Today's WORK IT, GIRL (deprecate) Guilty Pleasure

By Joann Vaglica This spring, lighten up your wardrobe with the perfect accessory: DIY necklaces; timeless treasures that allow you to add a sophisticated and chic look to any ensemble. Besides being so easy on the budget, they are big on the impact too! Follow one of these tutorials below to add a little pop to your wardrobe. Braided Rope Necklace Braided Rope Necklace: Choose multiple colors and make this necklace your new favorite dress up or dress down accessory! What You’ll Need: Tape Cotton rope Thin chain Jump Rings Clasp Super-strong glue Cord ends (bead caps, cones, or tips) Scissors Directions: To begin, cut at least 6-12 strands of rope at... CONTINUE READING 13



By Roselyn Sebastian It's not news that Scarlett Johansson is hot! The blonde bombshell has held the title for Sexiest Woman Alive for two years running, but many have failed to give Ms. Johansson her due: She is a beauty icon. Her elegant style frequently lands her on best dressed lists but it's her versatility that makes her an iconic cover... CONTINUE READING 3


by Megan Greene & Marcus Scott When you think of female billionaires we're sure you automatically think of, say, Oprah. Granted multi-award winning African-American actress, media proprietor, producer, philanthropist, and talk show host Oprah Winfrey is very successful and is classified as a  female billionaire. But believe it or not, while the 60-year "Queen of All Media" may be ranked the richest African-American... CONTINUE READING 11


By Megan Greene & Marcus Scott Taking a picture without reenacting the "Drake" pose (you know, the standard macho "prison pose"), or making silly facial expressions is simply unheard of today in the world of social media. We're referring to what's the current "normal" way to take pictures, the signature selfie. While other selfies were right on the first snap, we... CONTINUE READING 7


By Marcus Scott Movies have a way of making ladies everywhere look like damsels in distress, and teen movies make them look unintelligent, whiny and over-the-top. Here is a look at some young ladies in horror, rom-com, drama and all types of teen movies. But these aren't just your prissy protagonists, they're quite possibly the best cinematic role models around. These... CONTINUE READING 31


-by Dominique Fernandez What began as a mere idea of composing a New York City census via photographs, is now a simplistic yet wonderful collection of stories, quotes, and conversations attached to these aforementioned photographs of NYC strangers (pets included.) This collection I speak of is the popular Humans of New York blog. So, who is the creative... CONTINUE READING 10


Need a little something to get you rarin’ and ready to go on Halloween? Invite over a few ghouls and warlocks and whip up a batch of these creepy cocktails before you go haunt the neighborhood. Bleeding Heart Martini Just when you thought a martini was just a martini…this one starts out healthy then bleeds red as you drink it…scary! ... CONTINUE READING 11

Your Late 20s feature image

Being in your late 20’s is awesome. Stop freaking out about “being old” or about how you’re now closer to your 30’s. Seriously, shut up. These are the best years of your life, so stop bitching about it and go enjoy yourself. - Romy Roloff Your early 20’s are exciting; you’re finally not a TEEN anymore and you can... CONTINUE READING 16


by Meryl Lumba Netflix is a wonderful thing. But, just like the Internet, it’s got its hidden gems and dark corners. If you need a little help narrowing things down and also find their auto-customized recommendations creepy and invasive, might we suggest a list of our own? Here’s 10 awesome old-school series– whether you’re up for staying up all night or... CONTINUE READING 16


by Rochelle Williams Remember back when the new-fangled idea of online instant messaging became uber popular? Of course you do and if you were really cool, you called it IM’ing and exhausted that winky face like nobody’s business! Emoticons may have seemed a quick fad at the time, but I’m confident a peek into the text messages of any of the... CONTINUE READING 8


by Meryl Lumba The boroughs have always had this underlying competition against one another. But none of them are better than Queens. Why? Other than the perfect balance between suburbia and city-life, here are 7 bits of insider's knowledge that only those from Queens appreciate and know about the NYC. That's right, all Queens-bred folks, renew your sense of pride. 1. You’re... CONTINUE READING 9

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