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5 Awesome Beauty Apps You've Got to Download Now

We’re sure that if you own a smartphone, you’ve got your standard list of must-have apps that keep you occupied throughout the day (think Pandora, Twitter and Words With Friends). We’re happy to report that there is a whole new fun (and free!) world of beauty apps that are just begging to be downloaded so... CONTINUE READING 4

How to Host a Perfect Pop-Up Dinner Party

What better way to bid farewell to this fabulous summer than by throwing your very own pop-up dinner party? Pop-up restaurants have been, well, popping up all over cities like Portland’s Cruz, San Fran’s FoodLab and Brighton in Manhattan, with famous toques temporarily taking over a space for a night here, a week there, to create a spontaneous dinner party... CONTINUE READING 18

Great Gifts To Bring To A July 4 BBQ

It's almost time to bust out the grill and enjoy the independence of our beautiful country with family and friends! At this time of the year, BBQs are a dime a dozen but the question remains: what can you bring to make this BBQ the standout of the summer season—and enjoyable for you! It doesn't have to be red, white,... CONTINUE READING 8

Designer Fashions for Your Gadgets

Spring is right around the corner, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is here...and a girl needs functional fashion during one of the chicest times of the year. Lucky for you and your attached-to-your-ears-and-fingers phone, top designers like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture and more have come out with super-cute smartphone clutches! Nothing says you're a saucy stylista like toting the Michael Kors... CONTINUE READING 4


Buying for the boys can be downright impossible, and it’s especially hard to decipher what to get him for each anniversary. Lucky for you, we've got two options for each milestone celebration. ONE YEAR: Cologne or Video Games For a scent both of you can enjoy, try Chanel Allure Homme ($54-$72 at Saks Fifth Avenue). It’s a crisp, clean fragrance that smells... CONTINUE READING 24