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By Bianca Logrono Whether you’re a like-happy Instagram prowler or talkative Tweeter, if you’re into beauty and fashion, you know there are few apps worthy of your download. Many of the so-called beauty and fashion apps don’t have the dazzling affect that, say, Candy Crush or Flappy Bird have. Yet, there are mentionable downloads for beauty and fashion lovers. Here are some (useful!) beauty and fashion apps you’ll love to have on hand. Virtual Makeover by Modiface Will this pink lipstick look good on me? Is that smoky eye overkill? Does blue eyeshadow compliment my eye color? When you don’t have the time... CONTINUE READING 12



by Bianca Logrono Curly hair is fierce! But we all want what we can’t have. So we know every curly haired girl out there has jumped out the shower and wished those curly locks would just dry straight! Getting your hair from super voluminous curls to silky straight hair can be quite the challenge. Post blow dry we know the... CONTINUE READING 12


By Marcus Scott If you didn’t know, now you know: season 3 of Girls, the groundbreaking HBO Original TV comedy-drama series created by and starring Golden Globe winner Lena Dunham, returns with two all-new episodes on January 12, 2014. The hour-long show produced by Judd Apatow—the man who developed cult TV shows Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared—follows a close group of... CONTINUE READING 8


The highly praised, third installment of the popular FX American Horror Story series has, by far, the best sense of fashion. From Jessica Lange’s fierce and classy ‘tude to Emma Roberts’ sultry (albeit annoying everything else!) confidence, the female-heavy cast of Coven has some wardrobe choices we truly covet. American Horror Story: Coven returns to FX at 10pm on Wednesday, January... CONTINUE READING 13


by Marissa Collado We had the opportunity to speak with Filipino designer, couturier, and contestant on Bravo’s Styled To Rock Andre Soriano. The show, which is executive produced by superstar Rihanna, asks designers to create an outfit for one or more musicians per week. Despite only making it halfway through the competition, Soriano has been featured in Italian Vogue and plenty... CONTINUE READING 12


by Marcus Scott When Guess Who's Coming to Dinner hit the silver screen in theaters across America in ’67, for one of the first times in cinema, there was a positive representation of the then taboo discussion of interracial marriage. This was because anti-miscegenation laws were struck down by the Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia, some six months before the... CONTINUE READING 10


2014 is literally two days away, and while some of us attended enough of those obligatory holiday parties, New Year’s Eve is another beast of its own. And sometimes finding the right outfit on a budget can be super difficult. We’ve got some looks under $150 to help you look fabulous whether you’re going bar hopping or snuggling and staying... CONTINUE READING 8


by Romy Roloff Blame it on incredibly high movie prices, but most likely you didn’t get to see these next movies. But you should, because they are incredible and made us laugh a lot – and maybe even shed a few tears. No, we’re not talking about Catching Fire or Superman. These next (lesser known) indie flicks were some of the... CONTINUE READING 9


by Marissa Collado No two heads of hair are the same, but those with curly tresses will all agree that finding the perfect product is not as easy as it seems. Below are product reviews (by a fellow curly girl) to avoid the crunchy Ramen noodle look and the dreaded frizz – and keep your curls healthy! 1. LUSH  "Roots" Lush is known... CONTINUE READING 19


It was a great year to be a woman. From the political arena to activism to actresses speaking out about misogyny, there were lots of noteworthy women in 2013. Here's just a few: Beyoncé Let’s first take a moment to bow down to Queen Bey. Between performing at the Superbowl (we’re pretty sure the power went out due to her performance), airing... CONTINUE READING 12


by Dominique Fernandez Want to backpack all of Europe for four months? Hop around Asia for a few weeks? Get to know the different cultures in South America? Or just finally go on the vacation of your dreams? Yes, so do we. Yet, there might be one little (big) obstacle getting in the way of these voyages... CONTINUE READING 24