Today's Style Steals Guilty Pleasure

By Bianca Logrono Whether you’re a like-happy Instagram prowler or talkative Tweeter, if you’re into beauty and fashion, you know there are few apps worthy of your download. Many of the so-called beauty and fashion apps don’t have the dazzling affect that, say, Candy Crush or Flappy Bird have. Yet, there are mentionable downloads for beauty and fashion lovers. Here are some (useful!) beauty and fashion apps you’ll love to have on hand. Virtual Makeover by Modiface Will this pink lipstick look good on me? Is that smoky eye overkill? Does blue eyeshadow compliment my eye color? When you don’t have the time... CONTINUE READING 17



By Bianca Logrono Badgalriri is infamous for sporting the denim on denim look. The look has been shied away from since the late-90s, but has made a grand return, being spotted more and more frequently  on the red carpet and any tabloid you can get your hands on. Yet, being quite frank, it's a difficult look to pull off. Here... CONTINUE READING 4

10 Best Spring Season Flats

By Courtney Leiva Sure we love our sky-high heels just like the next girl, but when we want to give our soles a break, turning to a comfortable yet ultra-stylish pair of flats can give you that added touch of glam in no time. Keeping you en vogue without breaking your tight budget, here's ten fabulous and budget-friendly flats you can... CONTINUE READING 27


By Bianca Logrono Recently nail art has become increasingly popular and creative, expanding far beyond the standard French manicure. That’s because it’s less intimidating to make a risqué statement with your nail polish than with a pair of pants. Your style of nail, or polish choice can transform your look instantly. If you’re looking liven up your nails beds this spring,... CONTINUE READING 22


by Bianca Logrono With the entertainment and fashion industry warping the body image of women everywhere, many of us are left feeling shameful of our bodies. Can you blame us? As humans we’ve got this innate ability to compare ourselves. When we’re constantly bombarded with pictures of seemingly flawless women, whether in magazines, on television, or even your social media, it’s... CONTINUE READING 17


The highly praised, third installment of the popular FX American Horror Story series has, by far, the best sense of fashion. From Jessica Lange’s fierce and classy ‘tude to Emma Roberts’ sultry (albeit annoying everything else!) confidence, the female-heavy cast of Coven has some wardrobe choices we truly covet. American Horror Story: Coven returns to FX at 10pm on Wednesday, January... CONTINUE READING 13


by Romy Roloff ‘Tis the season… to wear dresses! The holidays are approaching and there are a million reasons we can think of to go shopping for a new outfit. You know you have RSVP’d to at least a handful of holiday parties, whether you wanted to or not. And while dressing up for a special occasion is totally fun, it... CONTINUE READING 9


by Courtney A. Leiva After a long day at the office, there’s nothing quite better than coming home to the boobtube and sliding into a good pair of slippers. For a great pair that brings on the relaxation almost instantly, check out our absolute favorite slippers to lounge around (and be equally stylish!) in. 1. Built Fold & Go Slippers These fun-printed slippers... CONTINUE READING 11

Get Your Beanie Fix
November 17, 2013

by Dominique Fernandez Sweater weather? How about beanie weather? Although anyone can truthfully wear beanies all year around (we certainly do), when the cold weather strikes, that's when you’re most likely to see the different colored knit heads out and about in the streets. For those thinking they can’t pull this look off, we promise that anyone... CONTINUE READING 17

Trendy Fall Jackets

Tired of wearing the same old sweatshirt when it gets chilly out? Sometimes finding the perfect fall jacket can be difficult. The temps are always drastic – one week it’s scorching hot and another, it’s freezing. Here’s our top, trendy picks for nice in-between wear to keep you light, cozy, and fashionable before the winter. 1. H&M Twill Jacket This khaki... CONTINUE READING 18


by Romy Roloff Halloween can be a really stressful time of year for some. The possibilities are overwhelming, and often, you'll make your decision at the very last minute with a $100 piece of cloth known as “Sexy Pirate.” Here at Shecky’s we understand and relate to your frustration, so we are here to help. We’ve rounded up 10 (totally awesome)... CONTINUE READING 29