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by Roselyn Sebastian Just because you were never head cheerleader and you never dated the captain of the football team, doesn't mean you can't swathe yourself in a varsity jacket. This nostalgic piece is popping up everywhere and with good reason. Varsity jackets are a trendier layering option than your boring old drawer of cardigans. Get a dose of team spirit with a few of our favorite pieces. Moschino There's something about the varsity jacket that's timeless. Like this one from Moschino ($2,895) which features another one of our favorite trends, leather sleeves! This piece is the part of the perfect weekender... CONTINUE READING 1



by Megan Greene The most dangerous weapon to use on any guy is that one piece of clothing hanging up in our closet. That's right ladies, we're talking about the 'freak'um dress.' You know, that dress you wear when you want to tease, snatch, please or redeem that special someone? We wear it when we're having ladies' night or when we're... CONTINUE READING 13


By Roselyn Sebastian At long last, summer has finally arrived and with it comes the opportunity to update your look. Whether you're relaxing by the pool or headed to work, this list with help make sure you don't put the "hot" in "hot mess," when the mercury rises. Blotting Paper Ashy legs and knees are not cute any time of the year but... CONTINUE READING 6


By Roselyn Sebastian All women can universally agree that there's nothing better than shoe shopping, whether you rock the flyest kicks or the highest heels. There's a reason we obsess over red carpets and runways, and these next 5 ladies are showstoppers in the footwear department. Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne is definitely one of the coolest supermodels currently ruling the runways. When she... CONTINUE READING 22


By Roselyn Sebastian Great hair and a fierce outfit is like icing on a cupcake, which means loving your locks is non-negotiable. Fortunately, taking care of your hair doesn't have to mean breaking the bank at Duane Reade. Most of the ingredients for these DIY treatments can just be picked up at the grocery store. Lemons Dull hair is just depressing.... CONTINUE READING 13


By Megan Greene If you haven’t noticed the “it” jewelry to wear this season, it’s the oh-so sexy body chain. This fashion trend might be here to stay; women have been rocking their chains with swim suits, dresses, and even as hair accessories. The body jewelry seems to add not only more style to what you're wearing but creates this mysterious... CONTINUE READING 18


By Marcus Scott Few entertainers of modern-day hold an artistic candle to singer-songwriter, musician, producer, dancer and fashion muse Janelle Monáe. Few. Acting as protégé to hip-hip icons Outkast, she quickly established herself after signing with Bad Boy records and Atlantic Records, respectively. After a career surge with the release of her debut The ArchAndroid, and it’s much anticipated 2013 follow-up... CONTINUE READING 13


By Joann Vaglica This spring, lighten up your wardrobe with the perfect accessory: DIY necklaces; timeless treasures that allow you to add a sophisticated and chic look to any ensemble. Besides being so easy on the budget, they are big on the impact too! Follow one of these tutorials below to add a little pop to your wardrobe. Braided Rope Necklace Braided Rope... CONTINUE READING 13


by Megan Greene & Marcus Scott Does the room suddenly get warmer when he walks in? He's no little boy and you're no little girl, and he's just too fine you can't help but look.  She introduced you to him, invited you out with them on numerous occasions, and doesn't mind the close friendship you have with him. So it's not... CONTINUE READING 13


By Courtney Leiva Finding gluten-free alternatives to your favorite foods can be tricky, but now with the growing awareness of celiac disease, scouting wheat-free products has never been easier. Breakfast happens to be the most important meal of the day, so if you’re looking for some safe and allergen-free options to try, look no further than these 14 gluten-free breakfast ideas,... CONTINUE READING 13


By Roselyn Sebastian It's not news that Scarlett Johansson is hot! The blonde bombshell has held the title for Sexiest Woman Alive for two years running, but many have failed to give Ms. Johansson her due: She is a beauty icon. Her elegant style frequently lands her on best dressed lists but it's her versatility that makes her an iconic cover... CONTINUE READING 3