Today's Style Steals Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene Fall is here! Yes, you guessed right it's time to shop for all your favorite style boots. And if you haven't began shopping for boots this Fall, that's totally fine. We want to help you snag this season's hottest boots, all while staying in an affordable price range. Take a look at what we consider the 7 best brands for affordable boots. Steve Madden CRAAVE  Tan Leather Boot, $69.98, Steve Madden’s chestnut color leather boots, CRAAVE, offer a slouchy boho style for your Fall and Winter wardrobe. These riding boots go perfect with a pair of denim jeans or a... CONTINUE READING 11



By Roselyn Sebastian All women can universally agree that there's nothing better than shoe shopping, whether you rock the flyest kicks or the highest heels. There's a reason we obsess over red carpets and runways, and these next 5 ladies are showstoppers in the footwear department. Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne is definitely one of the coolest supermodels currently ruling the runways. When she... CONTINUE READING 22


by Megan Greene Ouch. Ugh. Yikes, is pretty much all you hear or say when you're out partying with your girls and still trying your best to look effortlessly divine in a pair fancy pumps. We're familiar with the term beauty is pain, but how many times will women have to put on the infamous poker face to hide behind the... CONTINUE READING 22

Naya Rivera Discover

By Marcus Scott Glee’s resident spicy Latina cheerleader Satana Lopez, known for her brutally honest snark and laugh-out-loud witty insults, was the show’s cruel and calculating high school terror. But then something magical happened: She dropped the bad girl act, came out as an out-and-proud lesbian, and turned out to be everyone’s favorite down-to-earth primetime TV home girl. Predictably, the beautiful... CONTINUE READING 12

6 Secrets to Slim

By Bianca Logrono We couldn’t step away from the burgers and froyo either. But tonight we’re going out! Great, now the chances of running into our ex have sky-rocketed. We’ll get back on our gym grinds tomorrow, but what do you we do now?! No need to fret. Fight the bulge with our super quick and easy tips to looking leaner... CONTINUE READING 26


by Megan Greene C'mon, hop on the band wagon and let's all go nude! Okay, not literally, but in a fashionable sense, yes. Nude dresses, pumps, and accessories added to any outfit is definitely what's trending now. We can all agree nude goes with everything, whether you're rocking a lavender dress or royal blue jumpsuit. Nude is a subtle yet angelic... CONTINUE READING 8


by Megan Greene Quit asking yourself why you have so many wide features and start saying why not! Broad, Bigger, and Beautiful is what's banging now in the fashion industry. Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, and Rhianna are just a few celebrities who have been frequently seen on the red carpet, sporting a trendy wide shoulder top. If these ladies are purchasing... CONTINUE READING 20


by Megan Greene If you had a dollar for how many times a girlfriend or a creeper have called your assets a blessing, you'd probably be a millionaire, right? Of course, you appreciate the compliments but you see them everyday. Duh, you know you're stacked. Although we're flattered by the frequent compliments, most people don't realize shopping for our beautiful bosom... CONTINUE READING 14


By Courtney Leiva To brush up on your Spring fashion without splurging on some last-minute purchases that you’ll probably regret, we’ve got eight flirty dresses for under $20 (yes, you read that right!) that you can wear all Spring long. From pretty pastel picks to printed pieces galore, style it up with any of our favorite finds. Boohoo Billie High Neck Midi... CONTINUE READING 17


by Megan Greene Spring is here! And we've spotted what colors that will set you aside from looking bland and that will add a touch of color to bring a vitality to your features. Hot pink, and muted rose-purple blends like pastel mauve and lavender are some of the hottest colors this season and will no doubt top of the list of... CONTINUE READING 13


By Bianca Logrono Whether you’re a like-happy Instagram prowler or talkative Tweeter, if you’re into beauty and fashion, you know there are few apps worthy of your download. Many of the so-called beauty and fashion apps don’t have the dazzling affect that, say, Candy Crush or Flappy Bird have. Yet, there are mentionable downloads for beauty and fashion lovers. Here are... CONTINUE READING 29