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Eyelashes Cheatsheet

by Roselyn Sebastian False eyelashes can be a fierce addition to your beauty routine, but they can be daunting if you've never applied them before.  Here are a couple things to keep in mind before channeling your inner Zooey Deschanel. 1. Type of Lashes As with hair extensions, falsies could either go with natural or synthetic hair.  Natural eyelashes are made from sanitized... CONTINUE READING 8


by Mallory Feeney Just a little husky. It’s ‘baby’ fat. Bootylicious. Yeah, curvy and plus size women (plus-size as in any woman over a size 2, nowadays) have heard it all from the critics before. New York Fashion Week comes to a close today, and after seeing all the negative-size-zeros working the runway, we've decided to reiterate what we already know:... CONTINUE READING 29


by Marcus Scott At the time of her 2006 breakthrough and magnum opus “Back To Black,” Amy Winehouse was an oddity in showbiz. Winehouse was a blue-eyed soul singer from Southgate, London with an unusual warble in her husky contralto. And other than Winehouse, only soul siren Joss Stone was heating up the charts. Not much could be said about her,... CONTINUE READING 10


Even though the fatosphere has only recently picked up attention, luscious and gorgeous plus sized women have been turning heads for years. So in honor of Full Figured Fashion Week take a look at some of the big beautiful women who we all know and love as we pay homage to our plus sized beauties! - Ariel Leconte Queen Latifah This ... CONTINUE READING 6

Celebrity Moms

Let's face it: we were probably not all sunshine and butterflies with our mothers growing up. And if we thought we were pleasant teens, we know the behavior wasn't for long. Our moms are strong, patient, and giving. This Mother's Day we want to give a shout out to 8 celebrity moms that rock-- because if raising an ordinary kid... CONTINUE READING 6


Whether it was classic red lips or glamorous bombshell curls, the 85th annual Academy Awards on February 24, 2013 gave us some of the brightest and best beauty looks of the red carpet season. We looked over some of our favorites, and we’re showing you how to steal their unforgettable looks. -Courtney Leiva Kristin Chenoweth’s Pearly Whites Tanda Pearl Whitening System ($195,... CONTINUE READING 5

Best Pop Star Beauty Looks of the Year

The MTV Video Music Awards kick off tonight with many stylish starlets turning it out on the red carpet and taking center stage to accept their well-deserved awards, and to celebrate, we’re giving out our own awards, highlighting the best beauty looks from our favorite pop stars this year. 2012 was an exciting year for these lovely ladies, many totally... CONTINUE READING 13

Beauty Steal: Adele's Best Hair & Makeup

Between Cinco de Mayo celebrations and cheering on the Kentucky Derby yesterday, we forgot that it was one of our favorite singers birthdays, Adele! The "Someone Like You" songstress turned the big 2-4 yesterday (has it really been three years since 21? Girl, you need to make an awesome new album, stat!), so to celebrate, we got tips from celebrity... CONTINUE READING 6

Perfect Your Fave Pop Star Style

Happy National Karaoke Week! Boy, oh boy, I predict a week of, er, great singing and loads of karaoke fun. If you’re a newbie, the stage can be a tad—gulp—intimidating, but that’s nothing a few appletinis and a cute outfit can’t fix! To get you feeling super confident and looking stage-ready, I’ve gathered a few of your fave pop stars’... CONTINUE READING 31

DIY Grammy Beauty Tips from Pros

Before the awards show even began, we knew who won big at the Grammys—for best hair, that is. Get the looks from the 2012 red carpet with step-by-step instructions from celebrity hairstylists Sura Radcliffe and Andi Scarbrough. BEST CURLS: Kelly Rowland SURA RADCLIFFE SAYS: Kelly’s hair was absolutely on point. What I loved were the various textures, the sleek, slicked-back style with a... CONTINUE READING 4