Today's Beauty at Its Best Guilty Pleasure

By Bianca Logrono As the weather thaws, we start to make more and more appearances outdoors. Outdoors, in this case, can loosely be defined as patio parties, outdoor markets, and roof top bars. For these occasions, we want to look our best! With the change of season, we get the itch to switch things up. Spring cleaning anyone? That goes for our beauty bags too. Out with the winter color schemes and in with the new spring trends. We’ve got the best finds for refreshing your beauty bag and trying out spring makeup trends that will carry into summer. We’re hitting... CONTINUE READING 15


Double Duty Beauty: Top 7 Multitasking Cosmetics

Are you looking for new products to invest in that work overtime for your own benefit? How about a product that saves you not only time, but money and space in your makeup drawer? We’ve scoured our makeup closets to find the most versatile and handy double duty beauty items that you should add to your collection this very second! Natural... CONTINUE READING 15

Sweet Faced: Candy-Inspired Beauty Products

It's the end of October and it seems like suddenly everything is Halloween-inspired--there are spider cupcakes in the bakery, Halloween movie marathons on TV, frightening flicks hitting the theaters, costume sections taking over stores and, best of all, yummy candy making its way into our favorite beauty products. This candy-infused makeup will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you looking... CONTINUE READING 13

Luxe Locks: Get Rich Girl Hair

Don’t you just envy the girl that walks down Madison Avenue, fresh out of Oscar Blandi Salon with her Louis Vuitton speedy, Givenchy sunglasses and tricked out tresses? Yeah, we can’t help but stare at her crowning glory that bounces practically on cue with every step she takes down the block. Well ladies, we’ve got some great news for you!... CONTINUE READING 4

5 Beauty Tips To Hide That Hangover

A hangover is more than just a headache—it is also a beauty pain to your skin and face. After a long night of partying, you're likely looking and feeling less than your absolute best, so we enlisted some expert advice on how to hide that head-splitting hangover. Check out these five easy peasy tips to erase any evidence of last... CONTINUE READING 9

7 Spooky Nail Art Designs For Halloween

With only two weeks left until Halloween, you've likely been struggling with your very own Sophie's choice—i.e. deciding whether to go as pregnant Snooki or Tan Mom—but just because you're costume crazed doesn't mean you should leave your nails out of all the All Hallows Eve fun! These seven nail art designs are festively spooky and relatively easy to recreate,... CONTINUE READING 5

Beauty Gives Back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Get in the pink spirit this October by supporting an honorable cause while primping and pampering in gorgeous style! From totally fashionable hot pink flat irons to deep fuschia polish, check out our twelve favorite beauty products that are giving back to a great cause. Doing good while looking good—is there anything better than that? Chi Limited Edition Pink Crinkle Breast... CONTINUE READING 9

7 Super Products That Help Fight Acne

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning, only to find a tremendous zit on your face. Actually, there is something worse. Finding a cluster of breakouts right before a party, date or (gah!) wedding. In order to beat those icky pus-filled bumps, you should enlist the help of tried and true products that have a reputation for banishing... CONTINUE READING 10

How to Recycle Your Makeup

With a slew of products building up in our beauty closet, it’s a tragic, yet rare day when we’ve actually come to the end of an eyeshadow, compact or a tube of primer. You may be asking yourself what to do with that empty lipstick case, but one thing we advise you not to do is toss away that piece... CONTINUE READING 11

Makeup 911! Save Your Products After Beauty Faux-Pas

We’ve all done it before—you’re running ten minutes off schedule and shuffling through your mega-sized purse seeking your most prized possession: a limited edition bronzer you had to scour shelves for in Sephora. You finally grasp your compact only to have it slip out of your hands and slam onto the floor, leaving your heart and powder broken into itsy... CONTINUE READING 7

Look Fab After a Kick-Ass Workout

So you’ve done thirty minutes on the elliptical, jogged three miles straight and lifted five pound dumbbells as many times as you can count. While your body may be thanking you, you probably look like a hot mess with sweat marks down your back. Going to the gym wasn’t meant to be glamorous, but if you follow our tips, you’ll... CONTINUE READING 3