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How Guys React To Fatherhood

By Megan Greene Guys are weird. While a small percentage may be ecstatic, you have that other portion that's trying to gather their thoughts and let the two little words marinate in their noggin: "I'm pregnant." Too busy getting their groove on, some guys don't realize when their little soldiers are marching. While women may believe they're alone in the stress department, you would be surprised how equally startled your partner is by the baby news. If you're expecting or planning for a child, reading this list of five reactions may help you and your partner's journey during the pregnancy. Careful, you... CONTINUE READING 6


Steve Ward from VH1's Tough Love Miami Answers Our Questions: Part 1

Steve Ward from VH1 Tough Love is giving us the scoop on relationships and men, and telling us if we should "date or ditch" our dudes. Q. Why do men care about the number of guys women have slept with? AND do they care because they care for us or care to beat our numbers? A. "Most men don’t care about the number... CONTINUE READING 10

VH1 Sneak Peek

Steve Ward from VH1 Tough Love is back, and this time he's taking his Tough Love Bootcamp on the road to Miami (one of the hottest dating scenes around!). With eight new bootcampers to train for love, Steve has his hands full. Tune in for the series premiere THIS SUNDAY, Oct. 2 @ 8/7c. WANT TO KNOW IF YOU SHOULD “DATE OR... CONTINUE READING 9

"What Do Guys Really Think About Weddings?"

QUESTION: "I’ve been to so many weddings this summer and September (they’re finally winding down, whew!). It seems like the brides have most of the say in…everything, and the guys just kind of show up. From a man’s perspective, what is the most ABSURD thing about weddings?" ANSWERS: Mr. Loverboy Rocker SEE BIO NOW> I think all the formalities and traditions are absurd. There's always the drawn-out,... CONTINUE READING 31

What’s the Weirdest Thing He’s Said During a Hook-Up?

No matter how much we try to decipher dudes in our No Boys Allowed section, there are still some things that baffle us. One of those being the super-odd things they say in the heat of the moment. Here's a sample of 100% real quotes/experiences from our Staffers (we couldn't make this stuff up...). Take a peep and then share... CONTINUE READING 20

The Grossest Guy-Hygiene Issues

We here at Shecky's may be "all grown up" but there's one thing that hasn't changed. Boys still have cooties. Yep, those same little guys who chased us around on the playground eating snot haven't evolved much since first grade. See some of the grossest guy-hygiene issues our Staffers have come across, and please, share yours (we hate feeling alone!). ...Their... CONTINUE READING 24

10 Signs He's a High-Maintenance Boyfriend

We all have those girlfriends who can be a little too high-maintenance, but sadly this disease is spreadin’ to the fellas, too! Maybe there’s just something in that bubbly, imported French water, but it seems like the metro-man was bit by a radioactive spider and has mutated into a more obnoxious version of his former self. So to help you... CONTINUE READING 20

“His You-Know-What is Small, Now What?”

Question: "So, I really got to know this new boyfriend I’m with before sleeping with him. Come to find out that he has a really small penis! The sex is BAD, but I still really like him. Is there any way to remedy this situation without seriously offending him?" Answers: Mr. Loverboy Rocker SEE BIO NOW> That's a tough one. The sex needs to be good, obviously, for... CONTINUE READING 19

“He’s Freaked Out by the Number of People I’ve Slept With”

Question: "So, it randomly came up with my guy about how many people we’d both slept with, and I was completely honest. I haven’t slept with a lot of people (around 10), but his number is half of mine. I feel like it REALLY bothers him. I’ve tried talking to him, telling him that was all in the past, etc., but he just... CONTINUE READING 24

I’m a Girl…and I Like Video Games

Today, we're celebrating our Always-Logged-On Girlfriends (have you voted in our National Girlfriend Awards yet?), so imagine our surprise when we heard that one of our very own Shecky's Staffers was games. And this Staffer is a girl (we already knew about the obsession guys have with gaming, duh!). Read her story, and tell us if you're a gamer... CONTINUE READING 32

“What’s Up with His Porn?”

Question: (Sent via our form): What’s up with the porn stash? My guy says he likes me as real as I am, but then he has porn videos of all these super-skinny, fake-boobed women. Why? ANSWERS: Mr. Young and in Love SEE BIO NOW> Why does your guy look at porn? Because he's a guy! We all do it, and any woman who says their man... CONTINUE READING 22