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These Boots Were Made for...Snow!

With snow in so many states, I can't stop thinking about snow boots. No, not the waterproof wellie kind (sorry Hunter, even socks don’t make them warm enough) or toasty Uggs (no matter how much you waterproof spray them, they aren’t waterproof!)—I’m talking about good old-fashioned snow boots. Caveat! Since I’m a style maven and self-proclaimed shoe-aholic, these boots need to... CONTINUE READING 15


Say good-bye to your grandma’s beauty products and hello to innovative new takes on skincare and makeup. You know how obsessed we are with our Beauty at Its Best Award winners, and some of them are too good not to highlight in the new year. Check 'em out and spruce up your everyday routine in 2011. -Lynden Halpern Start the year with... CONTINUE READING 15

Parisian Winter Style
Parisian Winter Style
December 22, 2010

Paris is cold but beautiful this time of year! The city of lights was extra lit up with Christmas displays and fully decked halls. From seeing the sights to walking through Christmas markets, the city was amazing. Here’s a look at my style while exploring this great city. After a long flight, I... CONTINUE READING 10

4 Fun Holiday Party Themes

Holiday parties include the requisite little black dress (or little blue dress!) attire, yummy foods and desserts, and plenty of cocktails. But after 15 invites to the same type of holiday bash, any party girl can get a little bored. So throw a last-minute holiday theme party or a leftover bash in the week after Christmas or New Year’s (what are... CONTINUE READING 7

ListCharming: Get Your Dream Gifts

Every time I see the word "fulfilled" next to a long list of random household items on a wedding registry, I shudder to think of the day I get married. I imagine the things I'd really want...a blender? I have a blender. I don't need a fancy one and if I did, I want to bargain shop on or... CONTINUE READING 11

Claudia's Picks: Holiday Night Out

Ornament yourself (or someone else!) this holiday season with items that will be available at our Holiday Night Out event in New York City. All that glitters isn't gold...because it can also be silver, or even bronze! Score these metallic must-haves December 15-17. 1. So different and so cool, the Faux Four Finger Ring (Retail Price: $89.99 18t over brass/$129.99 in... CONTINUE READING 16

8 Nights of Beauty

In honor of Hanukkah coming up December 1 and our Beauty at Its Best Awards, I’ve compiled eight favorite beauty picks for each of the nights! Bonus: all eight are Beauty at Its Best Award winners. Psst! Don’t forget to join us at Beauty Night Out Los Angeles on December 1! Buy tickets now> -Cait Rohan 1. Ready, set…get revved up for eight crazy nights... CONTINUE READING 22

Black Friday Deals

Let’s face it—there’s something both terrifying and exhilarating about the thought of going shopping the day after Thanksgiving, or as us shopaholics more lovingly refer to it: Black Friday. Okay, perhaps shopping on Black Friday is a tad more terrifying than exhilarating, but in this economy, doing what you need to do to get the best deal is not only... CONTINUE READING 13


We’ve related our feelings on men cheating before, and we were psyched when MizzOCD asked a great question about why guys always feel the need to stare at other ladies. Single or married, 21 or 51, all it takes is a pretty girl to pass and their eyes glaze over, their jaws hang slack and they seem to be transported... CONTINUE READING 48


We know we just announced our Beauty at Its Best Awards which are about looking and feeling great. We also know that you (and us too!) feel our most beautiful when we're fit, which is why we were psyched when our girlfriends at Girls in Tech wrote in about this revolutionary, smart and FUN way to lose weight. See... CONTINUE READING 14