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Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Shecky’s contributor? Already have your own blog? Obsessed with fashion, beauty, guys, entertaining, going out…? We’re having a contest for FIVE guest blogger spots on and we want you to send in YOUR blog for consideration. The winners get guest spots as contributors on for a month, with a possibility to be renewed for even longer! Every post we publish by the winners will include their logo, byline, a short 100-word biography and links back to their blog. How to enter? Simple! Fill in the form below. (Contest ends Sunday, September... CONTINUE READING 9


Who Won the 2011 National Girlfriend Awards?

These 10 ladies may be the winners of our 2011 National Girlfriend Awards, but we had to sift through tons of inspiring stories to get the following finalists. You’re all winners in our hearts (awww!). Thanks so much for nominating and voting! CONTINUE READING 0

SHE is my Best Family Girlfriend: VOTE

She is blood-related, but miraculously you still get along (and share the same disdain for crazy Aunt Caroline). Whether you’ve known her since birth or you were long-lost and rekindled recently, there’s something about a family BFF withstanding relative drama that really says something. Whether she’s your mom, aunt, daughter, cousin or sister, you couldn’t have picked a better person... CONTINUE READING 0

SHE is my Always-Logged-On Girlfriend: VOTE

She is the girlfriend that you always know everything about. Not because you catch up face-to-face every day, but because she shares just about everything on her Facebook and Twitter feeds. From posting funny cat videos on the ‘book to always being up on the latest Twitter hashtags, you don’t even need a NY Times subscription to know what’s new and... CONTINUE READING 0

SHE is my Most Fashionable Girlfriend: VOTE

She has more style and a cooler closet than Carrie from Sex and the City and Rachel Zoe combined, and if she were ever to dress the models on Project Runway she’d be the winner for sure. She has a knack for discovering new trends and bringing them out before they hit the runways or the pages of Vogue. See the five finalists and... CONTINUE READING 0

SHE is my Partner-in-Crime Girlfriend: VOTE

She is the accessory to your crime—whether that crime is running up your credit card to get a fab dress or hitting the town and pretending you’re celebs to cut lines. She gets you into wacky situations just as much as she gets you out of them (she’s a pro at sweet-talking and batting her lashes!). Seeing the memorable Facebook... CONTINUE READING 0

SHE is my Haute Hostess Girlfriend: VOTE

She is the modern-day version of Martha Stewart for home décor, and a babely update of Betty Crocker in the kitchen—all while she’s looking up recipes and inviting more guests over on her iPhone. And when it comes to throwing a party? Her shindigs are so organized and creative. See the five finalists and vote now! CONTINUE READING 0

SHE is my Supporting Girlfriend: VOTE

She is the one you can call up at 4am, hysterical because you got dumped, were laid-off, feel fat…maybe all three. Or she’s the girlfriend who’s been there for you through something major—the death of a loved one, a divorce, a life-threatening disease. She is like the second coming of Oprah (hey, she could probably take O’s spot!)—always there with... CONTINUE READING 0

Beyoncé Prize Pack Just 4 You: Winners

A while back, we asked our Shecksters to use Beyoncé's hit song "Best Thing I Never Had" as an inspiration to tell us the best thing that they never had. Thousands of you entered, and the stories (and dedication to Ms. B!) were all inspiring. It was tough to pick our final four, but here they are! GRAND-PRIZE WINNER: If I ... CONTINUE READING 14

SHE is My Boy-Crazy Girlfriend: VOTE

She is the friend who always has a crazy-funny guy story. The one who always seems to juggle dating five guys at once, the pal who meets men in the strangest ways (at her grandma’s retirement home, when she’s out with another guy…), or the one who constantly gets herself into serious dude debacles a la Chelsea Handler. See the five... CONTINUE READING 0

SHE is my Life-of-the-Party Girlfriend: VOTE

She is the friend whose life goes a mile a minute, but like the Energizer Bunny or Paris Hilton (minus the whole jail rep and bad-girl vibe), she just keeps going and going and…. Always making the most of every situation and multitasking while she’s at it, this pal is friendly and has a knack for making new friends. She’s... CONTINUE READING 0