Today's NO BOYS ALLOWED Guilty Pleasure

By Megan Greene Public Service Announcement: Calling all single ladies! Have you ever been on the dating scene and stumbled upon a guy or two, and asked yourself if  he's Mr. Right or Mr. Right now? If you answered yes, then you can probably relate to this article and after reading you will feel better about whether you decided to keep him or kick him to the curb.  If kicking him to the curb was the ending result perhaps he deserved it. However, are your single days boring you and you're prepared to be "wifey material" for your prince charming? If... CONTINUE READING 6


I’m a Girl…and I Like Video Games

Today, we're celebrating our Always-Logged-On Girlfriends (have you voted in our National Girlfriend Awards yet?), so imagine our surprise when we heard that one of our very own Shecky's Staffers was games. And this Staffer is a girl (we already knew about the obsession guys have with gaming, duh!). Read her story, and tell us if you're a gamer... CONTINUE READING 32

How to Avoid Honeymoon Wreckers

Summertime is wedding season, which also means it's a hot time for honeymoons, too. But, even if you are the most organized bride-to-be ever, all that wedding planning can distract you from mapping out the h-moon. Which is basically a recipe for post-I-do disaster. That's why every busy soon-to-be bride should read’s tips for avoiding honeymoon wreckers. At the top... CONTINUE READING 17

5 Famous Fellas We Want As Friends

It may be the month to celebrate the National Girlfriend Awards (have you voted for the winners yet?), but we’re neglecting one huge thing here—our guy friends (aww!). In honor of our Boy-Crazy Girlfriends and lest the studs in our lives feel shorted, here are five famous fellas I wish I could call my BGFs (best guy friends!). -Cait Rohan The Musician:... CONTINUE READING 41

“What’s Up with His Porn?”

Question: (Sent via our form): What’s up with the porn stash? My guy says he likes me as real as I am, but then he has porn videos of all these super-skinny, fake-boobed women. Why? ANSWERS: Mr. Young and in Love SEE BIO NOW> Why does your guy look at porn? Because he's a guy! We all do it, and any woman who says their man... CONTINUE READING 22

A Woman Who’s Empowering Divorcees

Going through a divorce or called it quits on your marriage a while back? You may think anyone who says there's a light at the end of the tunnel is a little crazy, but when Post-Divorce Coach Lee Block tells you to have hope, we'd believe her. Why? Not only has Lee been there and survived, she's launched a thriving... CONTINUE READING 9

He's Got a Different Vacation Agenda Than I Do

Ladies, I’ve already let you in on why I think vacationing is a relationship maker or breaker. But, as I’ve just so recently realized, deciding where to stay is way different with a guy than it is when traveling with friends. This harsh reality was brought up when my boyfriend suggested that we stay in a hostel room with other people.... CONTINUE READING 56

Girlie Stuff We Couldn't Have Gotten Through Without Guys

We know August is all about the celebration of girls and friends in honor of our National Girlfriend Awards, so we'd like to confess to some really chicky stuff that we've done in our lives. And while we are independent, strong women, there are some things that we just couldn't have done without (gulp...) guys. So, even though we're a... CONTINUE READING 35

MyRegistry Makes Registries Personalized & Fun

For most brides, the words "wedding registry" may conjure up images of dragging their grooms through a department store searching for the perfect china pattern. But that's just what Nancy Lee, President of, has set out to conquer! Shecky’s spoke with Nancy about her innovative registry site, which provides couples with the ability to register at any and all... CONTINUE READING 20

Lessons Learned from a Break-Up

Our exes (and ex-relationships) are our greatest teachers. They provide us with the most important lessons when it comes to love. It’s up to us to learn these lessons once and for all so we don’t have to repeat them time and time again. We feel break-ups are a time where we not only learn the lessons that are provided... CONTINUE READING 31

“Why Does He Worry About My Guy Friends?”

Question: (Sent via our form): Why do guys worry so much when their girlfriends/wives have male friends? ANSWERS: Mr. Loves Boys Too SEE BIO NOW> They worry for the same reasons you worry when they have female friends. Of course, my partner and I have all the female friends we want…there is no danger there. We also each have a bunch of male friends…the straight... CONTINUE READING 23