Today's NO BOYS ALLOWED Guilty Pleasure

By Megan Greene Unfortunately ladies, this article is not particularly in your favor. This time the tables have turned and we've decided to focus our attention on what men love and hate.  Now, this doesn't mean you shouldn't take notes because if any of our points pertain to you, we're suggesting you do. Surely, we're aware that all relationships require a little work from both partners, especially if they want the union to work. In spite of all the love you two share, there are still some habits women possess that are definitely deal-breakers and to avoid a broken heart, we... CONTINUE READING 1



“So, how many people have you been with before me?” Does your number count? Like the movie 'What's your number?' a lot of women feel that the number of partners they've had is a huge factor in their future prospects. Why is it a problem, do guys really care? For some people, this question is the first step down a... CONTINUE READING 11


Though the road to being a third wheel varies with every tale, the result is still the same; watching two people you call your friends going at each other’s faces like one is starving and the other is an all you can eat buffet when all you wanted to do was see the new Sandra Bullock flick! We get it, it’s... CONTINUE READING 7


by Dominique Fernandez Long. Distance. Relationships. Agh, never doing that again…. And as for those who have never been in such a relationship, I think it’s safe to assume that you haven’t heard the greatest of things. Hold on just a moment, though! Most people don’t believe in doing long distance, but there are successful long distance relationships. However, just like any... CONTINUE READING 10


by Marcus Scott Face it—with the rising trend of men sporting some rather questionable facial hair choices today, the question begs to be asked: Are these men getting laid and if so, how desperate are women becoming? Cosmopolitan UK reports that 63% of guys believe scruff arouses the ladies, but it appears that temperatures aren’t quite rising in the Great White North.... CONTINUE READING 21


It's hard to know exactly what to do or say to your girlfriend when she’s going through the most universally painful experience in life. However, it is possible to make her feel better without saying the wrong thing. We consulted with each other here at Shecky's to come up with the best list of tried-and-true comforting methods for your girl... CONTINUE READING 10


In January, I had the opportunity to interview the renowned “Queen of Mean,” Lisa Lampanelli. When I asked her if she considered herself a modern-day feminist, she quickly came up with a wry remark, “All I know is feminists usually have underarm hair. But, I will say I shave regularly— although I do let the bush grow because you know... CONTINUE READING 18


by Meryl Lumba Let’s be real: when we were younger, we all swooned and believed that the boys we met in real life would be just as chivalrous, handsome, thoughtful, and generous as the ones on screen. It’s a good thing none of us held our breath. Here are 5 movie boyfriends that have totally kept us waiting: 1. Noah Calhoun You’re the number... CONTINUE READING 15


When it comes to a first date the question is often this: coffee or cocktails?  What does it mean when the guy you’ve been talking to asks you to “grab a coffee sometime” vs. “go out for a drink?”  Is a coffee date a real date?  Why didn’t he just bite the bullet and ask... CONTINUE READING 14


by Meryl Lumba Whether we’re working in a large corporation or a tiny non-profit, office dating happens. We all have that flirty co-worker– or the co-worker that is inadvertently leading someone on– or a co-worker that tries way too hard to be the “hot one” at the office. And we can all ask why anyone would want to mix their personal... CONTINUE READING 22


Every relationship reaches a point in which a partner needs support. And we would do anything for our partners. However, we can all agree that there’s a huge difference between being one’s support system and being one’s therapist. If your relationship is starting to feel a little one-sided, here are a few ways to level out: Tell him you’re a team This... CONTINUE READING 5