Today's NO BOYS ALLOWED Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene Have you been single so long, you're beginning to question if men even look at you anymore? Or perhaps your inquiring mind has your eye wandering in a different direction. As women,  whether we're single and straight or madly in love with our guy, we have those thoughts or have even joked about switching teams. And we have those women who stopped wondering and turned their thoughts into actions by pursing other women. Have you ever met or knew a woman that acted on her lesbian tendencies, and you thought to yourself, "Wow! She's so pretty, why would... CONTINUE READING 16



by Joann Vaglica When are you going to find a boyfriend? Are you dating yet? You need to find a new partner who will bring out the best in you. We hear things like this time and time again, especially as we grow older, but who said finding a significant other is a rule of thumb in this life? Have you ever... CONTINUE READING 18


by Marcus Scott Pillow talk, at its best, is when both partners go beyond their absolute limits and surprise (or perchance scare) themselves. Ask anyone who’s pulled a Triple X rager in Las Vegas, or a turbulent walk of shame in New York City. But when it comes to sex and sensuality, why do we refrain from what gives our bodies... CONTINUE READING 12


by Bianca Logrono First off, what constitutes a man-child? The simple answer: immaturity. The 30-year-old that doesn't want to move past his 16-year-old persona. He might show possible signs of video game addiction, and hasn't surpassed his college partying days – when he should have at least 5 years ago. While those are great hints as to whether your guy may be... CONTINUE READING 10


by Mallory Feeney Maybe you’re the next Corey and Topanga: googley-eyed, butterflies-in-the-stomach obsessed over each other… or, maybe it only seems like it “makes sense” to marry your high school flame. You’ve been through so much together, isn’t this the next step? 1. The Pros: Yay! A. Solid Foundation Essentially, you two have grown up together, and have seen each other through your best,... CONTINUE READING 3


by Joann Vaglica Becoming engaged can get quite overwhelming, but before you start looking for something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, take into consideration the many factors of life as a married couple. What will remain the same and what will change? They say you can’t hurry love, so when is the right time to get married? Why You Should... CONTINUE READING 9


by Joann Vaglica Need a tantalizing thrill added to your sex life? Then it’s about that time you venture out of the bedroom and do some exploring! Make use out of the most common places in your house… in an uncommon way. Spontaneous sex is the best sex, so you know what to do next time you’re in one of these... CONTINUE READING 12


Whether you’ve been together for a few years or a few months, let’s face it: it’s always awkward when your boyfriend talks to his ex. Their relationship can be as casual as still being friends on Facebook or it can be a little less comforting, like monthly meetups for drinks and lunch. Unfortunately, we draw terrible conclusions from all those shows... CONTINUE READING 7


by Mallory Feeney It’s Valentine’s Day. Again. You’ve been with your beau for a while, and everything has pretty much fallen into a routine. You love ‘em, but somehow it seems like the typical flower and chocolates gift is sweet, but too expected. Looking for ideas on how to rekindle the once red hot flame in your relationship? Read on! The Grab... CONTINUE READING 3


We love a man that can swoop us off our feet with grand, romantic gestures but a man who can always make us laugh is definitely a keeper. Are we right or are we right? Here’s a list of today’s sexiest men in comedy, proving that the funny guy will always have our hearts. 1. Nick Offerman A thousand times yes. This gent... CONTINUE READING 15


by Marcus Scott Is the alarm of your biological clock ringing on orange alert? Has your ring finger felt light or uncomfortably bare? Is he really the one you want to spend your life with? Oh, the questions of settling down! If you’re lucky to have found the right guy to share more than your nights with, and have been dating... CONTINUE READING 7