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Coconut-Oil-Beauty-Benefits Feat

By Tarin Elise Schneider Want to have whiter teeth and better breath? Want to look like you’re glowing with flawless skin? What if instead of going out and spending obscene amounts this season on beauty products, all you had to do was buy one miracle jar of an end all cure all substance? We don’t know many things that end all... CONTINUE READING 13

10 beauty products

So apparently, the world is ending today or something. We're not entirely sure what's going on in the minds of those zany Mayans, but what we do know is that our beauty-binging selves are forgetting the gas masks and hand-cranked cell phone chargers, and reaching for fabulous beauty products instead! Here are eleven marvelous makeup finds that every glamazon will... CONTINUE READING 4

Meet The Parents

You've got the guy already—now it's time to impress his parents in these key styles. To get you ready for many a holiday meet-up with your fella's mom and pop, we break down five sweet ensembles that will make a great first impression with his folks. Get ready to win them over with these fun fashion styling tips! For a Glam... CONTINUE READING 4

Boy Toys: Pop Culture Presents He'll Absolutely Adore

Are you shaking in your cute ankle boots at the mere thought of picking the perfect present for your beau this holiday? Never fear, Shecky's is here with a gift guide full of awesome pop culture finds that he will hands-down love. No matter how well-intentioned, your main man isn't going to be bowled over by yet another cashmere sweater... CONTINUE READING 7

Couples Halloween Costumes: The Cute & The Corny

You may think it's adorable to go as a plug and socket yet again with your boyfriend for Halloween, but there's a very fine line between cute and corny when it comes to coordinating your costume to your man's. All Hallows Eve is the best time to get your creative juices flowing, so why go down the beaten-to-death path when... CONTINUE READING 19

Cheers to Oktoberfest with a Bavarian Beer Bash

It's finally Oktoberfest season and that means one thing: it's time to party it up! Planning an Oktoberfest-themed bash is simple and easy, mainly because the top item on the list is beer. The German theme can be as integrated as much as you want, from a lederhosen-only dress code to authentic beer steins to some... CONTINUE READING 14

The Perfect Packing List for Labor Day Weekend

For a lot of us Labor Day symbolizes the end of the summer, the last day to wear white and, sadly, our last summer getaway. If you are planning one last weekend of celebrating the sun and spending quality time with your friends or family, then there are a few things you'll need. Whether you're headed to the beach or... CONTINUE READING 5

Mood Makeup: Cool Color-Changing Beauty Products

With the 43rd anniversary of Woodstock upon us, it's the perfect time to go back to those groovy days with some hippie-approved mood ring makeup. Yes, we're talking chameleonic beauty products that magically change to the perfect shades to fit whatever mood you're in! Rather than throw up peace signs all day, you can add a touch of Woodstock-worthy... CONTINUE READING 7

DIY Sweet Summer Dinner Party Decor

What's better than going to a dinner party? Hosting one! While the summer sun is still heating up, now is the perfect time to call all your family and friends and throw together a fabulous feast. Although you may have to pay a pretty penny for some delish food and drinks, there is no reason for you to have to... CONTINUE READING 4

Trend Alert: Totally Cool Textured Nails

This fall, your nails are getting a serious makeover! The neons, tie dyes and rainbows have been fun this summer, but this fall is all about texture. No more boring shiny surfaces and glossy coats—this fall, your nails can match your outfits with suede, velvet and even rubber finishes. Bejeweled surfaces and feathers will add a layer of depth to... CONTINUE READING 11