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5 Worries Feature

by Megan Greene As the years go by, you can find yourself in your mid-thirties with more worries than you desire. Getting older can seem dreadful but it's actually not as bad as you think and sometimes things only get better with age. Here is a list of what we've noticed the top 5 worries women have after turning 30. So, we want to know what are your worries after turning 30? Prince Charming After being a brides maid for all your friends, anticipating the arrival of your prince charming to sweep you off your feet and propose is probably first on your... CONTINUE READING 8



by Bianca Logrono It’s the big day on Sunday – the Super Bowl is finally here! You might find yourself in the predicament… what do I wear?! (I mean, when aren’t we in that situation?) Here are some style suggestions  to be super stylish for the Super Bowl. Whether you’re a Broncos fan, a Seahawks fan, a pretend fan, neutral... CONTINUE READING 7


by Marcus Scott They say inspiration comes in many forms, but when it comes to ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity in the fashion world: rarely. However, in recent years, there has been change of heart in the otherwise fascist, Eurocentric-minded fashion world, with women from around the planet being represented (some of which actually have curves!). If you don’t believe us,... CONTINUE READING 5


Whether planned or unexpected, having your first child can be pretty nerve-wracking! And let’s face it: no amount of reading those parenting books can help prepare for the spontaneity of any child. Here are a few tips to remember when your bundle of joy arrives! 1. Enjoy it There are many stresses that come with parenthood, but your children will only be... CONTINUE READING 5


We’re sure you’re tired of stumbling upon all these articles on how to “live up” your 20s – or why your 20s are perfect for “insert-kitschy but life-affirming verb here.” We know that the only difference between your 20's and your 30's is a little more stability. Just a little. If you’re anything like us, looking back on our 20's can... CONTINUE READING 14


2014 is literally two days away, and while some of us attended enough of those obligatory holiday parties, New Year’s Eve is another beast of its own. And sometimes finding the right outfit on a budget can be super difficult. We’ve got some looks under $150 to help you look fabulous whether you’re going bar hopping or snuggling and staying... CONTINUE READING 8


It was a great year to be a woman. From the political arena to activism to actresses speaking out about misogyny, there were lots of noteworthy women in 2013. Here's just a few: Beyoncé Let’s first take a moment to bow down to Queen Bey. Between performing at the Superbowl (we’re pretty sure the power went out due to her performance), airing... CONTINUE READING 12


by Dominique Fernandez Want to backpack all of Europe for four months? Hop around Asia for a few weeks? Get to know the different cultures in South America? Or just finally go on the vacation of your dreams? Yes, so do we. Yet, there might be one little (big) obstacle getting in the way of these voyages... CONTINUE READING 24


by Dominique Fernandez & Romy Roloff Remember our style icon Alexa Chung? Well, we’re here to give you some news on her latest endeavor. Being part of the editorial team at Shecky's and also two immensely loyal fans to Chung, we attended the very first launch installment for It, Chung’s debut book. Brooklyn’s Powerhouse arena was the host for... CONTINUE READING 3


by Mekishana Pierre There are few words that can cause a mixed response with a single utterance, such as "feminist." For some people, the word invokes images of women burning bras, refusing to shave their armpits, and holding voodoo dolls of men to stab in the crotch. For others, they think about the Women's Liberation Movement and women fighting for women.... CONTINUE READING 6


by Mekishana Pierre A few months ago, I was a college student whose wardrobe was minimal and separated into three categories: items that were either really fabulous and rarely made an appearance, items that went with everything and frequently made an appearance, or items that were horrible and buried as far into the closet as I could possibly shove it into.... CONTINUE READING 13