Today's NO BOYS ALLOWED Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene Have you been single so long, you're beginning to question if men even look at you anymore? Or perhaps your inquiring mind has your eye wandering in a different direction. As women,  whether we're single and straight or madly in love with our guy, we have those thoughts or have even joked about switching teams. And we have those women who stopped wondering and turned their thoughts into actions by pursing other women. Have you ever met or knew a woman that acted on her lesbian tendencies, and you thought to yourself, "Wow! She's so pretty, why would... CONTINUE READING 12


Dating: There’s a Site for That

In the age of Apple, the phrase "there's an app for that" has become an all-too-familiar tagline, and with the increased prevalence and popularity of online dating, mark our words when "there's a site for that" comes up as the go-to answer the next time you and your gals are commiserating over finding your dream guys. Online dating is nothing new,... CONTINUE READING 23

First-Date Thoughts from Guys

So, you've got the perfect outfit, and you're ready for a first date to remember! But why are you still so nervous? First-date jitters can get even the most confident of us—it's always intimidating to go out with someone for the first time and worry about putting your best foot (and face and outfit and...) forward, and forget about wondering... CONTINUE READING 36

5 Ways the Recession is Good for Your Marriage

Forget the notion that economic worries and stress cause strife within a marriage. Despite what you might think, there are a lot of ways that going through a recession together—and all the anxiety that comes with it—can actually be good for couples. And no, we’re not just saying this because divorce rates are down–even though they are. The reasons a recession... CONTINUE READING 90

Make Sex Sizzle This Summer

According to iVillage, temperatures shouldn't be the only thing getting hotter this summer. Up the ante on your sex game and your steamy nights are sure to rise with the mercury! Fear not if fun in the bedroom has you imagining naughty nurse outfits and the like, because their sizzling suggestions are all modern and summer-specific, including ideas like turning off... CONTINUE READING 70

Baseball's 3,000-Hit Club Cuties

Even if you aren’t a Yankees fan, you should still be able to appreciate Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit of his career this past weekend. Since it is baseball mania this week with the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game, we thought we’d pay tribute to some of baseball’s finest (looking) members of the 3,000-hit club. -Amanda Mactas Roberto Clemente, Pittsburgh Pirates Joined... CONTINUE READING 28

Celebrity Relationships That Are Probably Fake

There are some celebrity couples we all root for, and others that leave us thinking: is their relationship for real? Here is my list of the top 10 celebrity couples that I think are completely fake! 1. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. If you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, then you will know how desperate Kim was to... CONTINUE READING 68

Sexy Tennis Stars Served Up Hot

We’re on the heels of Wimbledon and looking forward to the U.S. Open in mere weeks, which means it’s no mystery why tennis is on our minds, specifically the studs wielding those raquets. Personally, I’m a fan of the actual sport, but the following five players give me all the more reason to tune in! -Lynden Halpern Rafael Nadal Born and raised in... CONTINUE READING 20

10 Things It's Okay to Do When You Break Up

Happy 10th birthday to Shecky’s (have you checked out our amazing deals and more?)! In honor of the awesome party attitude that goes along with a b-day and our love for Fridays, we’re bringing you a top 10 at 10am every Friday. Today, I've got 10 things I totally condone doing when you’re going through a break-up (but maybe not in normal, everyday... CONTINUE READING 45

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Over Your Ex

Break-ups suck, no doubt about it, and getting over them can be hard even for the strongest woman out there. See advice from The BreakUP Club’s founders below and don't forget to enter Beyoncé's Prize Pack Just 4 You Contest and rock out to her feel-good jam "Best Thing I Never Had" on repeat! We get it. We know what it's... CONTINUE READING 24

Why Are Guys So Obsessed with Threesomes?

QUESTION: Sent via our form: Why are guys so obsessed with threesomes? My man always talks about two-girls, one-guy action and all of my girlfriends say their significant others do too. Why?! ANSWERS: Mr. Loverboy Rocker SEE BIO NOW> How could the thought of two gorgeous women selflessly giving themselves to me not be appealing? This situation is so coveted since it picks at the foundation of how... CONTINUE READING 51