Today's Work It, Girl Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene As women it's enough we struggle finding the perfect bra that compliments and support our breast size. However, many women are unaware that finding a bra that fits your breast shape is just as essential. It may go without saying that bras come in a variety of  different shapes and sizes than the common push-up or wireless. Did you know there are bras that cater to that extra breast tissue we may resent? Or bras that actually cater to ladies with very different cup shapes? (Someone should tell these companies that not every woman has a pair of... CONTINUE READING 10


Be Nice to New Jersey: Jersey Stereotypes Busted

When you think of New Jersey what comes to mind? Let me guess:  Snooki spraying her poof with hairspray and Danielle Staub reeking havoc on Jacqueline and Teresa’s friendship? Do you think of smog clouds and garbage everywhere? Why else would they call it Dirty Jerz? Well as a born and bred Jersey girl, I'm here... CONTINUE READING 3

Where My Girls At: The Rise, Fall & Hopeful Return of Girl Groups

This week, beloved Brit girl group the Spice Girls had a rare reunion in London to announce their new jukebox musical Viva Forever! and while we’re uber excited to screech along to “Wannabe” in theater aisles like we did “Dancing Queen” at Mamma Mia, the news got us thinking: where have all the girl groups gone? From the Supremes and... CONTINUE READING 4

Four Of Our Fave Rom-Coms Ever (Thanks Nora Ephron)

This past week, the film world lost one of its most high-profile and beloved female figures Nora Ephron, producer, director, sometimes actress and, most notably, three-time Oscar-nominated screenwriter of such flicks as When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Silkwood,  You've Got Mail and more. The 71-year-old tragically passed away on Tuesday, but her classic quote-worthy movies live on and... CONTINUE READING 3

DIY Massages You Can Do At Your Desk

A nice quality massage probably sounds really nice right now, but in the comfort of your own office? No way! Believe it or not, a simple facial massage can help alleviate stress, fatigue and signs of aging. Shaking off the idea that massages are strictly salon only, these easy massage techniques ensure salon quality results for half of the salon... CONTINUE READING 10

10 Tips Every Travelista Should Know

If you’re going to be frequenting the airport a lot this summer, then you’ve got to be in-the-know with these 10 travel tips that’ll help you out-clever the crowds! After all, your summer vacation essentially starts the second you hit the airport, so why not make the trip from point A to point paradise as painless, relaxing and stress-free as... CONTINUE READING 13

The Ultimate Summer Playlist: 24 Hot Summer Hits

In the summertime when the weather is fine, there's no better way to spend the day than with the top back, windows rolled down and a great summer song cranked high on the stereo as you and your friends sing along to every word. Whether it’s a day at the beach or a backyard barbecue, every summertime soiree is amped... CONTINUE READING 8

Our Fave Summer Beach Reads: Cool Books For Hot Days

Summertime’s the perfect time to do all the things you tend to put on the back burner over the course of the year, including breaking out those books that have been gathering dust on your bedside table. But as you pack up your beach tote, you may draw a blank on which book you should bring along with you on... CONTINUE READING 8

Father Figure: Best Pop Culture Pops

Aren't dads the best? Sure, mom's our go-to gal for guy advice, shopping excursions and mother-daughter mani/pedis, but dad's always the one we call when our light bulbs burn out, when we don't know what we're doing behind the barbecue, or when we need a sounding board for our career complaints. To celebrate Father's Day today, we're showing love not... CONTINUE READING 6

Hey Soul Sisters: Pop Culture’s Best BFFs

Our beaus get Valentine’s Day, moms get Mother’s Day and dad, Father’s Day, but what about our best friends? Well get ready to shower some lovin’ on your best bud because tomorrow is National Best Friend Day and to celebrate, we’re honoring some of pop culture’s most fabulous female friendships. From classic TV twosomes like Lucy and Ethel, to badass... CONTINUE READING 12

Working Girl Inspiration: TV's Fabbest Career Girls

We know, for a second, we thought it was summer vacation too, but with Memorial Day weekend gone and yet another work week winding in front of us, we’ve got to get our mind back in business mode. Instead of dwelling over lazy days long gone, why not re-energize your working girl spirit with some inspiration from TV’s most... CONTINUE READING 16