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Girls Night Out Preview Los Angeles

Shecky's Girls Night Out is bringing the ultimate Girl's Night to the City of Angels, and you're invited! Join us on May 31st for an evening of drinks, shopping, girl talk, pampering, and goodies in Downtown LA! Also, Mother's Day is less than a week away - wouldn't Mom love the chance to spend some quality girl time with you browsing new fashions, chatting with amazing women, and enjoying free cocktails all night? Don't miss out on our women's panel too  - a team of experts eager to talk to you about flirting, fashion, fitness and the best beauty routines!... CONTINUE READING 11



On Saturday, July 31st, I cheated on Shecky’s. Well, not really, but I did attend another shopping party which I can admit to, guilt-free! Imagine an acre of Hamptons farmland filled with all famous high-end fashion brands at up to 80% off. This is Super Saturday and it’s not just a shopping spree to score some fab new pieces—the event... CONTINUE READING 23


She and you, or some girlfriends you know are the go-getter entrepreneurs, the girls who left their boring cubicle jobs and started their dream business like the BFFs and sisters behind Georgetown Cupcake. These two friends are an example and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurial women everywhere. VOTE NOW for the Best Successful Girlfriend Crew! CONTINUE READING 0


She is the girlfriend that always thinks outside the box and you love her for it. Whether she’s a total Taylor Swift, rocking out and writing her own lyrics, a super-talented artist with her own gallery opening, or an imaginative poet, this girl’s uniqueness never ceases to amaze everyone. VOTE NOW for the Best Creative Girlfriend. CONTINUE READING 0

She is the friend whose life goes a mile a minute, but like the Energizer Bunny or Paris Hilton (minus the whole jail rep and bad-girl vibe), she just keeps going and going and…. Always making the most of every situation and multitasking while she’s at it, this pal is friendly and has a knack for making new friends while... CONTINUE READING 0


She has more style and a cooler closet than Carrie from Sex and the City and Rachel Zoe combined, and if she were ever to dress the models on Project Runway she’d be the winner for sure. She has a knack for discovering new trends and bringing them out before they hit the runways or the pages of Vogue. VOTE NOW for... CONTINUE READING 0


She is just like Angelina Jolie, always going out of her way to help others. Be it baking a casserole for a sickly neighbor or traveling to New Orleans to help the oil spill relief, her selflessness is so inspiring. Her heart is huge—she never stops at just one cause and is never satisfied with helping on only one issue.... CONTINUE READING 0


She is the girlfriend you wouldn’t make it through a work day without. Whether your job is incredibly boring like Pam and Jim from The Office (minus the whole married part) or challenging…she’s got your back from venting about your evil boss to going with you on countless coffee breaks. VOTE NOW for the Best 9-to-5 Girlfriend NOW! CONTINUE READING 0


She is the Amy Pohler of your besties, the walking SNL episode, that always-on-call stand-up act that brightens even your worst day. She has the best jokes and an unrivaled sense of humor, turning every situation from an already-fun girls night out to a car ride without air conditioning into something silly. VOTE NOW for the Best Comedic Girlfriend! CONTINUE READING 0


She is the one you can call up at 4am, hysterical because you got dumped, were laid-off, feel fat…maybe all three. Or she’s the girlfriend who’s been there for you through something major—the death of a loved one, a divorce, a life-threatening disease. She is your Oprah—always there with a box of Kleenex AND the best advice. VOTE NOW! CONTINUE READING 0