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Hollywood Co-Star Hookups

by Megan Greene Celebrities are constantly hooking up with their co-stars, and while some relationships are doomed to fail,—poor Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth! (above)—others get it right and blossom. At times, we immediately believe the "relationship" is just for publicity, but some couples prove their love is genuine and was meant to be. Take a look at our list of... CONTINUE READING 10


by Marcus Scott With the 86th Academy Awards only a few weeks away, and with the New Year upon us, we're even more excited about the films to come in 2014. Here's our list of our most anticipated films, by genre of course. DRAMA Difret (Premiered at Sundance on January 18) Difret by Ethiopian filmmaker Zeresenay Berhane Mehari presents the harrowing true story of... CONTINUE READING 11

Celebrity Moms

Let's face it: we were probably not all sunshine and butterflies with our mothers growing up. And if we thought we were pleasant teens, we know the behavior wasn't for long. Our moms are strong, patient, and giving. This Mother's Day we want to give a shout out to 8 celebrity moms that rock-- because if raising an ordinary kid... CONTINUE READING 6


Angelina Jolie is no longer the only recent example of powerful women in film. But let’s be frank: the film industry casts too many protagonists as men-- and the amount of times the man “saves” the woman or “wins” her over in recent movies is enough to make us cringe. Thankfully, summer brings a few hidden gems. Here’s our list... CONTINUE READING 12

10 On-Screen Spies We Wouldn't Mind Shagging

Sure, someone who pretty much lies for a living wouldn’t make the best boyfriend, but these fellas sure do make some tasty eye candy! Between their serious butt-kicking skills, mysterious quality and big guns (and yes, we’re talking about muscles), there’s just something so undeniably sexy about a spy, especially when they’re played by Hollywood hotties like Matt, George, Brad,... CONTINUE READING 12

Odd Couples: 10 Celeb Hook-Ups That Took Us By Surprise

There are some Hollywood hook-ups that totally make sense—the Barbie and Ken pop pairings like Jessica and Nick or Britney and Justin, the we're-simply-too-beautiful-for-anyone-else Tinseltown twosomes like Angie and Brad, the perfectly paired comedic couples like Amy Poehler and Will Arnett—but then there are those head-scratcher Hollywood hook-ups, those kooky celeb couples that simply make us all go "What the?!"... CONTINUE READING 20

The Bad Girls Club: Hollywood's Boldest, Ballsiest Bad Girls

We don’t know if it’s the heat or the sense of freedom that comes with summer, but something about the summertime makes us want to act just a little bit bad. The incomparable Mae West once said “When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad, I’m better,” and her now-famous quote perfectly sums up our feelings about some... CONTINUE READING 10

Evil Queen-Inspired Fashion: Bad Never Looked This Good

The sudden influx of reinterpreted fairy tale movies has inspired a slew of high fashion trends we just love! From Mirror Mirror to Snow White and the Huntsman to the upcoming Maleficent, every great tale has its evil queen. The amazingly detailed and gorgeous costumes of Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie have us dying to try on any and everything with... CONTINUE READING 10

Super Cute Sunglasses + Lipstick Combos

Between all of the summer parties, tanning and jet-setting we do during the summer, us gals find it difficult to cut out so much as ten minutes to put on makeup. If you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to spend perfecting your look, you can still make a fabulous beauty statement with a hot pair of sunglasses... CONTINUE READING 10

Stars Without Makeup: Would You Dare Go Bare?

A surprising trend has sprung up in Hollywood—stylish starlets are going back to basics, voluntarily shedding the security of glamorous makeup and daring to go beauty-bare in the pages of magazines and under the ever-watchful lens of the paparazzi. Now, as a lady who can't leave the house without at least some cherry Chapstick and a swipe or two of... CONTINUE READING 10