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Jennifer Lopez Feat

By Roselyn Sebastian She goes by Jenny from the Block, J.Lo and Jennifer Lopez. Whatever you call her, it's no secret that Ms. Lopez has style. She's come a long way from her days as a fly girl on In Living Color. At age 45, J.Lo looks better than ever, apparently being a mogul hasn't preventing her from decking her fit body in gorgeous couture pieces. You'd think that being a mogul would mean that J.Lo would be too busy to kill the style game, but guess again. The 42nd Annual Grammy Awards The dress that started it all. Selena might have put... CONTINUE READING 11


Father Figure: Best Pop Culture Pops

Aren't dads the best? Sure, mom's our go-to gal for guy advice, shopping excursions and mother-daughter mani/pedis, but dad's always the one we call when our light bulbs burn out, when we don't know what we're doing behind the barbecue, or when we need a sounding board for our career complaints. To celebrate Father's Day today, we're showing love not... CONTINUE READING 6

Hey Soul Sisters: Pop Culture’s Best BFFs

Our beaus get Valentine’s Day, moms get Mother’s Day and dad, Father’s Day, but what about our best friends? Well get ready to shower some lovin’ on your best bud because tomorrow is National Best Friend Day and to celebrate, we’re honoring some of pop culture’s most fabulous female friendships. From classic TV twosomes like Lucy and Ethel, to badass... CONTINUE READING 12

Working Girl Inspiration: TV's Fabbest Career Girls

We know, for a second, we thought it was summer vacation too, but with Memorial Day weekend gone and yet another work week winding in front of us, we’ve got to get our mind back in business mode. Instead of dwelling over lazy days long gone, why not re-energize your working girl spirit with some inspiration from TV’s most... CONTINUE READING 16

Girls Isn't The Next Sex And The City - And That's OK

Are you watching HBO’s new show Girls? Well you should be—hell, at least to see what all of the fuss is about. The blogosphere’s been blowing up with polarizing reactions to Lena Dunham’s brainchild (which she stars in, writes, directs and produces—go girl!), with some touting it as the second coming of Sex and the City, while others criticizing the... CONTINUE READING 10

10 Ways To Treat Yourself This Mother's Day

Every year, my mother and her best friend wake up the morning of Mother’s Day, hop in the car and leave their kids behind. They rarely even let us know where they're headed, but we all know not to ask. On Mother’s Day, we simply let them do their thing, whatever that may be! You’re a mother 365 days of the... CONTINUE READING 7

Mother's Day Movie Marathon: Flicks You'll Both Love

You can buy her all the cards and flowers in the world, but what mom really wants this Mother's Day is time spent with you. What better way to spend some quality time with mom than by snuggling up together for a Mother's Day movie marathon featuring some of your favorite mom-centric flicks? From weepy mom-and-daughter classics like Terms of... CONTINUE READING 4

Easy Ways to Go Green At Home, Work & Play

I know, I know, between long days at the office, time with the hubby/bf, taking care of the kids and trying to have some semblance of a social life, there’s not a lot of extra time leftover for saving the planet and all. Usually I don’t have time to do more than throw a soda can into the recycling bin,... CONTINUE READING 4

Hollywood’s Hottest Celeb Veggievores

The veggievores are taking over! It seems like more and more celebs are taking up the ever-trendy vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, not only stopping at animal-free fare, but also in clothing and products as well. Some of our fave A-list actresses are embarking on their own eco-friendly adventures to try and inspire people to go green. From clothing lines, books,... CONTINUE READING 4

Awesomely Bad Karaoke Songs You Just Need to Sing

I’m what you’d called a karaoke connoisseur—hell, I even grew up with a karaoke machine in my own house! The first song I belted out into a metal microphone was Ace of Base’s “The Sign” when I was a wee 6-years-old. Think that’s bad? I’m guilty of committing all kinds of karaoke crimes, from hogging the machine to picking the... CONTINUE READING 13

Chick Lit Flicks: Fave Big-Screen Adaptations

Don't have time to sit down and read an entire book? Ugh, join the club! These ever-busy days, my reading time's been relegated to thumbing through Vogue on the subway to work—not exactly the stuff of literary scholars. But just because we don't have the time doesn't mean we have to neglect our favorite reads—you can hang out with the... CONTINUE READING 11