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7 Stylish Schoolbags for Class, Work, Wherever!

There are three main requirements to keep in mind when choosing a bag for school or work: durability, comfort and style. You'll want to choose a bag that will hold all of your books and belongings without ripping if you have a hefty workload this year, a bag that will be comfortable on your arms and back during your commute,... CONTINUE READING 13

Five Fierce Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers

In fashion, it's the stereotype that thin is always in, but if you're a curvier, carb-loving lady like we are, you know that it's sometimes difficult to gauge how we're going to look in the season's hottest trends against those overly Photoshopped, matchstick-thin fashion models. That's why we love it when we see women outside of the cookie-cutter model shape... CONTINUE READING 19

6 Tips to Make You a Master Thrift Shopper

Happy National Thrift Store Day! Thrift stores are one of shopping's best-kept secrets. We all know that trends are constantly repeating themselves, so why not dive deep to find the originals? Vintage shopping is the best way to stumble upon original pieces from the classic designers and the periods when quality was a priority. To make you a master thrifting... CONTINUE READING 13

10 Trendy Summer Styles To Snag On Sale Now

Now that the summer is winding down and stores are already stocked and ready for fall, it’s high-time to hit those end-of-summer sales and pick up the trendy items that you shied away from at the beginning of the season. You may have been eyeing some of this summer's standout trends but weren’t willing to make the pricey commitment, or... CONTINUE READING 20

Sugar & Spice: 8 Lovely Leather and Lace Looks

This summer, the dainty girl is getting a little edge! This season's been all about unexpected mixing and matching, from cool color combinations in everything from fashion to nails, to weird but delicious foodie pairings, but the combo that we've been loving most this summer is leather and lace. Hot weather leather's been a huge trend this summer and when... CONTINUE READING 8

6 Sporty Styles Fit For An Olympian

With the Olympics right around the corner, we can't help but find ourselves itching to throw on some track shorts and sneakers and pretend that we can compete with the best of them. Okay, so we can’t sprint 200 meters in the blink of an eye like Usain Bolt, but we can look the part of gold medal winner with... CONTINUE READING 13

Dress By The Decade: Retro Looks For Every Era

As women's fashion continues to evolve, every season brings the return of an old trend, and this season is no different. From the delicately decorated flapper numbers of the roaring '20s, to the body-conscious bombshell frocks of the '40s, to neon-covered '80s gear, every era had its signature style, but no matter what the standard, we sartorial ladies know just... CONTINUE READING 15

Comic Couture: Super Styles Inspired By Superheroes

Girls, get ready to get a little geeky! The weekend-long nerdathon known as Comic-Con kicks off today in San Diego, and while your man goes gaga over sneak peeks of Iron Man 3, the latest video game release or that superhero reboot, we're too busy gawking at the superheroes' actual boots...and leather looks, kick-ass jewelry,... CONTINUE READING 8

6 Trendy Ways To Beautify For The Big Day

Don’t you just love a summer wedding? The sun, the beach, the blooms—it all makes for one gorgeous setting for your nuptials. The big day is supposed to be about family, friends and fun, but you can’t forget that last important “F”—yes, we’re talking fashion! With all of the top-tier fashion and beauty trends that hit the runways this season,... CONTINUE READING 8

8 Cool Ways To Cover Up At The Beach

Getting dressed for the pool or beach is always fun, especially when you have a fab July 4th fête to show off your brand new bikini. But that doesn’t mean your bathing suit should have all the fun! You can look just as cute after those rounds of splashing in the surf or pool as you do during them by... CONTINUE READING 15