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Tomboy Feat

by Megan Greene Nowadays fashion has become so broad there's no need for women to always have on a pair on Manolo Blahnik's everyday to look trendy. Today, you can look just as fabulous in a pair of Timberland's and a fitted cap and still break hearts. Many women may associate a tomboyish style with being boring and blahh. But this isn't true.  Surprisingly, you can glam up a tomboyish look and be the hawtest chick in the room. So, just to give you a few ideas we came up with a list of different tomboyish looks you should rock this... CONTINUE READING 0


FITE for Women, and Look Good Too!

Remember FITE? In case you've missed our previous coverage, FITE is the joint effort between Dermalogica and (amongst others!) to help women gain financial independence. As if Dermalogica hasn’t done enough (like making the entire initiative possible), five of Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand’s (catch Jane and Claudia in this great video) amazing products are specially packaged for FITE, and every purchase... CONTINUE READING 9

“This is Your Brain on Worry”

Happy Hump Day! We know the middle of the week can be a drag, so we're introducing our bi-weekly series of inspiring posters from best-selling author Karen Salmansohn. Karen brings fun nuggets of self-help advice on her blog daily (or more than daily!) on But this self-help is anything but weird and whiny—Karen's tidbits are poignant, relatable and sometimes... CONTINUE READING 10

March Madness Sweet 16!

NCAA March Madness is here, and whether you’re a die-hard basketball fan or are simply taking part in an office pool in an attempt to get close to that hunk in the finance department, the Sweet 16 are in place and your money and pride could very well be on the line! Lest you go from interested to annoying and... CONTINUE READING 10

5 Rain Boot Styles to Snap Up Before April Showers!

Spring is here and April showers are fast approaching (hey, they are responsible for all the green and May flowers!). Don't let damp days ahead get you down—pull on a pair of pretty boots and banish those rainy day blues. It's raining cats and dogs! Bring your inner animal out to play with these Stuart Weitzman Puddles Rain Boots (SALE: $48.90 at... CONTINUE READING 26

Top Five Spring Fragrances

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow,” goes the proverb, and after this winter especially, we are definitely welcoming the warmer temperatures with glee. After months of cold weather, we, much like daffodils, begin poking our heads out to feel the hints of spring in the air. Will it along with these light, fresh and fruity... CONTINUE READING 14

Spring Bags for Every Style

Changing your entire wardrobe every season can be both costly and daunting, but adding a bag to your repertoire is an easy way to change it up! We’ve got five spring bags, fit for every style! -Lynden Halpern Cross-Body: Not your usual miniature-sized cross body, Rough Roses’ Sabrina Satchel ($325) can be worn messenger-style or slung on your shoulder for double... CONTINUE READING 14

Today’s Quotes: Be So Strong That Nothing Can Disturb You!

“God gives some more than others because some accept more than others.” “Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” - Ernest Holmes, Holmes was the founder of a movement known as Religious Science, also known as “Science of Mind,” a part of the New Thought movement. “Be so strong that nothing can disturb your... CONTINUE READING 5

Work-Appropriate Prints

Revamp your regular ol’ workwear with various patterns and prints from whimsical polka dots to colorful florals. Go for "pattern-mixing" by incorporating different accessories to create your very own eclectic style. Striped cardigans are a welcome change from solid cardigans, plus they make a perfect layering piece. Whether dressed-up or casual, the Aubin & Wills Stoneyfold Merino Wool Cardigan ($150 on offers... CONTINUE READING 16

Why Are YOU Lucky?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Shecksters! On the luckiest day of the year (today!), we’re looking at reasons why we’re fortunate, today and always. We count the good things off every day, but recognizing the amazing stuff you've got is even more essential in the wake of the tragedy in Japan (learn how to help Japan here>). Share your good luck with us! Shecky’s... CONTINUE READING 5

The Pearl Effect: Easy Makeup How-Tos

You already met Eve Pearl, makeup artist to celebs like Arianna Huffington and Meredith Vieira, last week on Claudia’s Closet, so we’re back to share even more in-depth tips on how to get an amazing at-home makeover with the Pearl Effect! And since today is St. Patrick’s Day, a.k.a. the luckiest day of the year, the step-by-step insider video isn’t the... CONTINUE READING 13