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5 Famous Hotties Who Deserve The Sexiest Man Alive Title

Channing Tatum has deservedly won this year's coveted title of Sexiest Man Alive from People magazine (need a reminder why? Just watch Magic Mike!), and while we have absolutely zero gripes with their choice, there are a few more fellas that we feel also deserve to get the title in the near future. Come on Peeps, stop with the whole... CONTINUE READING 6

She’s Got Game: Celeb Single Ladies On the Prowl

It’s no secret that we’re all for sowing your wild oats before you settle down, so we’ve just got to give it up to these celeb single ladies who are doing exactly that! From Blake to Rihanna, Cameron to Madonna, these ladies have racked up a pretty impressive (and hot!) little black book over the years, and it doesn’t look... CONTINUE READING 10

How Bromantic: Our Fave Famous Guy-Pals

Ah, the bromance—that borderline obsessive bond two straight males can have with each other. Sure, sometimes being in the middle of one can be annoying, but I personally love the bromance. It shows that men can actually care for one another without resorting to faux machismo, and plus, when your beau’s hanging out with his bro, that gives you some... CONTINUE READING 9