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Your Perfect Thanksgiving Packing Guide

We've been looking forward to Thanksgiving for weeks now with decadent images of turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie dancing around in our heads. Trouble is, we just have to get home first to enjoy it all! Commuting during the holidays can be a nightmare, but fortunately we're making one major factor of holiday traveling way easier for you--packing! Instead... CONTINUE READING 13

Fall Forward with Five Fashionable Sneaks

This fall, give your feet a break from the high-heeled pumps and uncomfortable flats with a pair of statement-worthy sneakers. Nowadays, sneakers can really make an outfit pop with embellishments, bright colors, and interesting fabrics. Here are five of my favorite styles that are available in stores now. Pretty Plum Kicks Always have a pair of Superga Cotu Classic Athletic Shoes... CONTINUE READING 8

Pretty Peplum For Every Style

Peplum’s becoming the shape for spring, gracing countless runways and red carpets this season. Not familiar with the peplum trend? The retro-inspired style features a short “overskirt” attached to dresses, top and jackets to create a va-va-voom hourglass figure. Popular shows like Mad Men have brought the vintage, ladylike look to the present, and I love it for its femininity... CONTINUE READING 12

Styles Under $50 to Transition into Spring

Blooming flowers and more daylight are just some of the heralds of spring. One thing that’s difficult to anticipate, however, is the weather. With 70-degree days and 45-Fahrenheit evenings, how do you dress for the season without overdressing or freezing? I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few pieces to help you transition from winter to spring as painlessly as... CONTINUE READING 6

Style Like Your Fave Old-School Cartoon Characters

The cartoon characters of our youths aren’t just good ways to reminisce about lazy Saturdays spent gathered around the TV with bowls of Cheerios. Some of the tube’s top cartoon females can serve as style inspiration now that we’re adults. Okay, maybe not literally (although truth be told I’d love to wear Strawberry’s get-up and smell like her, too)—but in... CONTINUE READING 18

Flapper Style Frocks with Modern Twists

Did you watch the Academy Awards? The Artist won two of the top prizes—Best Picture and Lead Actor—plus several additional Oscars! The film was much buzzed about due to its black-and-white/silent properties. Naturally I was taken with the vintage, Old-Hollywood looks—tuxes for the men; pin-curls, pearls, furs, and lots of drop waist, flapper-style dresses for the ladies. Although the... CONTINUE READING 5

Crazy Celeb Shoes and Real-Life Alternatives

While our eyes may turn to the red carpet for fashion-forward footwear, some celeb styles can be a tad too daring for normal wear. Fashion is fun because it’s like being able to wear art...but too much creativity can appear chaotic. They say you don't know a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes, but with some of... CONTINUE READING 13

5 Perfect V-Day Outfits for All Plans

With a holiday that depends on your relationships status, what you wear rests on where you're at on the roller coaster ride we call love. From newly single and stayin' in solo to going out with that special someone to hitting the town with your girlfriends and more, these five outfit ideas will help you celebrate V-Day in style (...or... CONTINUE READING 11

10 Warming Winter Accessories

Happy 10th birthday to Shecky’s! In honor of the awesome party attitude that goes along with a b-day and our love for Fridays, we’re bringing you a TOP 10 AT 10AM every Friday. Oh, baby…you better believe it’s gonna get cold outside. Prep yourself accordingly with wintry accessories you can pair with your warm jackets and boots. -Cait Rohan Leather gloves are a... CONTINUE READING 11

Fixes for Sweaty Sitches

Sure a little shine is always great (have you entered the JLO “Share the Love” contest to win an autographed Glitterati package?), but the sweat that is sure to accompany the rising temps is the kind of shimmer that actually isn't cool. Stay dry and pretty this season with these amazing sweat-proof products! -Lynden Halpern A good deodorant is essential for smelling and feeling... CONTINUE READING 13