up

Why, why do break-ups always happen right around the major winter holidays or Valentine’s Day? As a comfort to those of you who were dumped recently, and those who have been broken up with ever (um, hey, everyone?!), we’d like to present some of the craziest stuff we’ve ever done after a break-up. We’re sure you’ll find yourself a bit more,... CONTINUE READING 20

Failentine's Day: Horror Show of a Valentine's Day Date

Until recently, I had never had a Valentine. Most of my flings happened during spring, summer or fall. I didn’t mind—hating on V-Day with the girls was just as fun. Then, a few years ago, I finally met a guy in January and he stuck around for the crucial days leading up to February 14. But instead of making me feel all... CONTINUE READING 7


New Year's means fresh starts, which for relationships often means breaking it off or embarking on a new one. But before you stick it out or start dating the dude you think is Mr. Right, please make a resolution never to stay with a guy for these no-good, insanely bad reasons! See some of the funny, horrible and completely weird... CONTINUE READING 17

"I Had an Awkward Holiday Hook-Up"

There’s something about being home for the holidays that is kind of like taking mind-altering drugs. You stuff yourself without about 10,000 calories worth of turkey, but are still hungry enough to sneak thirds from the fridge for a midnight snack. Or, perhaps you find yourself playing pirates in a game with your baby cousin…and being way too in it. And... CONTINUE READING 15

Pick-Up Lines: What’s Cheesy, Sleazy and Actually Cute

Getting picked up happens to every woman. You could be single, blatantly out with your boyfriend or have a wedding ring glittering on your finger—guys have no shame. Our Shecky's Staffers (kept anonymous to protect innocent victims) weighed in on some of the best (er, worst?) one-liners they've ever heard. Plus, we've added snappy comebacks that'll surprise your wannabe suitors... CONTINUE READING 22

When True Love Turns Toxic

True love can be all-consuming—and sometimes it’s a good thing to lose yourself in another person, so long as it’s all happy. But what about ‘true love’ gone bad? In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, one Staffer tells us how a tough relationship made her stronger. “Like every other little girl, I ate up every Disney movie and love story,... CONTINUE READING 36

Hilary Winston on First Dates, Text Message Break-Ups & More

You've already heard Hilary's success story (click here to hear about her book My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me and her career as a comedy writer), but she's also got some on-point insights into first dates, break-ups and what to look for in a guy. Hilary's dating experiences are too hysterical and real not to share, so take a... CONTINUE READING 14

Why It’s Actually Over When You Need a “Break”

In modern dating times, I have noticed an emerging trend—“the break,” a sort of relationship purgatory. There are many reasons why a couple enters this wishy-washy covenant. They may think it’s over but be too chicken/scared/whatever to admit it. Perhaps one party wants to put the other “on hold” for a time that is more convenient—and in the meanwhile use... CONTINUE READING 77