Today's Trend Spy Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene The new season is just around the corner, and we're spilling the tea on a few fashion staple pieces that will make your wardrobe even more fabulous. Everything fringe is definitely what's trending nowadays. Whether it's a bohemian, sophisticated, or casual look fringe has been seen everywhere and is owning this season's Fall fashion. We love fringe because it's a style for every season and looks great with a pair of boots or your favorite peep toe heels. And we didn't want to keep this little secret to ourselves. So, now that you know "Fringe Is In," take... CONTINUE READING 4


Game of Thrones Season 3

Spoiler alert! As avid fans know, this season’s Game of Thrones had come to a close last night, with the television adaptation of the novels only skimming the surface of the third book. While readers were disappointed at where this season ended, viewers can totally see the direction and chaos build for season 4. Here’s our take on this season’s... CONTINUE READING 3

Fun and Flirty Ways to Mix Prints

A longtime fashion “don’t,” mixing prints has become a hot trend this season, but how can you tell if you’re truly making a bold sartorial statement or a styling mismatch? Whether you’re pairing watercolor-esque floral designs to digital prints with geometric shapes, and polka dots with graphic tees, it takes some risks to look like a real piece of (art)... CONTINUE READING 10

Real vs Steal

This summer people will be attending “all-white” parties and donning flowy maxi dresses, lightweight, sheer crepe tops, and oxford shirts. But who’s to say you can’t rock a chic onyx frock in 90-degree weather? Known for its slimming and silhouetting effects, wearing black is a great way to add some edge without looking out of season. This year’s Met Gala... CONTINUE READING 8

Pant Styles We're Bound to Regret

Sometimes the fashion industry can be incredibly persuasive and confusing all at once. From denim to leggings, jarring styles have made a comeback. And after our initial shock over these fashion choices, we actually start to grow fond of them. So whether our pants are slim-fit or drape-like, we've recently spent some time to reflect: these looks might not be... CONTINUE READING 11

10 Stylish Graphic Tees

Looking to shake up your style? This Memorial Day weekend, let your tee do the talking with any of these fun and sassy tees essential for any personality type. Budget friendly and totally trendy, fall in love with some of our absolute favorites down below! -Courtney A. Leiva 1. GoJane Galaxy Leopard Tee Club hopping? Go wild with this far-out tee! ($23.40,... CONTINUE READING 7

Dive Into Summertime

Forget the vampires and zombies! Mermaids couldn’t be hotter this summer. And what better way to steal their flawless skin and beach tousled waves than with these mermaid inspired beauty favorites? - Courtney Leiva Eyes NARS It’s A Mad World Duo Eyeshadow Play up those poppers with these sea-like shades including a bold cyan blue and bright parakeet green. ($34, Too Faced Summer... CONTINUE READING 3

Billboard Nominees

Airing this Sunday, May 19th is the Billboard Music Awards. So perhaps no one has truly watched this award show with genuine interest since he or she was about 14, but this show has its merits. There's some credit to be made for artists who can top charts for weeks on end, especially with such finicky audiences. And while some... CONTINUE READING 13

Perfect White Dresses All in a Row

Our favorite spring three day weekend is approaching, and while Memorial Day is the "official" kickoff of white clothing season, we've got a list of cute numbers that'll fly even a week early. That's right, forget the old maxim that says white can only be worn AFTER May 27. Be bold. Be daring. Take your pick from our picks, and... CONTINUE READING 4

How to Do Denim

Denim. My oldest and dearest friend. Isn't it to all of us? There are so many ways to wear denim that attempting to write about it is almost impossible. However, we have outlined some ways to add denim to your wardrobe that are totally trending right now.  - Grace Texter Denim Shirt Dress Denim is the perfect fabric for a summer dress! And a... CONTINUE READING 3

Vegan Styles Feature

For clothing to be truly vegan, it doesn't use leather, wool, or silk. But that doesn't mean it has to be made with tacky materials, ugly colors and shoddy construction. Here are 8 vegan fashion finds that will bring a pop of color and compassion to your wardrobe this spring, whether you're a treehugger or just fond of soft and... CONTINUE READING 2