Today's MAKEOVER MANUAL Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene The new season is just around the corner, and we're spilling the tea on a few fashion staple pieces that will make your wardrobe even more fabulous. Everything fringe is definitely what's trending nowadays. Whether it's a bohemian, sophisticated, or casual look fringe has been seen everywhere and is owning this season's Fall fashion. We love fringe because it's a style for every season and looks great with a pair of boots or your favorite peep toe heels. And we didn't want to keep this little secret to ourselves. So, now that you know "Fringe Is In," take... CONTINUE READING 4


Personal Branding

Most of us have heard so often that it’s important to have a personal brand that we’re sick of it. The overuse of the term is beginning to devalue it. I’m not a box of cereal; I’m a human being, you might say. That is true. And it is increasingly difficult to find a differentiator as the competition for jobs and... CONTINUE READING 6

Refresh Your Roots at Roy Teeluck

Hair feeling and looking drab these days? You're in luck, because we've got a deal for all you New York City-based Shecksters! Turn tresses from drab to fab this spring at Roy Teeluck Salon. The brand-new space is sleek and stylish, somehow combining Roy's London born-and-bred charm with his Parisian sophistication and Beverly Hills charisma. So, where do you fit in?... CONTINUE READING 6

Easy 5-Minute Eyes for a Brighter Spring!

Hot pink, bright orange and scarlet red are just some of the amazing lip colors that were all over the spring runways. Color is definitely taking over now! Even in the usually dark colors traditionally reserved for eyeshadows and eyeliner, we are seeing bright blues, greens and vibrant violets as new key trends in eye makeup. Check out my video above to see... CONTINUE READING 9

8 Things You Should Delegate

1. Hiring. Really? Okay, consider this: If your colleague needs an assistant, who’s going to know exactly the caliber required and make an effort to hire the very best? Yup, the person who’s going to be relying on this new employee daily. 2. Supervising others. “Employees really grow into their roles, and loyalty is promoted when they have to assume responsibility for... CONTINUE READING 5

Multi-Use Makeup Under $16

I don’t know about you lovely ladies, but nowadays I am trying to save every dime that I can. With gas prices steadily going up, my beauty addiction has taken a bit of a tumble. For that reason, I’ve incorporated a lot of multi-purpose products into my stash. Kiss My Face’s Peace Soap ($15.99) is quite the gem. This all-natural soap... CONTINUE READING 10

Alexis Bittar Gems Support Japan 100%

Item Name: Flora Gold Gem Encrusted Clip Earring Price: $325 Designer: Alexis Bittar Where to Buy: Why: They have such an Old Hollywood glam feel and just exude luxury and class, totally reminiscent of the late and oh-so-fabulous Elizabeth Taylor. Also, ending today (3/25), 100% of all purchases made on will go to Catholic Relief Services to help Japan (see more ways... CONTINUE READING 5

Trouble for The Jersey Shore?

...Maybe for one (not-so) lovable cast member! Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, affectionately dubbed RonRon or Ronald, is still facing charges from getting into a physical altercation on camera when Jersey Shore was in its first season. Luckily, or not so luckily for Ron, the incident was caught on camera, so there's no doubt he's at fault. With the third season coming to an end... CONTINUE READING 16

A White-Hot Spring
A White-Hot Spring
March 24, 2011

With spring here, I have one thing on my mind—white! It’s one of the hottest trends for the season and a must-have style staple for your spring and summer wardrobe. So banish the “no white before Memorial Day” rule with these trend-setting, white-hot pieces. The Lilia Corset Dress ($139) from Bebe has a fun, flirty and retro feel. Pair it with... CONTINUE READING 14

Act Like a Man—Sometimes

Moving up the corporate ladder isn’t just a matter of rockin’ the spreadsheets. A new study finds that if you want to climb the rungs, you have to act like a man...but not all the time. Researchers at Stanford studied 132 business-school grads over eight years and found that women who showed a lot of masculine traits—aggressiveness, assertiveness and confidence—but who could also... CONTINUE READING 11


No matter what age you’re turning this year, we know you're not exactly a spring chicken anymore. Look younger than ever with healthy, safe and proven-to-work products. Proven, you ask? All of our five picks were winners in Shecky's 2010 Beauty at Its Best Awards! -Lynden Halpern Arganica Argan Oil ($65) not only battles aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles... CONTINUE READING 10