Today's NO BOYS ALLOWED Guilty Pleasure

By Roselyn Sebastian Whether you jet off to a beach house or you hoard your vacation days, when we’re on vacation we can let our hair down. No conference calls or emails that demand our immediate attention, no suits or slacks (hello cute sundresses!) In a word: freedom. The temptation to indulge in a little summer fling is hard to resist. And why should you? What is it about having a fling that’s so irresistible? It’s because, unlike like modern dating, the rules are pretty clear. You basically enter into a social contract where you both agree that you’ll have fun in... CONTINUE READING 2


Girlie Stuff We Couldn't Have Gotten Through Without Guys

We know August is all about the celebration of girls and friends in honor of our National Girlfriend Awards, so we'd like to confess to some really chicky stuff that we've done in our lives. And while we are independent, strong women, there are some things that we just couldn't have done without (gulp...) guys. So, even though we're a... CONTINUE READING 35

MyRegistry Makes Registries Personalized & Fun

For most brides, the words "wedding registry" may conjure up images of dragging their grooms through a department store searching for the perfect china pattern. But that's just what Nancy Lee, President of, has set out to conquer! Shecky’s spoke with Nancy about her innovative registry site, which provides couples with the ability to register at any and all... CONTINUE READING 20

Lessons Learned from a Break-Up

Our exes (and ex-relationships) are our greatest teachers. They provide us with the most important lessons when it comes to love. It’s up to us to learn these lessons once and for all so we don’t have to repeat them time and time again. We feel break-ups are a time where we not only learn the lessons that are provided... CONTINUE READING 31

“Why Does He Worry About My Guy Friends?”

Question: (Sent via our form): Why do guys worry so much when their girlfriends/wives have male friends? ANSWERS: Mr. Loves Boys Too SEE BIO NOW> They worry for the same reasons you worry when they have female friends. Of course, my partner and I have all the female friends we want…there is no danger there. We also each have a bunch of male friends…the straight... CONTINUE READING 23

Date-Night Emergency Kit

I love getting ready for dates—it's my excuse to break out my sky-high heels and that dress I never wear. But when it gets down to the wire and I'm trying to pack my purse, I have trouble jamming my "everyday essentials" into my tiny (but oh-so-cute!) clutch. After a few first dates that included me, a guy and my... CONTINUE READING 43

The Rules for Moving in with Him

Even when you’re ready (like, haven’t-been-back-to-my-own-apartment-in-a-year ready), moving in with your man is a big deal. There are a lot of natural concerns (especially if you’re a first-timer, like me!) and a lot of logistics to figure out. How will we merge our stuff? (I am not getting rid of my orange couch…) What does 400 sq. even feet look... CONTINUE READING 25

Going on Vacation: the Relationship Maker or Breaker

Summertime is prime travel season, and there’s nothing like taking a vacation with a significant other. I recently went camping with my boyfriend. The idea of spending a long weekend shower-less in upstate New York’s wilderness sounded pretty appealing to me at first. I’d hiked most of New York’s high peaks region, so I was used to getting dirty and being outdoors.... CONTINUE READING 51

Wedding Music Videos: Yay or Nay?

What's the latest and greatest in weddings these days? It’s not the photo booth, or the choreographed dance down the isle…it’s your wedding video. Many brides hire someone to film their wedding so they can go back and revisit those moments again and again. But how many people get bored of watching their our own wedding videos (answer: a lot!)?... CONTINUE READING 24

6 Graphic Tees that Will Scare Any Guy Away

Graphic tees can be fun (and comfortable) to wear, but there is a point when the message you're sending on the clothes you're wearing can tell more about you then the public needs to know. Here are six graphic tees whose messages could scare any guy away.  1. "Same shirt, different day" tee (Same Shirt Different Day Tee, $12.80 from Forever 21).... CONTINUE READING 27

Dating Costs Add Up…But It’s Worth It

The dating world is strange and competitive: I’ve had enough bad Saturday nights to fill a book. But what’s more shocking is how expensive it can be. Putting aside the who-pays-when politics, the dating lifestyle alone is pricey—and every single woman should have a separate dating budget. Here’s the breakdown for a city gal like me: Mani-pedis, waxing $50–$100 per month Date-worthy clothes, shoes,... CONTINUE READING 32