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Luxe Locks: Get Rich Girl Hair

Don’t you just envy the girl that walks down Madison Avenue, fresh out of Oscar Blandi Salon with her Louis Vuitton speedy, Givenchy sunglasses and tricked out tresses? Yeah, we can’t help but stare at her crowning glory that bounces practically on cue with every step she takes down the block. Well ladies, we’ve got some great news for you!... CONTINUE READING 4

2012 Video Music Awards Beauty Wrap-Up

In the midst of style-obsessed events like New York Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night Out comes the MTV Video Music Awards, which in a nutshell might not be known for top-notch couture but it does surely give us something to talk about by the water cooler the next day. Capturing all the best beauty looks... CONTINUE READING 4

10 Essential Oils: For Your Skin, Hair, Everywhere!

Once upon a time, oil of any kind was a huge taboo. We wouldn't dare let oil get close to our skin and definitely not our hair! Oils were reserved for fragrant candles and diffusers, not beauty products. Now, however, essential oils have taken center stage and have proven to be good for a lot more than just fragrance. Essential... CONTINUE READING 8

6 Gimmicky Beauty Products That Actually Work

Have you ever picked up a beauty product only to think to yourself, “This sounds too good to be true?” Many beauty items on the market claim to work miracles, only to have you spend obscene amounts of money for something that will end up in the back of your beauty drawer collecting dust. Before you spend your hard earned... CONTINUE READING 16

Experts Share Their Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Maybe it’s that Great Lash mascara with the slightly faded green cap or it’s the "seen better days but I can’t just get rid of" Chapstick that fits nice and snug inside your summer shorts. Whatever the product, you've got summertime favorites and so do our favorite beauty gurus! Rounding together some of the best beauty, style and entertainment... CONTINUE READING 3

How To Take The Most Decadent Bath Of Your Life

Have you ever wanted to take a bath so grand that Kate Middleton herself would be seething with jealousy? Well now you don’t have to be the arm candy of a royal prince to experience a luxurious bath experience fit for a queen! With our helpful tips, you’ll be hanging up that “do not disturb” card faster than your bath... CONTINUE READING 12

8 Disney Princess-Inspired Beauty Looks

Thought Disney princesses were just for kids? Think again! Believe it or not, we've learned a lot of beauty lessons from our favorite childhood cartoon heroines, from Ariel's enviably lustrous wavy locks to Snow White's stay-out-of-the-sun porcelain complexion. Between Once Upon a Time, Mirror Mirror and now the upcoming release of Snow White and the Huntsman, there's plenty of princess... CONTINUE READING 15

Eco-Friendly Beauty Faves For Earth Day

You don’t have to be a hippie to get in the Earth Day spirit! Get your green on with these beauty favorites that will keep you fabulous and eco-friendly from your head to your toes. These brands donate proceeds to some admirable environmental causes, so you'll be giving back to Mother Earth while giving yourself a great green makeover! At Josie... CONTINUE READING 6

Tips for Winterizing Your Hair

Static cling, dull finish, split ends and breakage are all signs that your hair is suffering the effects of Old Man Winter. While moisture is important all year round, it's especially key during the winter months. Don't just take our word for it, though. We’ve consulted three celebrity stylists to gets tips and product recommendations in order to keep your... CONTINUE READING 7

Frizz-Free Hair Under $10

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to put away your tank tops and all-white outfits, and replace them with fall-inspired colors and quarter-sleeved shirts. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as “putting away” summer hair. Just because the temperature is getting a little cooler doesn’t mean that frizz goes away for us curly girls. Here are my... CONTINUE READING 22

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