Today's MAKEOVER MANUAL Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene Are you struggling to find the best fashion staples for your wardrobe this season? Perhaps you're purchasing the wrong trends for your body's shape or size. If so, we can change that and help you shop for the best Fall trends that look good on you. Take a look at our our list of styles to see what should be added to your Fall wardrobe. Leather Biker Jacket While you can't help if you have broad shoulders or a large bust area, you can remember to avoid this Fall trend and stick to blazers which look better on you. Although,... CONTINUE READING 5


Spring into Colored Denim

Banish those lingering winter blues by throwing on some colored denim! Sport 'em with spring wardrobe staples like flowy blouses, lightweight jackets, and simple t-shirts or tank tops. Look what I found for under $100.... Embrace your spring style with the pastel lilac Twill Denim Legging ($88) from BCBGeneration. Pair with a relaxed tank, pendant necklace, flowery espadrilles and lightweight jacket... CONTINUE READING 9

A Style Escape with Bien Abye

I was recently invited to a private trunk show for Bien Abyé, and I am in love with this collection. Dayanne Danier, designer and creative genius behind the line, set the stage beautifully for her spring collection. Escaping the everyday is just what we did while sitting in her studio, sipping mojitos and dishing on the latest fashion news. Until, of... CONTINUE READING 11

A MomPreneur
A MomPreneur
March 29, 2011

As a mom, do you ever feel like you're too busy to choose the best after-school activities, daycare, etc. for your children? Meet Thalia Stamatelos, a MomPreneur who started NY Mom's World, a website that gives moms one easily searchable hub to find the best preschools, camps and caregivers for kids, as well as mommy-focused fun like fitness centers and... CONTINUE READING 11

Vacation Destinations for Every Want and Need

After hibernating all winter, you could certainly use a vacation—and a tan. Thankfully, spring is here, and stuff like (hopefully!) extra dough back from taxes and (fingers crossed!) a more relaxed work sched mean time for a vacay. Get away to one (or more) of our top five vacation destinations. -Kristina Kawas On a Budget: With a plethora of beaches, plenty of... CONTINUE READING 23

Getaway Gear Under $50

Spring break might only exist for undergrads, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning—and shopping—for a vacation to a place where summer always reigns supreme. Snap up these five budget buys and start booking, or simply treat yourself to a piece or several as a reminder that there is a season where jackets don't exist. -Lynden Halpern Cover ups... CONTINUE READING 12

Prep Your Strands for Warm Weather Ahead!

Has your hair been hiding under a hat all winter long? You may be ready to uncover your coif, but not so fast! Your locks are probably dull and lackluster from a winter’s worth of cold air, indoor heat and more. Read on for the best haircuts, styles and advice from Clyde Elezi and other stylists at The Drawing Room. -Cait... CONTINUE READING 11

Want to be Successful? Let Yourself Make Mistakes

If you want to be successful, then get used to making mistakes. Don’t make the same mistakes over and over again, that is just crazy. But anyone who has achieved anything of substance has made PLENTY of mistakes! Mistakes are actually a rite of passage. The idea that something has to be perfect before you start is just fear masked as perfectionism.... CONTINUE READING 7

Personal Branding

Most of us have heard so often that it’s important to have a personal brand that we’re sick of it. The overuse of the term is beginning to devalue it. I’m not a box of cereal; I’m a human being, you might say. That is true. And it is increasingly difficult to find a differentiator as the competition for jobs and... CONTINUE READING 6

Refresh Your Roots at Roy Teeluck

Hair feeling and looking drab these days? You're in luck, because we've got a deal for all you New York City-based Shecksters! Turn tresses from drab to fab this spring at Roy Teeluck Salon. The brand-new space is sleek and stylish, somehow combining Roy's London born-and-bred charm with his Parisian sophistication and Beverly Hills charisma. So, where do you fit in?... CONTINUE READING 6

Easy 5-Minute Eyes for a Brighter Spring!

Hot pink, bright orange and scarlet red are just some of the amazing lip colors that were all over the spring runways. Color is definitely taking over now! Even in the usually dark colors traditionally reserved for eyeshadows and eyeliner, we are seeing bright blues, greens and vibrant violets as new key trends in eye makeup. Check out my video above to see... CONTINUE READING 9