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Proposals Decoded

by Roselyn Sebastian When you've found true love you may feel like the hardest part is over. Not so much. After you've found the perfect man, you'll need him to plan the perfect proposal and then give you the perfect ring. You've probably planned your dream wedding down to the last detail, but what about the proposal? There's so much pressure to have the most interesting engagement story.  All that planning and searching can be a Herculean effort for your groom to be.  To make sure the both of you are not lost in a sea of possibilities, we've picked the... CONTINUE READING 7


"Morning After" Wedding Photos: Cute or Creepy?

Hot on the high heels of bridal boudoir photography comes “morning after” wedding photos, taking the wedding world by storm. Newlyweds are inviting professional photographers into their honeymoon suites and homes to snap steamy photos of the couple on the morning after their first wedded night together. Hands pressed up against steamed-up shower doors a la Titanic, clad only in... CONTINUE READING 38

10 Ways to Deal With Post-Wedding Withdrawal

As all wonderful things do, your wedding came and went in what seemed like five minutes. Even your honeymoon went by in a flash! So, now what? As you and your man settle into your new life together, you might be feeling just a bit…unsettled. Don’t worry—post-wedding withdrawal is quite common amongst newlyweds, as you deal with the transition from... CONTINUE READING 11

11 Elegant Decor Ideas for a Fall Wedding

‘Tis the season to fall in love! Autumn has finally arrived, bringing with it cooler weather, an array of colors and—yup!—weddings. If you’re looking for some fall wedding inspiration, look no further. This season lends itself especially well to classic, elegant decorations in beautiful color schemes such as brown and cream, oranges and reds, and hints of glam gold. We’ve... CONTINUE READING 4

Beyond Cake: 6 Sweet New Ideas for Wedding Desserts

Sure, the only thing more classic than a white dress for a wedding is a big ol’ white wedding cake, but with nuptials getting more creative and less traditional, who says that a wedding cake has to necessarily be a cake? To help you plan your reception menu, we’ve rounded up delicious wedding day treats from the ever-popular cupcake and... CONTINUE READING 22

9 Fab Frocks Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Being a bridesmaid is an incredibly bittersweet experience. On the one hand, we’re elated that our friend or family member values our friendship enough that they want us to help them celebrate their love and their union. Great, that part of the whole bridal party thing is super sweet and incredibly touching. But then comes... CONTINUE READING 19

Destination Wedding: For the Bachelorette, the Big Day & the Honeymoon

Between magazine clippings and vivid dreams, the big day is something us girls have been looking forward to for as long as we can possibly remember, but as we get older, we realize that the fairytale ending is totally expensive! But who says money has to stop you from the wedding you want? From the hoppin’... CONTINUE READING 9

Dress for the Occasion: Lovely Looks For Every Wedding Event

From the moment you get that first excited phone call from one of your besties announcing her new engagement, it's probably a good idea to start planning the perfect outfit fit for the celebration. Wedding planning may be overwhelming for the bride, but no one ever talks about that pressure of planning to be a bridesmaid or guest! There's the engagement... CONTINUE READING 12

Heat Up Your Honeymoon in Hot Bridal Lingerie

Here comes…the season of the bride! It’s that beautiful time of year when weddings abound, and though it’s all about the dress, dress, dress, what you wear underneath is just as important, at least to your soon-to-be spouse! Ditch your traditional undergarments and go for these glam bridal lingerie pieces to have your significant other oohing and aahing long after... CONTINUE READING 21

The Weirdest, Wackiest Wedding Themes Ever

Mayhem ensues this month, and I’m not talking about spring flings or hot Memorial Day vacation spots. May is one of the most popular times for blushing brides to walk down the aisle, and while some opt for a traditional church wedding, others tap into their inner, er, fantasies for the big day. Take out those Kleenex and get ready... CONTINUE READING 22

Four Fab Movie-Themed Weddings

Still thinking up a theme idea for your impending nuptials? Take cues from your favorite flicks with these four fabulous movie-themed wedding ideas! Now, we’re not talking about tearing the curtains down Scarlett-style and crafting a gaudy gown à la Ms. O’Hara for your Gone with the Wind wedding (although that would be pretty awesome!), but you... CONTINUE READING 10