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Girls Night Out Preview Los Angeles

Shecky's Girls Night Out is bringing the ultimate Girl's Night to the City of Angels, and you're invited! Join us on May 31st for an evening of drinks, shopping, girl talk, pampering, and goodies in Downtown LA! Also, Mother's Day is less than a week away - wouldn't Mom love the chance to spend some quality girl time with you browsing new fashions, chatting with amazing women, and enjoying free cocktails all night? Don't miss out on our women's panel too  - a team of experts eager to talk to you about flirting, fashion, fitness and the best beauty routines!... CONTINUE READING 11



We're hitting up Boston this week on October 27 and 28, and we couldn't be more excited to infiltrate Bean Town. Our first night of Girls Night Out Boston also happens to be Cranky Co-worker Day, so what better way to unwind than by attending Girls Night Out?! It is Women's Small Business Month, but we know you've got a work counterpart... CONTINUE READING 11


We’re coming to Miami next month and soon after, the holidays are coming to...everyone. It's never too early to start holiday shopping—you don’t want to be left gift-less when Secret Santa/Hanukkah Harry time rolls around! Below is our pre-holiday gift guide. All featured items will be available at our Miami event, so snap up $10 off Goodie Bag tickets for a... CONTINUE READING 10


Item Name: Vintage 20 L Backpack Price: $175 Designer: Fjallraven Where to Buy: and 262 Mott Street, New York, NY Why: Discover a fab backpack that's functional for fall activities like hiking and camping. An old-school top-loading design and back-panel mesh plus side pockets allows me to pack everything I need. Perfect for when I swap city for country and go on outdoor getaways with... CONTINUE READING 7


This weekend, Saturday has been dubbed “The Sweetest Day,” a special date to spread affection and joy to those you love and those who need it most. While this isn't such a wildly popular holiday, we are more than willing to celebrate all things sweet! So we've compiled all the delicious deals we'll be serving up at Girls Night Out... CONTINUE READING 17


I used to be a fashion hoarder. There, I said it, I am not ashamed! At one point I owned maybe 50 coats, 60 pairs of jeans, 100 dresses...and let's not get started on the accessories and beauty products. I would store, hide and stuff every real estate I owned...clutches in bookshelves, you name it! We're not talking the extreme of... CONTINUE READING 12


My favorite thing about a Shecky's Goodie Bag is that you discover and sample totally random items you would likely have never purchased. Our Goodie Bag products will quickly become lifesavers, stepping in when you really need a beauty or food fix...not to mention all the money you save with the free stuff you get! As we kick off the fall Girls... CONTINUE READING 64


Boston is full of different neighborhoods that are vibrant and unique, but I absolutely adore Harvard Square, which you guessed it, is home to renowned Harvard University. Whenever I visit, I’m instantly brought back to my college days (my alma mater Smith isn’t too far away) and feel all at once nostalgic and at home. I couldn’t be more excited... CONTINUE READING 7


Shecky’s takes on Philadelphia next week, and while we may have taken it upon ourselves to rename it the City of GIRLFRIENDY Love, we do treasure all of the historical value that Philly has. After all, it is where our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, and those signatures are just as important as the countless purchases you'll be signing... CONTINUE READING 8


Celebrate 10 years of Shecky’s Girls Night Out with this once in a lifetime offer—$10 Goodie Bag tickets*. This special runs from 10/10/10 at 12:00AM EST to 10/10/10 at 11:59PM EST. People are always curious about the origins of amazing products. Just as Facebook was invented by a college kid from Harvard and is now an international phenomenon and the... CONTINUE READING 26


October means Halloween, and besides picking out (read: stressing) over a cute costume, it’s all more the reason to rock black and add touches of orange to my wardrobe…and diet! Before Halloween is here, I hope you celebrate a different kind of holiday with your girlfriends at Girls Night Out in Washington D.C.! Whether you’re looking for clothing, accessories or... CONTINUE READING 17