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Dating After 50

October 15, 2014


by Marina Kennedy Are you over 50?  This may mean that you’re staying strong and stretching your wings in new relationships.  Your 50's can be flirty, fun and fulfilling!  Here are a few tips for Shecky’s readers who want to stay young and keep it moving. So, He’s A Little Younger Or Older Movie stars don’t cling to the same age group, so why should you?  A few years difference can make a relationship more interesting. Don’t Be Desperate Make dates with different men and keep it interesting.  Go ahead, it’s time to comparison shop! Pick-Ups Could Be Poor Pickings Have you been approached by the kind of guy you’d like to call your own?  Be discerning! Online, More Time Don’t jump at the first online dating offer.  Use dating sites wisely and take time to... CONTINUE READING 0



Scoff all you want but you never know, one day you just might find yourself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse or demonic possession. After all, weirder things have happened (ex: Snooki swapped shot glasses for baby bottles). Sure, we're crossing our fingers in the hope that we never run into a masked killer with curiously death-defying abilities in... CONTINUE READING 19

10 Inspiring Celebs Who Kicked Breast Cancer's Butt

Breast cancer is already an incredibly difficult thing to go through, but having to tackle the disease in the public eye puts even more stress and anxiety on one’s road to recovery. That’s why these ten celebrity breast cancer survivors are so inspiring—not only did they fight the disease and win, but they did it with strength and grace... CONTINUE READING 10

Move Over Boys, The Girls Are Running the (TV) Show

For decades, television has been a man's, man's, man's world. But just as James Brown crooned, it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl, as this year's crop of TV shows have proven, with more and more new series boasting female showrunners at the helm. Following in the footsteps of multi-talented ladies like 30 Rock's Tina Fey... CONTINUE READING 9

6 Books To Read Before Seeing The Movie This Fall

Ah, 2012—the year of book-based film adaptations.Transporting our favorite stories from page to screen has been the norm for decades (and it's no secret we're a fan!), but this fall is especially rife with fiction-to-film adaptations. Before you go running off to the cineplex this season to catch the latest flick, here are six beautiful books that you should read... CONTINUE READING 11

Social Media Etiquette: You're Doing It Wrong

Yes, it’s true—I’m one of those people who are somewhat addicted to their phone. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest–you name it, I’m on it, stalking my “friends” and their boyfriends/babies/life. Yet, while I love a good share sesh, I can’t help but think that some people are taking it to the extreme. Not only can everyone (including your Aunt Susan and... CONTINUE READING 15

10 Child Stars Who Didn't Turn Into Hot Messes

Nowadays, it seems you can't even walk out of your house without hearing yet another story of former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes holding herself hostage for hours in a Starbuck's bathroom, or once-upon-a-time Disney movie princess Lindsay Lohan ill-advisedly getting behind the wheel yet again, only to run another person down with her car. The worrying duo is just a... CONTINUE READING 33

3 Helpful Tips For Working From Home

Sure, you may think that working from your bed in comfy pajamas with "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" playing in the background sounds like a dream come true for some, but working from home is still just that—work. Just because you don't have to suit up and park in a cubicle all day doesn't mean that working from home doesn't... CONTINUE READING 4

Our Fashion’s Night Out Fave: WooliteWashed Boutique

It’s no secret that we here at Shecky’s are big fans of Woolite’s detergents that keep our favorite fashions looking fierce and fabulous well after we’ve purchased them, so imagine our excitement when we found out that the Woolite folks were opening up a pop-up boutique right here in SoHo just in time for Fashion Week! The WooliteWashed Boutique kicks... CONTINUE READING 15

10 Most Epic VMA Performances Ever

Sure, with all of the brain-frying reality shows like “Teen Mom” and “Jersey Shore” clogging up its schedule in lieu of music videos, it’s easy to forget that MTV originally stood for Music Television. But for one night out of the year, MTV harkens back to its music-loving roots with the Video Music Awards, and each year, music stars flock... CONTINUE READING 15

Ed Sheeran: On Chasing His Dream, Rising to Fame & Finding His Ideal Girl

While Ed Sheeran is fairly new name to Americans, this 21-year-old singer is no stranger to success. Back home in the U.K., his debut album, + is certified quadruple platinum and earned him two 2012 BRIT awards–a.k.a. the British Grammy’s–including Best British Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough of the Year. Now, as his song “The A Team” continues to... CONTINUE READING 2