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By Courtney Leiva To brush up on your Spring fashion without splurging on some last-minute purchases that you’ll probably regret, we’ve got eight flirty dresses for under $20 (yes, you read that right!) that you can wear all Spring long. From pretty pastel picks to printed pieces galore, style it up with any of our favorite finds. Boohoo Billie High Neck Midi Dress Where: $15, If you prefer a more sleek and sophisticated fit, this high neck dress brings on the elegance instantly. Grayson Metallic ½ Sleeve Circle Dress Where: $9.99, Keep it casual yet equally feminine with this bright and girly circle dress. Great... CONTINUE READING 6



By Bianca Logrono Recently nail art has become increasingly popular and creative, expanding far beyond the standard French manicure. That’s because it’s less intimidating to make a risqué statement with your nail polish than with a pair of pants. Your style of nail, or polish choice can transform your look instantly. If you’re looking liven up your nails beds this spring,... CONTINUE READING 22


By Bianca Logrono We all have beauty habits. Some work, some are age-old, some are pretty terrible, and some are awesome. But are any of them healthy? Possibly. Your skin and hair are a result of your everyday beauty routine. Here are some healthy beauty habits you might want to pick up on. Use Coconut Oil Run to your nearest organic food store... CONTINUE READING 12


By Megan Greene After a big night of partying, you never want to look as a dreadful as you feel. Never! Yes, we're sure you and your girlfriends more than likely Miley-twerked to every song the DJ played, did some Ke$ha fist-pumps, dirty-danced with few guys... but we're here to help you turn heads the  day after, and without the boss... CONTINUE READING 21


by Bianca Logrono We don’t know how many more days we can bear wearing boots. When it comes to shoes we know: the limit does not exist.  So yes, we’re ahead of the game on spring shoes! We’re being optimistic and quite frankly tired of layering socks. Here’s a roundup of shoe trends that will be hitting the streets as the... CONTINUE READING 17


By Marcus Scott Hailing from Mexico City, Mexico to Kenyan college professor turned politician Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o and wife Dorothy, Luo actress Lupita Nyong’o is a force of nature in the world of Hollywood. Landing her breakout role immediately after graduating from the Yale School of Drama in 2012—for which she was the recipient of the prestigious Herschel Williams Prize awarded... CONTINUE READING 18


By Mallory Feeney It’s that time of the year again! Grab your friends, find your “Kiss me, I’m Irish” tee and work up an appetite for corn beef and cabbage, beer and all that can be green. Well, maybe going to a crowded bar where it takes an hour to order a Bud Light isn’t your idea of fun this year–so, why... CONTINUE READING 8


by Bianca Logrono Now that we’ve got your attention, don’t mistaken us for Maria Kang. We’re not body shaming women who aren’t in tip-top shape or those who fall/don’t fall under the “healthy weight” range.  But this might be a wake-up call. Defining that loving your body and owning it, isn’t truly loving yourself if you aren’t conducting a healthy lifestyle.... CONTINUE READING 21


by Mallory Feeney Damn it, the butterflies are back and you’ve started seeing your ex, again. It’s like starting fresh again… right? It’s nice to be back in his company and things are going to be different this time around…right? Even though you might have vowed to never ever ever get back together—to cite someone who is completely familiar with make-ups... CONTINUE READING 16


by Bianca Logrono Scenario: You’ve pressed snooze far too many times and have woken up in a frenzy a.k.a serious Oh Sh*z moment. Way behind on time, you’ve got about 20 minutes (or less) to get out the door. For some reason, we usually become snooze monsters on days we have important meetings to attend to or people to see. As... CONTINUE READING 12

7 Twists to Mac & Cheese
March 5, 2014

by Joann Vaglica If you haven’t heard, there are way too many awesomely tweaked mac & cheese recipes out there for you to be settling down on a traditional bowl of this yummy comfort food. Add a gourmet twist to the family favorite dish and bring it to the next level with one of our flavor-boasting recipes. 1. Baked Mac &... CONTINUE READING 16