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By Megan Greene Unfortunately ladies, this article is not particularly in your favor. This time the tables have turned and we've decided to focus our attention on what men love and hate.  Now, this doesn't mean you shouldn't take notes because if any of our points pertain to you, we're suggesting you do. Surely, we're aware that all relationships require a little work from both partners, especially if they want the union to work. In spite of all the love you two share, there are still some habits women possess that are definitely deal-breakers and to avoid a broken heart, we... CONTINUE READING 1



Whether you’ve been in long-term relationship or have just started seeing someone with a substance abuse problem, there are a few things that you’ll need to realize in order for your loved one to get help. Here are 5 ways to acknowledge the problem and start the path towards healthy living – for everyone involved. 1. Can you "change" or "fix"... CONTINUE READING 4


It’s over—and it really hurts. You are not in the mood to "go out." You are not ready to meet someone new. So aside from watching every show available on HBO Go, here's a list of books you should be reading to help shuffle away your sadness and try to feel better about yourself and your world.  Remember, this life-sucking... CONTINUE READING 10


Why do we fall in love with people? According to author Paul Debransky of The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love, these are the most common factors that initially spark that attraction with the beloved. 1. Similarity in background We're initially attracted to people who we have a lot in common with - who can understand where we come from... CONTINUE READING 9


With air conditioning and endless snack food, movies are a perfect date option for beating the mid-August heat.  Read on for the top five movies to see with your sweetie this month! The Canyons Lindsey Lohan makes her umpteenth comeback attempt in this erotic thriller directed by Paul Schrader and written by Bret Easton Ellis (of American Psycho fame).  Lohan plays Tara,... CONTINUE READING 8


by Erin Mayer Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman found themselves in a dating rut at the same time.  Tired of the New York City dating game,the two friends hatched a plan: date each other (and only each other) for forty days.  They hoped to learn more about why all their past relationships had failed by embarking on one with a trusted... CONTINUE READING 8


by Cass Daubenspeck There’s no shortage of what can be done with a wireless device. Now, an iPhone/Android can even control a personal massager, AND your partner can operate it - from a different state, "so you can stay intimate even when you're not physically together!" This new smart massager known as Vibease has been on Indiegogo for less than two days... CONTINUE READING 9


by Samantha Sutton When you’re in a great relationship, it’s only natural to want to spend most of your free time with your significant other. Here’s this person who understands you, loves you and wants to make you happy at all costs – they’re like a BFF, but slightly cuter and with additional benefits. Yet, while it’s fun to be paired up,... CONTINUE READING 4


by Mark Baer Mark Baer, the author of this article, is a marriage attorney - that's right, we went for legal advice on matters of the heart. While it may seem a little uh, odd? to bring the law into relationship counseling, it's also interesting to point out that the reasons marriages fail tend to be rather consistent. At least... CONTINUE READING 7


by Samantha Sutton There they are – the most perfect couple, sitting across from you on the train. They’re holding hands, laughing their heads off and look so completely IN. LOVE. You wonder if they ever fight or worry about the things that you worry about in your relationship. The answer: Of course they do! No relationship is picture perfect –... CONTINUE READING 7


by Samantha Sutton There’s no denying it – starting a new relationship is one of the best feelings in the world. You still get butterflies, you can’t stop smiling and you’re having so much fun getting know your new guy. But hold on a second – what do you mean he’s still friends with his ex girlfriend? And what? He never... CONTINUE READING 9