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By Roselyn Sebastian Last time, we took ladies to task for the things that can unintentionally turn men off. Now its their turn to sound off on what constitutes as a deal breaker. Every woman has a different list of what would constitute as a deal breaker. So, instead of compiling a never-ending index of un-sexy things, we've selected some of the most universal for your perusal. Lack of Ambition We understand that being unemployed is something you can’t control. No one has ever asked to be laid off and finding a job is a near-Herculean undertaking. But there's definitely a difference... CONTINUE READING 1



If you’ve ever seen a Playboy magazine from the 1970s, you’ve seen how body hair on women has changed over the decades. But with all the varied preferences today, how do you know how you're supposed to look...down there? It's hairy business, literally, and with so many contradictions - in the media, in our love life - we're feeling pretty bushwhacked. Whether... CONTINUE READING 23

Why Hasn't He Popped the Question?

"Should" your boyfriend pop the question after dating you for 5 years (or two, or whatever) depends entirely on you - the individual couple. But at some point, you start to feel a bit curious yourself- Should I be worried he hasn't asked? At what point should we either do this thing or split? No girl really wants to put pressure... CONTINUE READING 4

The Best Relationship Advice

Every time we're in a couple, relationship advice comes at us like a wild-eyed, drunken old grandfather whom everyone is fond of, but no one's ever quite prepared for. That is to say, it doesn't always show up announced, and we don't always ask for it. So we got curious: what's the best relationship advice of all time? Cuz how's a... CONTINUE READING 12

Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship

Everything great about the internet is terrible for relationships. Why? Relationships involve real people who need your attention in real time. Are you guilty of letting social media occasionally stand in for a real relationship? Here are the main social media outlets that are doing destructive things to our personal lives. 1. Texting How it's messing things up: Text messages are the... CONTINUE READING 3

He Totally Doesn't Love These Moves

Ladies. There are so many things guys do wrong in bed. But how often do we check ourselves? Here's a list of general (mis)understandings we have about what guys want, according to a few dudes who were eager to share with us. 1. Perfume and Deodorant Men are much more "animal" than women when it comes to hygiene. While we take extra... CONTINUE READING 8

How to Make Him Happy

Jenn Flaa, author of The Happiness Handbook, knows a thing or two about joy. She went from being a chubby, miserable divorcee who owned a high tech company that was barely hanging on, to a successful CEO and lead singer in a rock band. When it comes to happiness, she says, making your man happy, your boss happy, and... CONTINUE READING 2

Rejuvenate Your Sex Life in a Long Term Relationship

Long-term relationships can get tricky. After the hassle of a busy schedule, finding time to be intimate without being exhausted can be difficult. Some avoid sex altogether if he or she doesn't want to insult the other by waiting for the act to be "over with." Others don't want to be embarrassed by trying something new and failing horrendously. The... CONTINUE READING 4

Should you break or break up?

Like Carrie and Aidan, many couples struggle with the question of taking a break or breaking up. While some consider a break to be an actual break up, others believe a break leaves a couple with some healthy time apart to reconsider their relationship. Here’s a few ways to help determine what direction you’re leaning towards.  -Meryl Lumba 1. Fights Sookie and... CONTINUE READING 7

I Cheated - Now What?

Cheating is quite common, especially for those who have been married a long time. Though most people want to be in long-term, monogamous relationships, human nature calls: we simply can't help who we are drawn to. Note that that spark is not about honor and vows. It's about attraction, which is a natural feeling. In fact, some argue that monogamous... CONTINUE READING 13

Getting Over Him

Whether it was a long term relationship or just a fling, it can be incredibly difficult to shake away thoughts of your former beau. The void of his presence and messages start to become overwhelming, and every passing second seems to be an awful "association game" you play with yourself. But, like with any loss, breakups are hard to overcome.... CONTINUE READING 6