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by Megan Greene Are you struggling to find the best fashion staples for your wardrobe this season? Perhaps you're purchasing the wrong trends for your body's shape or size. If so, we can change that and help you shop for the best Fall trends that look good on you. Take a look at our our list of styles to see what should be added to your Fall wardrobe. Leather Biker Jacket While you can't help if you have broad shoulders or a large bust area, you can remember to avoid this Fall trend and stick to blazers which look better on you. Although,... CONTINUE READING 7



by Rochelle Williams Worn by celebrities like Nicole Richie, Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani, British born designer Charlotte Ronson’s spring showing continues to solidify her as one of the best ready to wear designers on the scene! Each look that floated down the runway was effortless, cool and uniquely Ronson – can we say femininity at it’s finest?! She totally nails... CONTINUE READING 4


by Courtney A. Leiva If you’re totally ready for pumpkin lattes and thigh-high boots, perhaps it’s best to part ways with summer chic and welcome the approaching fall season with a gorgeous new bag.  For some serious fashion inspiration, check out any of these drool-worthy handbags for the perfect splash of fall right inside your closet. 1. Olivia + Joy Rockefeller Satchel Ready to... CONTINUE READING 26


Forget stilettos! The bootie is now every fashionista’s favorite shoe. Both foot- and fashion-friendly, the bootie adds downtown cool to your wardrobe, while still being comfy enough to brave the city pavement. If you only buy one shoe this season, let it be the bootie. They’ll carry you from day to night, summer into fall, totally seamlessly.... CONTINUE READING 11


Fashion Week is coming so fast, and with it are the previews of what styles we'll be copping this Fall. To give you a heads up: it's all about ankle boots, one-tone outfits, the colors rose and grey, digi-print tees, and logo sweatshirts. (Huh? on that last one) Anyway, here are the lovely celebs who make it all look doable,... CONTINUE READING 13


by Rochelle Williams Hosted in Brooklyn, NY this year, the MTV Video Music Awards always proves to be a party full of shocking surprises, powerful performances and everything nutty in between! Though I do enjoy seeing all of my favorite celebs housed under one roof, it’s the red carpet preview that really piques my interest! With a casually hip vibe, the... CONTINUE READING 3


I always feel a bit nervous when celebrities step outside the nicely cushioned comfort zones that we, their fans, have chosen for them! Maybe it’s because we can’t trust them not to ruin why we love them in the first place, but in very few situations, I fully welcome it. Case in point? Ke$ha’s collaboration with jewelry line Charles Albert,... CONTINUE READING 11


The month of August always feels a little bittersweet – while you’re still enjoying the summer weather, there’s a little voice in the back of your mind, reminding you that the season is slowly coming to an end. So why not take advantage? Get comfortable in a long, cotton maxi, paired with sandals and a structured military vest (which will... CONTINUE READING 6


Ice Cold Mint by ari-louise featuring a statement necklace by Ariel Leconte Summer is beginning to wind down, and as Labor Day approaches we’ve got something that will help for a cool transition into the end of summer and beginning of fall. Mint! The color is all in right now and you should jump on it too! Here are... CONTINUE READING 7


From proper salon behavior (“when you show up late, you compromise your cut”) to the amazing pill that’s supposed to eliminate graying, Oprah’s all about hair in the September issue of O! We are loving her on the cover, looking like the queen diva in her blown out afro that looks like it weighs about 60 pounds, a massive ‘do... CONTINUE READING 10


by Dani Frank Defaulting to espadrilles, sandals, wedges or even flip flops in the summer is pretty standard, and won’t get you too many stares unless you’re in need of a pedicure. Boots, on the other hand, draw the opposite reaction. Why stuff your foot inside a hot suede or leather garment when you don’t have to? Ankle boots are... CONTINUE READING 4