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Girlie Stuff We Couldn't Have Gotten Through Without Guys

We know August is all about the celebration of girls and friends in honor of our National Girlfriend Awards, so we'd like to confess to some really chicky stuff that we've done in our lives. And while we are independent, strong women, there are some things that we just couldn't have done without (gulp...) guys. So, even though we're a... CONTINUE READING 35

Organization/Cleaning Tips from a Pro

No matter how much we want to deny it, autumn's arrival looms at the edge of August. But, well before the weather gets blustery, women around the world go on a fall shopping spree for new stuff. Uh, problem: Where to put all those new boots, jeans and jackets. Shecky's chatted with’s Lisa Jacobs, a Professional Organizer with experience... CONTINUE READING 28

The Rules for Moving in with Him

Even when you’re ready (like, haven’t-been-back-to-my-own-apartment-in-a-year ready), moving in with your man is a big deal. There are a lot of natural concerns (especially if you’re a first-timer, like me!) and a lot of logistics to figure out. How will we merge our stuff? (I am not getting rid of my orange couch…) What does 400 sq. even feet look... CONTINUE READING 25

When Do Guys Think It’s “Time” to Move in Together?

QUESTION: Sent via our form: I read the Should You Live Together Before You Get Married? article, and I had a thought. When do GUYS think it’s appropriate to move in with a significant other? And how would you go about asking a guy to live with you…without freaking him out? ANSWERS: Mr. Loves Boys Too SEE BIO NOW> I moved in with my... CONTINUE READING 15

Letters to Shecky's: Spring Into Spring!

Welcome to another edition of Letters to Shecky’s, a section where we take some of our favorite comments and share ‘em with all of you! Our events season is underway and spring is well on its way to springing! From advice to other readers, to love for our posts, contributors and events, it’s a ton of fun to see what you have to... CONTINUE READING 2

Should You Live Together Before You Get Married?

With Valentine’s Day just passed and National Weddings Month still in full effect, I'm obsessing about something debatable: living together before marriage. The practical part of me thinks this is a necessity, but the statistics scare me—studies show that up to 50% of people who live together before marriage end up divorced or apart…and those who live together while they’re... CONTINUE READING 128

Help! I'm Living with a Couple

I have an unwanted roommate. I may be from New York, but surprisingly enough this article is not about roaches, rats or bedbugs (knock on wood that I never share a space with them!). It’s about a human roommate, one who isn’t on the lease. Yes, I'm basically living with my roomie's boyfriend. No matter how nice, polite or amiable this... CONTINUE READING 18


Do you ever wonder what a guy thinks of your spending habits? Lucky for you, DailyWorth probed the male mind and got some straightforward answers. Read on and see what YOU think. The first time my girlfriend and I argued about money, it involved a fancy furniture catalog. She pointed to a glossy photo and said, “I really like this side... CONTINUE READING 31


Item Name: Particularly the "Last Leaves" Aspen Plate Price: $79 Designer: Michael Aram Where to buy: Blurb: I discovered Michael Aram on (yes, I am addicted to their "home" section) since I'm always trying to find affordable, well designed and functional things for my NYC apartment. With artichoke, okra, corn and leaf-shaped designs, his platters will transform your hors d'oeuvres table with... CONTINUE READING 26


[/caption] As soon as you emerge from that college apartment in a shady area or—worse yet—a dorm, and bid your Solo-cup-spilling roommates goodbye, it's time for your first real apartment. If you need some inspiration and great advice for decorating—whether it's your first apartment or your 10th— is your one-stop shop for delectable visuals on what other people have done to... CONTINUE READING 17