Today's Trend Spy Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene The new season is just around the corner, and we're spilling the tea on a few fashion staple pieces that will make your wardrobe even more fabulous. Everything fringe is definitely what's trending nowadays. Whether it's a bohemian, sophisticated, or casual look fringe has been seen everywhere and is owning this season's Fall fashion. We love fringe because it's a style for every season and looks great with a pair of boots or your favorite peep toe heels. And we didn't want to keep this little secret to ourselves. So, now that you know "Fringe Is In," take... CONTINUE READING 4



by Dominique Fernandez Dogs might be a man’s best friend, but everyone knows that a lady’s best friend is her handbag. Well, handbags, because we firmly believe that when it comes to this fashion essential, you can never have too many. We take them with us anywhere, and we make sure they are packed with all ... CONTINUE READING 17


by Romy Roloff Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe features some pretty gnarly occupations. Are you in between jobs? Or just in need of an extra buck? Maybe you’ve been working the same 9-5 desk position for years now, and you need to step away from your cubicle and try something new. We’ve rounded up a list of odd jobs that not only... CONTINUE READING 32


Calling all pet-owners! Grumpy cat is not the only sassy, popular animal on the web anymore. Whether you love dogs, cats, both, or neither, it’s hard to resist cooing over cute pet photos, especially when they’re doing people things. And with the chilly winds settling in, we’ve found 5 super cute animals of Instagram that are sure to melt your... CONTINUE READING 8


by Romy Roloff New York City… the concrete jungle where anything is possible. The big apple that's home to so many legends. The city that has seen it all and has it all. This wonderful and thrilling city has been our home, and it's fair to say that we're a bit obsessed with it. And like any obsession, it’s not a... CONTINUE READING 19

Channel Your Inner Nerd

Channel you - by Tiffany Ayuda They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, but what do your glasses say about you? Whether you’re the fashionable four-eyes with bejeweled, intricate rims, the nerdy chic girl with oversized amber-colored specs, or the mysterious femme hiding behind a pair of elegantly pearled lenses, there’s a frame for every face—and every personality.... CONTINUE READING 7


- by Dominique Fernandez Eco-friendly fashion, more properly known as sustainable fashion, is a tremendously popular trend found under the umbrella of ‘sustainability’ or in more specific words, ‘sustainable design.’ Such an immense consideration for our environment and the impact that it has socially, has become increasingly accepted and therefore put into practice by designers ... CONTINUE READING 5


It’s not a myth that most of us gals have a major weakness for shoes (and purses, and dresses, and beauty products...) But shoes are a key part to any outfit. They can make or break it. And whether you have a 20 pair collection of Jimmy Choos, or you own like 3 pairs of Havaianas, we’ve rounded up our... CONTINUE READING 21


The life of a fashion blogger seems pretty effing great. I mean, their job is to wear amazing clothes, attend fashion events across the globe, have drinks with little umbrellas in them, and at the end of the day post pictures online talking about their experiences. This is a job almost anyone would kill for. But it’s also a job... CONTINUE READING 20


Now that September is completely behind us, it’s time to welcome October with a new stylish jacket to keep you warm (hiya chilly nights!) and ahead of the trends. For the best jackets of the season, here’s ten irresistible styles to help add some autumn spice inside your closet.  - Courtney Leiva 1. Bamboo Hayley Belted Trench Coat A belted trench screams... CONTINUE READING 18


by Dominique Fernandez Happy October, fellow fashionistas! The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing, and it is most definitely "sweater weather." However, before we get all excited for Fall, there is something that must be addressed. This past October 2 marked the end of the Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 season. We already reviewed New York’s best looks here but now... CONTINUE READING 23