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by Courtney Leiva As our loved ones are preparing to go back to class, help them stay focused and nourished with some added snacks when they need extra fuel fast. Yes it may be tempting to pack those grab-and-go snack packs at the store, but high levels of sodium and sugar may help it from being food actually worth consuming. For some complete foodie inspiration, try any of these 12 healthier alternatives that won’t sacrifice taste or smiles. Nature Box Nature Box ($19.95 for a monthly subscription, Subscription based services like this monthly snack box, make it easier to pack healthy lunches when... CONTINUE READING 2



By Courtney Leiva When you’ve been working out hard, it might be hard to regain that energy back after intense activities. So if you’re looking to refuel fast without feeling weighed down, we’ve got 11 savory snacks for that post-gym pick-me-up. From protein rich finds to crunchy bites without the guilt, pack up any of these food must-haves to keep you... CONTINUE READING 8


By Roselyn Sebastian Nothing can ruin a sexy pair of stilettos like dry feet. Foot care is something we forget about most of the year, especially because we can hide our toes in socks and boots during the winter. But summer practically demands that we wear open-toed shoes. Unless you want your friends to tease you all season, wearing Doc Martens... CONTINUE READING 9


By Megan Greene In today's world, women are constantly comparing themselves to the models or actresses they see on TV. Admiring their perfect bodies and flawless skin can be quite frustrating, especially when it appears as though they have not one wrinkle, stretch mark or blemish on their bodies. What if we told you about some natural remedies that are affordable... CONTINUE READING 19


By Megan Greene Ladies, do you have any plans of going on vacation anytime soon? If so, don't wait 'til the week before to get in the gym to burn those calories off because you can start now. That's right, clear your schedule and make time to squeeze in a workout session or two. Creating and sticking to a fitness regimen may... CONTINUE READING 19

How Thin Is Too Thin Feat

By Roselyn Sebastian Body image has become a flash-point in America, whether people are writing posts complaining about how our culture now accepts obesity as a norm or if people are being put on blast for fat shaming. Taking care of your body with a healthy lifestyle is a no-brainer. Whether the First Lady is encouraging kids to get off the... CONTINUE READING 16


By Courtney Leiva Finding gluten-free alternatives to your favorite foods can be tricky, but now with the growing awareness of celiac disease, scouting wheat-free products has never been easier. Breakfast happens to be the most important meal of the day, so if you’re looking for some safe and allergen-free options to try, look no further than these 14 gluten-free breakfast ideas,... CONTINUE READING 13


by Megan Greene Occasionally, we're guilty of neglecting certain parts of our body, that are not often seen. They may not be exposed as much as other parts, but that doesn't mean they don't need tender loving care, too. Are you preparing for the summer and excited to wear those cute sandals, but are embarrassed of those dry calluses you've been... CONTINUE READING 36


by Megan Greene Are you experiencing brittle and dull looking hair? Perhaps you are the reason your hair is not growing and looks damaged. As women, we love to try different hair products everyday, hoping to find the "magic" product that will have us feeling like Rapunzel. We're sure you're convinced that you're not the reason for your helpless hair, but... CONTINUE READING 21

The Best Natural Cleanses For The Body

By Courtney Leiva It’s mucho important to take care of your body, your mental and spiritual health. Some people go to gyms or push it to the limit with whatever fitness video torture has dished up. Some go to their local yoga haus or to spin classes. And some go on long walks or moderate their intake. But sometimes, even when... CONTINUE READING 21


By Bianca Logrono We all have beauty habits. Some work, some are age-old, some are pretty terrible, and some are awesome. But are any of them healthy? Possibly. Your skin and hair are a result of your everyday beauty routine. Here are some healthy beauty habits you might want to pick up on. Use Coconut Oil Run to your nearest organic food store... CONTINUE READING 15