Today's Work It, Girl Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene As women it's enough we struggle finding the perfect bra that compliments and support our breast size. However, many women are unaware that finding a bra that fits your breast shape is just as essential. It may go without saying that bras come in a variety of  different shapes and sizes than the common push-up or wireless. Did you know there are bras that cater to that extra breast tissue we may resent? Or bras that actually cater to ladies with very different cup shapes? (Someone should tell these companies that not every woman has a pair of... CONTINUE READING 10


Be Thankful for Your "Lucky Charms"

We might not be Irish, but we love St. Patrick’s Day! Green bagels and beers aside, we love it because it's a fabulous reminder for us to count all of our lucky charms. And considering the chaotic state of the world right now, do we ever feel lucky! We are lucky because we have the privilege of helping wonderful women triumph... CONTINUE READING 7

Brighten Up Your Spring Work Wardrobe

Does your basic black work wardrobe make waking up and schlepping to your 9-to-5 even harder? Since spring is less than a month away (here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo!), why not update your office outfits by buying any or all of these colorful pieces? Brighten even your grouchy boss' day with Modcloth's '50s-inspired Soda Fountain Dress in Ginger ($49.99).... CONTINUE READING 16

Pieces to Perfect Your Professional Look

Let’s face it: looking fashionable in the workplace can sometimes be a struggle. The right pieces help you look chic but the wrong ones are just eek! Whether you’re a professor or a politician, what you wear makes a statement about you. I’ve found a list of amazing accents to complement whatever career path you’re on. FASHION: If you’re a fashionista,... CONTINUE READING 13

The Best Opportunities Arrive Incognito as Endings

Happy Sunday! We’re introducing our bi-weekly series of inspiring posters from best-selling author Karen Salmansohn to get you through your week. Karen brings fun nuggets of self-help advice on her blog daily (or more than daily!) on We've all heard the '90s song "Closing Time" and the lyrics "Closing Time / Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Sure, it... CONTINUE READING 8

Use Dating Advice in Your Job Hunt

The job hunt is just like the search for the perfect man. You want a career that makes you happy, brings out your best qualities and keeps you on your toes with new challenges, just like a relationship should! Landing an interview and/or getting a date might be based on your initial charm, but you really have to nail it during... CONTINUE READING 6

Crazy-Busy? Doable Ways to Slow Down

Ever feel like you’re trying to be Superwoman? CEO of the Universe? You may need to seriously consider becoming less busy so you can make time for your life, and for the people in your life who matter. Believe it or not, by slowing down and doing less, you can actually be more productive. You’ll also be less stressed out, healthier,... CONTINUE READING 11

Is Buying in Bulk the Best Option? Advice from Experts

The first time you walk into a discount bulk shopping facility like Costco can be exhilarating. Seeing the endless rows of shelves containing huge boxes of everything from cereal to office supplies, it can seem like buying in bulk is the answer to saving money that you've been waiting for. But beware—that's not always true. BUYING IN BULK 1o1 Buying in bulk... CONTINUE READING 7

"Invest Your Time Wisely"

Happy Monday! We’re introducing our bi-weekly series of inspiring posters from best-selling author Karen Salmansohn to get you through your week. Karen brings fun nuggets of self-help advice on her blog daily (or more than daily!) on EDITOR’S TAKE: Dealing with money, or lack thereof, is confusing, annoying and discouraging. Bottle up all of those emotions and you're going to... CONTINUE READING 5

From Resolution to Revolution

We are almost done with January. Have you broken your New Year's resolutions already? Don’t worry if you have, you’re not alone! I gave up making resolutions a few years ago. I found they set me up to fail. I made crazy ones. They often brought up guilt, shame and feelings of unworthiness. I got to thinking,... CONTINUE READING 5

Reorganize & Prettify Your Workspace

That's it—you can't stand to work while piles of paper, loose paperclips and random Post-Its take up every last inch of your workspace anymore! This year, resolve to keep your desk tidy with functional workspace accessories that will hardly make a dent in your hard-earned paycheck. A clean desk means more productivity (get that raise in 2012!), so take a... CONTINUE READING 25