Today's MAKEOVER MANUAL Guilty Pleasure
Concert Fashion Feat

By Marcus Scott This summer is filled to the brim with some of the biggest concerts around with international acts  hitting the high seas and touring across the globe in front of cheering fans. Amidst some of the most anticipated set lists and special guests are some of the brightest style moments you won’t see covered on your favorite fashion blogs. With that said, here are a few show with fashion worth the price of admission alone. Dressed to Kill Tour – Cher & Cyndi Lauper Having just comeback after a turn in the cult Xtina cabaret rom-com Burlesque, Cher returns for her... CONTINUE READING 6


Trendsetting Reality TV Stars

by Megan Greene Reality shows may have a bad reputation for their drama and ridiculous feuds among cast members, but aside from the chaos, some good has come of it: We were introduced to those now considered television's most successful trendsetting reality stars. These trendsetters have not only made an impact on the fashion industry, but are making their way onto... CONTINUE READING 7

6 Secrets to Slim

By Bianca Logrono We couldn’t step away from the burgers and froyo either. But tonight we’re going out! Great, now the chances of running into our ex have sky-rocketed. We’ll get back on our gym grinds tomorrow, but what do you we do now?! No need to fret. Fight the bulge with our super quick and easy tips to looking leaner... CONTINUE READING 26


by Megan Greene C'mon, hop on the band wagon and let's all go nude! Okay, not literally, but in a fashionable sense, yes. Nude dresses, pumps, and accessories added to any outfit is definitely what's trending now. We can all agree nude goes with everything, whether you're rocking a lavender dress or royal blue jumpsuit. Nude is a subtle yet angelic... CONTINUE READING 8

Winter Blues

By Bianca Logrono Show of hands: who cringes when they think of getting a bob? I know we do. Some of us are so attached to our locks that the thought of chopping off just one inch has us ready to cry. So when it comes to picking a hairstyle, we stick to the normal trim, long layers and styles we've... CONTINUE READING 11


by Megan Greene So, you're in the makeup section at your local drug store and you're browsing at all the lipstick options because you know spring is here and summer is around the corner, and a particular someone needs a new lipstick. Your eyes land on that bright orange lipstick and you think it's a pretty color, but you're debating if you should get it and... CONTINUE READING 19

Interview Outfits

By Bianca Logrono Starting a career and the journey to a dream job goes hand-in-hand with endless interviewing. The whole interview process can be nerve racking – you meet with someone who is basically left to judge you on what you say and … ultimately what you’re wearing. Dressing for your position can be challenging, especially to fresh graduates who’ve lived... CONTINUE READING 28


by Megan Greene Quit asking yourself why you have so many wide features and start saying why not! Broad, Bigger, and Beautiful is what's banging now in the fashion industry. Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, and Rhianna are just a few celebrities who have been frequently seen on the red carpet, sporting a trendy wide shoulder top. If these ladies are purchasing... CONTINUE READING 20


by Megan Greene Stop! Before you clean out your refrigerator and start throwing away everything in your cabinets, you may be able to collect some great hair products. Most of us, when we think of condiments or anything edible, we automatically associate it with adding it on our food. What if we told you some food items or beverages, can be... CONTINUE READING 7


By Bianca Logrono It can be as simple as feeling elated at the sight of your lashes or cringing upon further inspection of your pores. When it comes to our features, we can all be our own number one fan or our own worst enemy. Here are some makeup tricks to making your not-so favorite and absolute gem features live up... CONTINUE READING 14

Hollywood Co-Star Hookups

by Megan Greene Celebrities are constantly hooking up with their co-stars, and while some relationships are doomed to fail,—poor Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth! (above)—others get it right and blossom. At times, we immediately believe the "relationship" is just for publicity, but some couples prove their love is genuine and was meant to be. Take a look at our list of... CONTINUE READING 10