Today's HEALTH & WELLNESS Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene Occasionally, we're guilty of neglecting certain parts of our body, that are not often seen. They may not be exposed as much as other parts, but that doesn't mean they don't need tender loving care, too. Are you preparing for the summer and excited to wear those cute sandals, but are embarrassed of those dry calluses you've been able to hide due to the winter months? And now that sunshine weather is fast-approaching you're panicking, because your heels are cracked like chapped lips in in the dead of December? Fortunately, Shecky's has come to your rescue and we're... CONTINUE READING 23



by Megan Greene Are you experiencing brittle and dull looking hair? Perhaps you are the reason your hair is not growing and looks damaged. As women, we love to try different hair products everyday, hoping to find the "magic" product that will have us feeling like Rapunzel. We're sure you're convinced that you're not the reason for your helpless hair, but... CONTINUE READING 17

The Best Natural Cleanses For The Body

By Courtney Leiva It’s mucho important to take care of your body, your mental and spiritual health. Some people go to gyms or push it to the limit with whatever fitness video torture has dished up. Some go to their local yoga haus or to spin classes. And some go on long walks or moderate their intake. But sometimes, even when... CONTINUE READING 15


By Bianca Logrono We all have beauty habits. Some work, some are age-old, some are pretty terrible, and some are awesome. But are any of them healthy? Possibly. Your skin and hair are a result of your everyday beauty routine. Here are some healthy beauty habits you might want to pick up on. Use Coconut Oil Run to your nearest organic food store... CONTINUE READING 12


by Bianca Logrono Now that we’ve got your attention, don’t mistaken us for Maria Kang. We’re not body shaming women who aren’t in tip-top shape or those who fall/don’t fall under the “healthy weight” range.  But this might be a wake-up call. Defining that loving your body and owning it, isn’t truly loving yourself if you aren’t conducting a healthy lifestyle.... CONTINUE READING 21


by Sonya Modi For busy women tackling work schedules, social lives and family responsibilities, eating well each day can prove to be a tough task. However, as healthy eating and nutrition continue to be a focus for Americans, it’s important to take note of National Nutrition Month in March. Break away from your normal routine and begin fueling up the right... CONTINUE READING 7


by Paul Smedley Don’t let that box of chocolates from your valentine distract you from your health and fitness goals for 2014! Read on to discover Sport Chalet Fitness Expert Paul Smedley’s outlines on easy-to-execute exercises to burn off the calories found in popular Valentine’s Day treats. 1. Conversation hearts With sayings like “I’m Yours” and “Be Mine,” it’s hard to turn down... CONTINUE READING 9


by Andrea Woroch If you rang in the New Year with a toast to make over your fitness regimen– or lack thereof– you aren’t alone. Sticking to a resolution is a rare accomplishment and as we approach the end of the first month of the New Year, you may be losing motivation to keep trekking on. Though setting unrealistic goals... CONTINUE READING 21


by Bianca Logrono Your poor face! Yes, yours! Each day it faces the world (hehe) no matter what circumstances it may be under. During the Winter months, it gets especially rough. With drier air causing your skin to lose moisture, you might find your skin looking lackluster, dry, maybe even cracking, peeling, or becoming inflamed. Yikes! At Shecky’s we appreciate those beautiful... CONTINUE READING 5


Every year, we wistfully devote ourselves to a new resolution. And a few weeks later, we get utterly disappointed in ourselves. This year, instead of putting ourselves down, find a way to twist those common New Year’s resolutions. Who knows, it might just be easier than we think! 1. Being More Positive There’s a reason the saying “you can’t teach an old... CONTINUE READING 15


The colder temps are definitely fast-approaching and the urge to curl up in a blanket with your beau heightens. And now that it gets darker earlier, it feels easier to stay in bed and just read a book or catch up on shows on the DVR. Sometimes we can’t resist that cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows either. But let’s face... CONTINUE READING 5