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Skincare Rx: Medical-Approved Skin Saviors

Suffering from skin problems? Every woman has those appeared-overnight wrinkles, under-eye circles you just can’t cover up, dry skin that doesn’t respond to regular ol’ lotions…. The issues are, unfortunately, endless! Doctor knows best for skin snafus like these, but that doesn’t mean you have to book that impossible-to-get appointment with your dermatologist. Check out some of these skin treatments... CONTINUE READING 14

Beauty to Love Your Body on Valentine's Day

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So today is the big day for spreading the love to your husband, your 90-year-old grandma, that forever-single BFF…but what about giving a little lovin’ to yourself? Yep, I’m talking love-your-body beauty, stuff that’s stellar side effects will last way longer than a mini box of chocolates or half-wilted roses from the grocery store! Bonus? Most of... CONTINUE READING 10

Pucker Up: Super-Sexy Lips for V-Day

Valentine's Day is for celebrating love, and amore is best commemorated with a super-sexy kiss! So, if you’re going to be sharing a smooch with that special someone (or Mr. RandomYouJustMetOntheDanceFloor), you’ve got to get your lips in tip-top shape. It's important to have your smacker looking ultra-sexy and, of course, primed for a good ol' makeout sesh! There’s no better way... CONTINUE READING 10

Event Faves: Los Angeles

It's tinsel time...and no, we're not talking the holidays. Shecky's is headed to Los Angeles, the land of "Tinsel Town" and celebs! In celebration of this star-studded place (okay, and the holiday season!), check out our silvery picks that you can find at our Girls Night Out Los Angeles event! 1. A good starlet is never without some sparkly jewelry. We... CONTINUE READING 8

Girls Night Out Preview: Modern Meets Classic in Boston

For the next two nights, Shecky’s will be taking over one of our favorite cities for our Girls Night Out Boston event! We love that this city’s rich history, from the Puritans to the American Revolution, meshes with the hustle and bustle of modern-day Beantown. So in honor of this modern-meets-old-timey vibe, we’ve chosen five products that offer a fresh... CONTINUE READING 6

Girls Night Out Preview: Up All Night in NYC!

Starting tomorrow, Shecky’s Girls Night Out will be hittin’ up our own hometown of NYC! We all know New York is the city that never sleeps, so to celebrate our beloved insomnia-prone Big Apple, we’re bringing you our favorite picks for when you’re up all night. Not only will these products serve you well when you’re burning the midnight oil,... CONTINUE READING 19

Beauty-ful Ways to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month brings with it tons of ways to raise awareness and bring us closer to a cure. Since BCA is all about taking care of your set and spreading love and support, bolstering breast cancer awareness with your everyday beauty routine is a great way to work toward a cure. Keep yourself happy, healthy and pretty... CONTINUE READING 15

Getting Older Gets Fabulous with Fab Over Fifty

Think of the typical 50th birthday party. We'll bet images of silly decorations and cards that crack jokes about getting decrepit and being "Over the Hill" come to mind. But why should celebrating a few more birthdays and milestones make anyone incompetent? Such is the premise behind Geri Brin's Fab Over Fifty (FOF) initiative and events like FOF's Beauty Bash. Geri,... CONTINUE READING 12

Fab Fixes for the Worst Beauty Crimes

Unfortunately, beauty has a bad side. Between late nights, stress and, sometimes, just plain laziness (consider me guilty as charged!), our appearances can go horribly awry. In honor of today's Partner-in-Crime Girlfriend (have you told us why SHE is your Partner-in-Crime Girlfriend in the National Girlfriend Awards yet?), we're letting the crime fit the punishment with fab fixes for your... CONTINUE READING 38

Beauty at Its Best Preview: Skin Like New

As we continue to celebrate Shecky’s 10th Birthday with special deals and more, we’re gearing up for a bash of a different kind: our 2011 Beauty at Its Best Awards. In honor of the awards, we’re treating you to 10 beauty discoveries twice a week! (NOTE: the products below are not winners; winners for the 2011 awards will be announced... CONTINUE READING 7