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Channel Your Inner Nerd

Channel you - by Tiffany Ayuda They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, but what do your glasses say about you? Whether you’re the fashionable four-eyes with bejeweled, intricate rims, the nerdy chic girl with oversized amber-colored specs, or the mysterious femme hiding behind a pair of elegantly pearled lenses, there’s a frame for every face—and every personality.... CONTINUE READING 12


Anthropologie is throwing a Summer Tag Sale, and if you’re like us, you're psyched!  Nothing like scoring their quirky, artsy fashions for less. Read on for our top picks and be sure to hit your local Anthropologie location (or web browser) and do some shopping before the best items are gone!  -Erin Mayer Cherry-Drop Sheath (was: $148, now: $99.95, This flirty, flattering... CONTINUE READING 10


In case you missed the spring runways, the '90s are back, baby (even the art world’s getting in on the trend). Designers from Marc Jacobs to Balenciaga channeled the iconic decade, but, um, sometimes we just can’t drop the cash on the runway trends. Thankfully, our favorite stores have picked up on the vibes, too, and we can get our... CONTINUE READING 13


Control calories, keep your energy level up and look younger -- while it’s not a magic cure-all, wet, wet water has dozens of benefits (check out this post from WebMD). You don’t necessarily need eight glasses every day, but really, you’re probably not drinking enough. We get it -- in the afternoon, the lure of that cherry vanilla soda is... CONTINUE READING 9


You still have a few weeks of winter left to get in on our favorite cold-weather trend. Celebrities from Naomi Watts to Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens wear black and gold, and you can effortlessly flaunt this fab color combo, too. Maybe you won’t go for an all-sequin formal dress, but some things only go with the Golden Globes. We’ve... CONTINUE READING 2


Valentine's Day doesn’t have to be all about smooches and rose bouquets and sappy cards. Hey, not everyone has someone to dote on, and the romance of the holiday doesn't have to apply only to those in lovey dovey relationships. Instead of focusing on heart-shaped boxes of chocolates (who really needs all of that sugar, anyway?), spread the love around:... CONTINUE READING 11

New Ways to Wear Polka Dots

There are some prints that can instantly change your mood for the better, and polka dots definitely work that way for us. But just throwing on a black-and-white polka dot t-shirt is too simple these days -- it’s time to work the look in new ways. From pink jeans with blue dots to a multi-color polka dotted party dress, we’re... CONTINUE READING 3

Clothes Horse: Harness the Equestrian Trend For Fall

This season, it's time to saddle up to the luxe equestrian trend that's taking over our favorite stores and high-end catwalks for fall, from Altazurra to Gucci to Alexander Wang. Horseback riding staples like sleek knee-high riding boots, helmut-inspired hats, equine-emblazoned sweaters, form-fitting blazers and bit-accented pieces add just the right amount of equestrian elegance without making it look like... CONTINUE READING 2

Turn Over A New Leaf: Nature-Inspired Fall Accessories

It's no secret the designers regularly pull from nature when looking for inspiration for their seasonal designs, from bright blooms in spring collections to all-white ensembles that nod to winter snow. This fall is no exception, with autumnal nature motifs popping up all over accessories, from feathers to foxes to, of course, leaves. You don't have to be boho chic... CONTINUE READING 2

10 Reasons to Look Forward to Fall

Oh, summer, how your brutal days and mosquito infested nights have made us loathe you. Though beach days, frozen margaritas and rooftop shindigs make for an undeniably awesome time, there’s nothing like taking a walk without being drenched in sweat or suffering from the dreaded chub rub, sifting through bills without obscene air conditioning charges or cozying up with a... CONTINUE READING 9