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Proposals Decoded

by Roselyn Sebastian When you've found true love you may feel like the hardest part is over. Not so much. After you've found the perfect man, you'll need him to plan the perfect proposal and then give you the perfect ring. You've probably planned your dream wedding down to the last detail, but what about the proposal? There's so much pressure to have the most interesting engagement story.  All that planning and searching can be a Herculean effort for your groom to be.  To make sure the both of you are not lost in a sea of possibilities, we've picked the... CONTINUE READING 7


Best Vera Wang Wedding Gowns

By Roselyn Sebastian It was SATC’s Mario Cantone who said that if you want a wedding gown, then go Wang. And with good reason, Vera Wang has been designing elegant wedding gowns for over 20 years. A former figure skater herself, she’s also designed costumes for Michelle Kwan and Nancy Kerrigan. Here’s 7 of her best from this decade, even though... CONTINUE READING 29

6 Gifts Ideas For Your Bridesmaids

By Joann Vaglica Traditionally, to show your appreciation towards the ladies (and the men of course, but more on them another time) in your bridal party, on the night of the dinner rehearsal you give them a pretty little present. We know, as if your to-do list wasn’t long enough, you can’t forget to add “Bridesmaid Gifts” at the very end... CONTINUE READING 8


By Mallory Feeney The wedding was amazing, the honeymoon was to die for and you love your sweetie (really, you do). But everything seems to be falling into a routine. The honeymoon phase is, quite frankly, o-v-e-r. No worries, though, it happens to all couples. If you and your honey want to avoid falling into the “we’re boring” trap, read on. When... CONTINUE READING 10


by Joann Vaglica Becoming engaged can get quite overwhelming, but before you start looking for something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, take into consideration the many factors of life as a married couple. What will remain the same and what will change? They say you can’t hurry love, so when is the right time to get married? Why You Should... CONTINUE READING 13


by Marcus Scott Is the alarm of your biological clock ringing on orange alert? Has your ring finger felt light or uncomfortably bare? Is he really the one you want to spend your life with? Oh, the questions of settling down! If you’re lucky to have found the right guy to share more than your nights with, and have been dating... CONTINUE READING 10


by Joann Vaglica Planning a bridal shower is no easy task, take it from us, but at the end of the day, is there really any better way to honor a future bride? From picking out the invitations to deciding upon centerpieces and favors and everything in between, we’re going to help you put together a fabulous wine-themed bridal shower! Invitations When working... CONTINUE READING 14


by Joann Vaglica Working on a budget? Yeah, most of us are, but that’s not a good enough reason to pass up on having a bachelorette party. Throw your To-Do list to the side and take some time out of wedding planning to enjoy your last few months, or days, as a single lady. Call your girlfriends, grab your sash and tiara... CONTINUE READING 7


by Joann Vaglica The two things a bridesmaid will hold once they accept the role are honor and responsibility, so once the pre-wedding bridesmaid duties have been fulfilled, including checking off all things on the extensive to-do lists, throwing a bridal shower, and attending various wedding-related appointments with the bride, it’s time to focus any remaining time and energy on you. The... CONTINUE READING 12


Whether you’ve been together for several years or for a few months, there’s this underlying fear that the spice in your sex life will be pretty much non-existent once you get married. Between having to worry about bills and work – let alone learning how to share a living space together – stress can quickly replace the spice. We want you... CONTINUE READING 4


by Marcus Scott Not unlike the age-old tradition of snagging something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue in the West, around the world jumping the broom in any culture comes with a rather extensive laundry list of rites and rituals. Some wedding attire is a little more complicated than a white diamond  princess-cut gown and veil. After all, that... CONTINUE READING 12