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By Bianca Logrono We’ve all got a girlfriend whose dating app stories serve as our daily entertainment (it might be you!). If you’re not into virtual dating, she’s probably encouraged you to get in on the app scene. Whether you’re the "old-fashioned type", or guinea pigging dating apps, or are a well-seasoned online dater – you know there are many apps available at our finger tips. Depending on your download, you might cast yourself as the leading role in one of the many dating app horror stories trolling the internet. In terms of dating, we’re all looking for something different and not... CONTINUE READING 2



by Mallory Feeney Damn it, the butterflies are back and you’ve started seeing your ex, again. It’s like starting fresh again… right? It’s nice to be back in his company and things are going to be different this time around…right? Even though you might have vowed to never ever ever get back together—to cite someone who is completely familiar with make-ups... CONTINUE READING 16


by Joann Vaglica When are you going to find a boyfriend? Are you dating yet? You need to find a new partner who will bring out the best in you. We hear things like this time and time again, especially as we grow older, but who said finding a significant other is a rule of thumb in this life? Have you ever... CONTINUE READING 18


by Mallory Feeney Maybe you’re the next Corey and Topanga: googley-eyed, butterflies-in-the-stomach obsessed over each other… or, maybe it only seems like it “makes sense” to marry your high school flame. You’ve been through so much together, isn’t this the next step? 1. The Pros: Yay! A. Solid Foundation Essentially, you two have grown up together, and have seen each other through your best,... CONTINUE READING 3


by Joann Vaglica Need a tantalizing thrill added to your sex life? Then it’s about that time you venture out of the bedroom and do some exploring! Make use out of the most common places in your house… in an uncommon way. Spontaneous sex is the best sex, so you know what to do next time you’re in one of these... CONTINUE READING 12


by Mallory Feeney It’s Valentine’s Day. Again. You’ve been with your beau for a while, and everything has pretty much fallen into a routine. You love ‘em, but somehow it seems like the typical flower and chocolates gift is sweet, but too expected. Looking for ideas on how to rekindle the once red hot flame in your relationship? Read on! The Grab... CONTINUE READING 3


by Marcus Scott Now that porn studios are digitally altering condoms from their films to provide ‘pre-condom fantasy,’ and with the rise of couples going bareback even with the HIV/AIDS epidemic having infected 35 Million, it’s fair to say that either people still need to be educated or worse: Condoms suck. But they don’t have to. Not a fan of Trojan?... CONTINUE READING 9


by Mallory Feeney Dating can be exhilarating and fun, but there’s always one consistent road block: your parents. Will they like them? Will they get along? Sometimes parents just don’t understand… they make it seem like we’re dating another species! Other times, though, they’re right on point. Mending the gap between your new beau and parental units can be difficult, but... CONTINUE READING 5

The Obligatory Date
February 3, 2014

by Mallory Feeney Sorry, not interested. I’m already seeing someone.  I’m busy… Yeah, we’ve all been there before – whether you asked someone else out or you were the one trying to think of any excuse to get out of the possible date. But, saying yes to a date for the sake of being nice isn’t fair to anyone! Case in point:... CONTINUE READING 3


by Marcus Scott There are countless discussions about interracial relationships, how they can work, and little pats on the back about how to make peace with your differences.  But unless there’s mutual understanding, saying interracial relationships are difficult to maintain is a bit of an understatement… even more so, when you’re both from two different countries. I had a meeting of... CONTINUE READING 3


It’s old news, but Miami Heat’s beloved Dwayne Wade made celeb gossip feeds when he fathered a son with Aja Metoyer in November. He and his now fiancé, actress Gabrielle Union, have been dating since 2009. And while the two claimed to be on a break, they were together around the time Wade’s son was conceived, as seen here: Oh the... CONTINUE READING 22